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  1. Perfect Just received today, it's a thicker book that would have the thicker old case. Centering perfect,no Newton effect, book is secure and not moving, no ripples book is flat with no undo pressure on staples. I could not ask for a better displayed and preserved book. The only problems I'm finding is their more reflective when taking pictures ( that my ceiling reflect on the left ) See more journals by tj watson
  2. Just a thread that delivers. My first post will be on art. Noticed a thread in CG about someone wanting to make art a full time thing. I think. Anyways, I posted stuff on one of my favorite artists, which was completely ignored (of course) but I clicked on a link someone posted for Van Gogh. So getting sidetracked like I always do, I looked for an online database of images for his work. I wasn't disappointed (love a lot of the aspects of the internet evolution) I've come to the conclusion that Van Gogh isn't really that good. Yes, there are some paintings he has done which are pretty good, fantastic even, but overall, I don't get the hubbub around him. Starving artist? Yes. Not making appealing work will lead you down that path. Not to say you should make artwork for the sake of a paycheque. As a lot of people had pointed out in the thread, art is something that comes from inside and you should do what you feel you should do. Art to me is a release of the real inner self. Free from obstruction of higher thought and just the essence between the subject and the person interpreting it. I do not have a single iota of artist talent, myself. But I feel I can appreciate others. It's all subjective, and that's what I find fascinating about all forms of art. See more journals by MetalPSI
  3. Maybe My Last New Holder I was on the chat boards the other evening, something I rarely do, and a nearly 800 page chat was going on about the new holders. So I read for several hours. Well I received my first comic today in the new holder. Pretty much everything that I read was true. The edges of the book look like they were dipped in diesel fuel and the top of the book has some waviness. There are those who suggested that the bowing of the book along the top was due to a bad pressing. This one was pressed by CCS, but I don't think that is the case. You can easily see the warp in the top center, but it travels down as well through the entire cover. I have a hard time believing that it left CCS that way, since it was flat when I mailed it in. I really didn't dislike the new label, but the last labels weren't bad either. I did like that the top sticker is inside. Very clear too, which I also appreciated. I would like to see what CGC plans to do about this. I know I will no longer be sending in any books until this is resolved. Has CGC even acknowledged there is a problem? See more journals by richard8158
  4. The great migration... An opportunity in our shopping complex has arisen. We are going to expand our store by about 40% more space. I guess that's the good news. What's the bad, you ask? Moving a long time, well established store. See more journals by NewForceComics
  5. Peter Parker Marvel comics See more journals by Lille France
  6. The man without fear! marvel comics See more journals by Lille France
  7. The man without fear! Marvel comics See more journals by Lille France
  8. Herb Trimpe Collects Incredible Hulk 180.181 See more journals by Lille France
  9. Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issues Set - 100% I could think of no better occasion to mark my 1st Journal entry. My Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issue set is finally 100% complete. I recently received the last books back from CGC that I needed to complete the set. One was a disappointing grade, so I bought a 9.6 copy on ebay to replace it. The other Giant Size Werewolf #2 came back in 9.6 which made the cut, and I'm glad as that book has been very difficult to track down in high grade. Anyways, I am now un-obscuring my set. It is finished and ready to be seen by all who want to take a look. There are front and back pictures of every book, so take a peek at the gallery. There is one single highest graded book in the set (see attached). Whew! this has been a long time coming! Time to celebrate! Rude_badger See more journals by Rude Badger
  10. New Gods #2 Darkseid's 1st cover appearance. Trying to find a higher grade of this book, but seems very hard to find graded for some reason. I see plenty of #1's....just not many #2's..? See more journals by B. Koski
  11. With MCCC right around the corner.... Decided to get these beauties pressed and slabbed with those beautiful new cases CGC just released...very exciting times indeed! See more journals by B. Koski
  12. Wolverine vs Sabretooh. Marc Silvestri See more journals by Lille France
  13. The Incredible Hulk Premiere serie See more journals by Lille France
  14. Off WHITE TO WHITE Pages Jack Kirby art See more journals by Lille France
  15. I thought they would be better. So got my most recent submission back, and it was the start of the new cases CGC will be using. Well the cases are nice I give them that they seem a lot clearer and a little more sturdy. But being someone that uses graded comic bags they just kinda screwed me. On my smaller cases I would receive, I used the resealable BCW bags and on the larger cases mylar bags. Well now looks like I am gonna have to goto the larger more expensive mylar bags for everything. That is unless someone has a good recommendation for another bag company or size I can also use. Thanks. See more journals by pjallen080483
