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  1. Silver Age versus Modern comics. Which to submit first? A real approach-approach decision. I remember meeting some of the CGC staff who attended a con in Kutztown Pa years ago. At that time I was reluctant to have comics encapsulated. I maintained a private collection not for sale at the time. Now I'm considering the long term investment and will begin submitting key books from the 40's through the present for grading. I'm curious how close we match as I consider myself a tough grader. I'll post comics as they are graded for display only. I'll also upload some images of some of my private art collection including an unpublished Doc Savage painting (with Steve Holland posing), a Mark Schultz detailed drawing and a beautiful Vampirella pastel piece by my late friend, Dan Adkins See more journals by Greenlama
  2. Oh, I have to enter a teaser do I ? We will see... Just finished the first 10 issues of The Human Torch (2004) with the art by Skottie Young. I was not before, a fan of said Mr Young. I've got copies of most of his variant covers from the past few years, but that type is not reallly up my alley. I have to admit that the story line, though a little disjointed, was actually pretty good, but was either streatched out too far , or mashed together too tight. And Young's artwork did grow on me a little, but the soul patch on Storm's chin was a little too 1990 ... . I fail to remember who the writer is, kinda reflects my effort to learn. RECEIVES : Three Stars out of Five. See more journals by towards2112
  3. Adams Does Batman/Enemy Ace Picked this one up one ebay. Kind of hesitant at first, but eventually I gave in. It was listed at a buy it now price for just over $100. A beautiful book, detached top staple notwithstanding. And a pedigree to boot. I figure a 9.4 CGC universal would cost an arm and a leg, so I bit my lip and committed. Plus, this has to be one of the most sought after issues by Neal Adams among his Detective books. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  4. Who would think a disposable pastime like a comic book would turn into an avocation and remain a passion over half a century. I acquired my first comic collection circa 1963 but began reading comics in 1960. The books included some EC's, Barks' duck comics and Avengers #1. Not bad for a five year old. I began buying comics that year and amassed 60,000 by 1994. I traded the Avengers #1 for the first six issues of Spider-man, which I still have and reacquired the Avengers for $3. I began attending comic conventions in 1976 and would set up tables from 1984 until 2000. This allowed me to meet many, many artists and writers, some of whom I maintained friendships for several decades. I then began to collect original art including covers, paintings and pages; as well as comic scripts from friends of mine who letterers prior to computer generated work. See more journals by Greenlama
  5. Well yes it was christmas morning i was super bummed about Loseing the other night a bid online for a cgc human torch 1975 but i was still greatfulfor the holidays but all i could keep thinkin was about that darn auction with the smell of turkey and all the fixings lingering over my head it was time too open our ptesents My wife says open yours first so she went behind the bottom of the tree was a odd shaped rectangler box wrapped in shiny wraping with a big red bow i started shreding it open boom there was my comic from a few nights back the same one she was the one who out bided me amidst the cristmas rush so i got my human torch See more journals by DoJoJoeJoe1
  6. Great Book At A Great Price Picked this one up on ebay New Year's day. Yet another example of fantastic points/dollars ratio. Got it for dirt cheap, the points outweighing the dollars threefold in this case. Not a bad cover either! But then again, most of the covers from this issue up to 120 are awesome. Enjoy. And Happy New Year everyone! See more journals by john ivic
  7. Happy Hunting! I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and have a successful time hunting through the 2016 year for the raw and graded comics that you all desire. It is always a joy reading the threats, so please keep them coming. Attached is Jim Lee's Sketchbook at CGC 9.8. Grifter looks like he could help you on your hunt. ! Another one of my favorites, such a cool cover. Thanks for looking, 109 See more journals by 109
  8. Some of you may say I made some poor decisions. Some of you may say, I'm crazy. But I sold my holy grail, Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 4.0 No MC for a bunch of Modern Age Grals and never looked back. ::Prologue:: I have the unfortunate circumstance where I wasn't a baby boomer or part of the generation prior. I was born into the Modern Age (1979) and didn't get into reading comics until I was nearly 10. Pass some time, get a degree, my first job, now a career with some disposable income and now I can finally start collecting comic books. Yay, right? Well, yes and no. I would have loved to be able to at least collect Bronze Age books when they were new and cheap and to get a Hulk 181 for like $20 or whatever. That wasn't a possibility for me, instead I am at the very tail end