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  1. The final word on Roo, he found his home today with another Wadi named Boots. From a starving stray scrounging for scraps in a construction lot in September to home forever in November. Thanks to all who helped make this happen.
  2. I got an urgent update today so I'm offering 10% off anything still available if you can pay immediately.
  3. Fight Comics 28 classic Japanses torture cover 4.5/5.0, bottom left corner displays splitting, edges of pages are browned but not brittle. 12 graded copies on the census. $1250
  4. Red Dragon Comics vol 1. #6 3.0 CF loose, first appearance of the Red Dragon and Black Crusader, Overstreet lists it as a classic cover. SOLD
  5. Crime Mysteries 2 G+ - VG-. Super hot horror cover, damsel in distress. Nfs
  6. Marvel Mystery 49, G/VG. Cover and first wrap detatched from the book. Chip out of the back, very nice looking in the mylar. $950
  7. Planet 35 cgc 6.5 WP most recent GPA is $840 for a 3.0 B pages and detatched CF. $1500