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  1. scooter99

    THE HULK #181 CLUB

    That's a beautiful, great wrapped copy. Back in 81, many dealers used the G, F & M grading scale. He was pretty close.
  2. scooter99

    HOS 92 or ASM 129?

    I'll echo what many have said. I'd take the HOS 92 simply because of the cover art by Wrightson. I'm a bit biased as that is the only book of the two that I currently own. I owned a 129 about 8 years ago in 9.6, but really hated the wrap of the book. Never replaced it. I doubt I'll ever own another high grade copy. I don't know which book will be worth more, but just try finding a perfectly wrapped, white paged copy of HOS in high grade. They don't come up for sale very often.
  3. Has this book really shot up this much? Color breaking to the right of Reed Richards cameo? If so, that's outrageous.
  4. Won't be up for auction until November, but here you go:
  5. scooter99

    Batman 251 Club

    Frankly, I'm shocked the 9.2 is sitting where it is. I doubt it moves from it's current bid, but I've been wrong many times before.
  6. scooter99

    Batman 251 Club

    Even more interesting is the 9.2 copy. Perfectly aligned, super bright and white pages. $1,600 and counting.
  7. So what's the over/under on the Pep 22 at auction? 150K?
  8. scooter99

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    These 2 just arrived, courtesy of Kramerica.
  9. scooter99

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Bang that drum
  10. Try finding a high grade copy, perfectly centered with white pages and without tanning. Hen's teeth.
  11. scooter99

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Yes, you should at least sell me one of the 9.2's. Tree fiddy? I'm kidding of course, that ship has sailed.
  12. Tec 411 already fetches more in grade. Bats 232 is even/slightly above 251 in higher grades (at least 9.2). All are pretty difficult with white pages and perfect wraps. I still curse the seller of a 251 9.4 CGCS with white pages that poo poo'd a deal I agreed to a year and a half ago. I was asking for mailing address when they said they required a deposit. WTF? They wait 2 days and they get the cash. Last time I ever tried to buy a book on ebay.