  16. What did it prove? Okay, just what we all needed, another comparison of grading companies. I had four previously graded books that I wanted to convert to CGC. Plus I wanted to find out for myself how they all compare. The first book was GI Combat #29 PGX 7.5 WP The second was GI Combat #35 PGX 8.0 OWW The third was GI Combat #118 CBCS 9.0 WP The fourth was GI Combat #119 CBCS 8.5 OWW Three were sent in one group and the #35 with another group. I skewed the test by having all four comics pressed before grading. I thought that the other companies could use the help since we all have seen other tests. The results from the group with the three came back with nice grades. The 7.5 PGX held the same grade after a press and page quality remained the same. The 8.5 CBCS 119 came back with a 9.0 and also kept it's white pages. The 9.0 CBCS returned with a nice 9.2 although page quality went from OWW to just OW. The #35 did not fare as well. The PGX 8.0 went to a 6.0 CGC with OWW pages. I must say that many in the last group seemed to receive some very harsh grades. I might be getting old and my eyes aren't the best, but that comic is way better than any 6.0. I'm not convinced that it rated the 8.0 either but 6.0? No way. It is a very clean nice book. I was going to convert all of my other companies to CGC but not as sure as I was. I always felt that CGC graded very strictly, even undergrading (which I appreciate - to a point), but to drop four grades? I'm not sure what to think.... See more journals by richard8158
  17. IT is not Religion...It is COMICS This has been a long time coming. My life has been changed by a large handful of books. Mad, Marvel, DC, Aircel, Comico, Eclipse, Warp (I loved the Elfquest books), First (that was a doozey)...Ther were more but I must further my mind now. When I started submitting my books I realized my grading was VERY off. These were books I read and now I know better. Between 1984 and 1988 I got extremely serious. I began buying multiples ( I still do to this day...but now it is VARIANTS). Some multiple books make me giggle and I know why...They were Infinite crossovers or Secret Wars crossovers. My point being, I am a fan of COMICS. Now, as I have matured, am more interested in undervalued books. DC is now my favorite unless a 9.8 Marvel pops up. I am so intrigued by DC books and the composition of the covers. As for me, I will always stick with CGC to grade as this is a standard for which I can contain my CONTENT...I am so happy as well that they are getting NEW SLABS and CHEERS TO COLLECTING See more journals by Ronnylama
  18. Centered covers a must The first 15 covers of the Ghosts series are very difficult to find without some portion of the cover design cut off. I even think there may some cover that cannot be found complete. I just found the #5 cover in the ComicLink auction with a full cover. I had to pay a bunch for it but it's the first one I've seen. Check out my Ghosts collection in the Registry to see some other full covers and some almost full covers with just a bit of the design missing. See more journals by Best2u
  19. The 599th and 600th issues added to my "Fantastic Four with all Variants Set" "NUFF SAID" My apologies to everyone, I forgot to check the box -- Post Journal to Message Boards, so let me try this a gain with a better photo and few more things to say. Major progress since the first MILESTONE. I just added the 599th & 600th issues to my "Fantastic Four with all variants set" Oddly enough they were the JC Penny Reprints of issues #66 & #67. Hitting the six hundred issue mark feels really good, but I no it will only get harder from here. Currently 245 more issues are needed to complete the run !!!! Can any one help with the following 4 issues in 9.8 grade; Fantastic Four #214 Fantastic Four #227 Fantastic Four #275 Fantastic Four #298 They have been very elusive!!! See more journals by WSTRICKLAND
  20. Conan Windsor-Smith Rules! This is the second book I won in the current Comiclink auction. One of my favorite Barry Windsor-Smith covers and probably the finest of his picture frame covers. A simple layout, for sure, but oh, so eye catching! Pretty to tough to find in CGC above 9.4, no doubt due to all that black on the cover. Got it for a great price too. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  21. Oh, What A Feeling! Just won this in the current Comiclink auction. One of the first books Neal Adams did at DC. It also happens to be one of only five go-go check covers with Neal's artwork. Did I mention that it's an OAK? About as hard to find among Adams books as can be. Now the only Adams book I need is 108. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  22. My first OA pieces... I have seen several journals lately were the author has displayed their OA for everyone to see and they are great journals. I am new to OA and only have two pieces but I love the two I have. One is a Rai #1 blank sketch with Rai by Juan Navarro and the other is a Bloodshot Reborn #1 with a sketch of Bloodshot by Sanford Greene the current artist of Power Man and Iron Fist. Needless to say, I am hooked. I currently have a commission withe Jamie Tyndall for Roku on a Ninjak #1 blank using copic colors and I will post that when I get an image. That book is going to CGC from Jamie Tyndall. The Bloodshot Reborn is with Sanford Greene and I will be submitting that to CGC at the SC Comic Con next month. I have a great time talking with the artists and it is always a thrill seeing what they produce. This is not only for the few pieces I have but also seeing others in journals and the OA thread. Thanks for your time everyone and for viewing the journal. Jason Fuller See more journals by fuller_jason
  23. Did I read it right? I thought I got a mail in the last day or two from CGC stating they have drastically reduced the turn around time. Did I read it right? If it's true, why are my January comics still only marked as graded after more than 40 days? See more journals by richard8158