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  1. One more book on it's way back from Fla. Pep Comics 16 OW pages cgc 3.0. Pics are of the book before it was sent to CGC. 15 total copies on the census in a Universal Grade. A 1.0 with a heavily taped spine sold for $1550 this year. This copy presents very well for the grade, small piece out of the cover that doesn't distract much from the cover image. $4000
  2. That was a sweetheart of a price.
  3. Leave them a negative on Ebay and you can call them out on the many Facebook comics groups they are a part of. Currently Cornfield comics is trying to sell a Incredible Hulk 1 raw on FB.
  4. Recovered by a shop owner I believe, someone sold them to him and he alerted Vince.
  5. Last book The Dead Who Walk nn 4.5/5.0 Light staining to the front cover and back cover, no spine splits, date stamp, general wear consistent for the grade. $1400 a 2.0 with brittle pages sold in January for $800.