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  1. I hope it does sell at that price. As coo coo as this market is right now, I've actually sold a few books in the past few months. I'd sell my copy if I get stupid money.
  2. If the top half of the spine was aligned perfectly, I could see someone paying that price with all the other insane prices being paid for BA keys lately.
  3. It's just a cool Adams cover. It is somewhat similar to Tec 411's cover, except Batman doesn't have someone swinging a machete at his neck.
  4. I didn't realize there were only 3 graded 9.8 copies in the census. It would be fun to watch one auction off.
  5. The last 2 sales of HOS 92 in 9.2 sold for $7,999 and $7100 and change. That's soft?
  6. Getting back on track, Star Wars 1 is on fire. So much that I dusted off my meager 9.4 and sold it. I rarely sell any books, but some of these prices are getting out of hand.
  7. That Bats 230 is a stunner. Glad it went to a good home.
  8. Super tough book to find above 9.2, let alone a 9.6. Nice score. It all depends whether to hold or sell. With the price it's fetching in top grade, if you were in the mood to sell, it would be a great time. I tend to hold on to everything, with a few exceptions and miss out on the tops. In this particular case, with so little invested into the book, I'd let it ride and hold. Beautiful book!
  9. Pulled this up on ebay and saw it is on GPA too. Real sale or Memorex?
  10. In all fairness to GPA, it reminds me of when these boards changed their software. Many complained, but most adapted to it quickly and moved forward.
  11. I'm certainly not an expert on OA, but there are quite a few deep pocket PCH buyers out there. If 2 or 3 of them have to have it, I wouldn't be surprised to see piece going for 200K+.
  12. Western Penn copy. I bought it about 10 years ago because I love the wild colors on the cover.
  13. I'm highly offended that no DC is included.