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  1. My Love Secret 26 Sold, thanks TB. Thread is now closed
  2. Bump for a good cause and a new book My Love Secret 26, formly Phantom Lady, cgc 7.5 highest graded copy on the census. $1200
  3. Astonishing 30 Eyes with the power to melt people cover. Classic PCH, in the mylar looks like a 4.5 but has rusty staples, some interior migration, staining on the back. I'll call it a 3.5 due to the rust. $1000
  4. Crimes by Women 6 FN- chip lower left, pre-code crime featuring extreme violence classic cover. $1250
  5. Crime Mysteries 2 GD/GD+, bottom staple popped, cover attached at the top but just barely, supple pages $1000
  6. Rules No Listers US CAN only Returns accepted if I missed something Shipping is included in the price, FedEx is the preferred method. PayPal or check for payment, payment is due within 72 hours of being invoiced. Time payments are available, PM for details. Hello All, I'd like to introduce Freddie, he is an orphaned puppy currently residing in Oman. Only 11 weeks old and all alone, I'm hoping to bring him to the US later this year to begin a new life. To do that I need to move a book or two to pay for his vaccines, food, plane ticket and lodging. First up Catman 16 awesome Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini and Goering getting punched in the face cover. 1.8 to 2.0 estimated grade. Cover is attached at the staple, nearly completely split, heavily taped, slight water damage lower right corner, tape pull on the back cover. Pages are supple, no brittleness. Bright colors front and back cover especially the reds on the masthead. $1600
  7. Just one book in this thread Time payments available, PM for details. Check or money order for payment No HOS members No returns on cgc graded books Open to US and Can Shipped FedEx $8000 Last sale of a 3.0 was $7250 for a copy with a detatched cover.
  8. I dont know if they've been listing a lot of Fiction House. This was part of a set of Rangers, I think 1 - 57 that they split up after no one wanted to plunk down 22K for all of them.
  9. Yes, seems like it happened during production. Front cover corner is still attached though, but heavily creased.