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  1. Diamonddave

    PGM Captain America 5

    That's what I am afraid of, that they've been replaced. They look way too new.
  2. I know its hard to estimate a grade on a couple pics, the last pic in the string is what puzzles me. Old tape removed? Staples replaced?
  3. Diamonddave

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    There is so much to love about this cover.
  4. Diamonddave

    WTB The Tormented #2

    I think Nikelspot listed one is his sales thread.
  5. Diamonddave

    Undead PCH thread

    Strange Mysteries 13, 4.0 VG, not a book that comes up for sale very often. General wear for the grade, nice pages OW. $450
  6. Diamonddave

    Undead PCH thread

  7. Diamonddave

    Midway Comics out of Chi Ill.

    Cash is king, that's his mantra.
  8. Diamonddave

    Midway Comics out of Chi Ill.

    T Thanks much for the help
  9. Diamonddave

    Midway Comics out of Chi Ill.

    Looking for some help trying to find contact info for this dealer. Sets up at WW Chicago but I cannot find a website or phone number listed. Any help would be appreciated.