of Gen-X. The problem is, what I want to collect is what everyone else wants to collect; Silver Age, Bronze Age books (Gold Age books aren't really my thing..I know, I know) so I'm forced to pay a lot for the comic books I want. Is it unfair? No, the market dictates the price, even if it was 40 years ago. Comics tend to go up in value, especially the sought after ones. So, after I sold off my old comic collection in 2012 to pay off my student loans, I figured I was out of the game for good. ::Life Happens:: Because of the sacrifice I made selling my books to free up some money to start saving. We decided to save up for a kid once my loans were paid off and we did, we saved so much that she then wanted to work part time for a year. I figured why not, since our son suffered a stroke when he was born (affects the right arm and leg, they are slower to develop and needs physical therpy) that would be best. And while I had thought of floating the idea of rebuilding my comics in 2013/2014 I held off until we knew what we were dealing with, regarding our son Lucas. Turns out, he's made great progress, we racked up well over $130,000 in medial bills with his NICU stay for a few weeks and all that, thankfully our health insurance covered well over 99% of it. Anyway, back on topic. Fast forward to 2015, things settled down a bit with our son, we learned that he won't have any cognitive issues with speech, doesn't have any seizures and based on our (my wifes) mega ton of searching online with similar kids, we're hoping he'll make a great recovery, might not be full, but well enough and I'll work with him on typing that will probably be the toughest thing for him. So, enter 2015 and I float the idea of rebuilding my comic collection to my wife and she says okay sure, but just don't go nuts. Of course, thats exactly where my mind went because, well, I never do things half-, I said I want my Amazing Fantasy 15 back, only one without Marvel Chipping. I said it'd probably be over 10K and she didn't turn red, didn't get mad, roll her eyes....she said that we don't have all of that amount saved and asked why I want it. I was honest and said I want Lucas to have it as an heirloom, it will increase in value steadily over the years and that we could get a small loan from the bank to fill in the rest of the loan. I found the right book from a fellow boardie, got the loan and sent payment. The Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 4.0 was perfect, my dream book. (Re)check that off the bucket list, I was so happy. ::Enter Amazing Spider-Man 678 MJ Venom Variant:: I was all set to start hammering out a list of books I used to own that I want to own again, which I did in part. I grabbed a few 9.8 books; Venom: Lethal Protectors, I subbed a few of the new Star Wars books to sell and keep, I started a new subscription with BeachBum to get all the Star Wars Action Figure Variants (which I have everyone so far). Then one day, I saw a listing on Ebay for an Amazing Spider-Man 678 MJ Venom comic. It was NM at best, but it was the first one I'd seen in a loooong time. I thought it was pretty cool. Around the same time, I finally got my hands on a Wolverine #1 Deadpool Variant CGC 9.8, which was one of the few books I had years prior that I marked as 'must have again'. Then, another listing came up for the MJ Venom variant, a very sharp copy one I thought I could get pressed and if it were to come back a dreadful 9.6 I'd sell it. So I told my wife, days after buying the Wolvie book that there's this other super rare book that I want to make an offer on before others do. She got a little irritated I could tell, until I told her that I'd sell it if it doesn't come back a 9.8 and that we could make up to $1,500 like that *finger snap*. She agreed. I made an offer and the seller closed the auction early. I went to my trusty presser joeypost and asked him to press this baby. He was super swamped at the time, so I had to wait a few months. During that time, I went back to rebuilding my list of wanted books and I made a new page for 'Rare' books and got to put both the Wolvie #1 and the 678 MJ in there. ::The Backwards Collection And The Collecting Trifecta:: That's when I had an idea. I call it the 'Backwards Collection' idea. Since I couldn't get in on the 'ground floor' and had to pay so much for my AF15, what if I make a list of some Rare Modern Age books to get in on the ground floor with. Not just any books, but GRAILS. Once that stand the best shot of increasing in value because they hit what I call the 'Collecting Trifecta'. The Collecting Trifecta is when an item, a car, an antique, a coin, a comic, whatever hits all three categories: Category 1) Recognition Category 2) Rarity Category 3) Condition As much as Modern Age Books amass haters and think Modern Age collecting is not a wise investment, we'll have to agree to disagree. Yes, Modern Age books run a risk, but there can also a more timely (sooner) financial reward. But, again, with focusing on only the rarest books in the highest grade I hope to hedge against some of that risk and get in on the ground floor with these books in hopes that 20 years from now, I'll have made a killing. Or hopefully at least covered inflation Back at my desk with my wanted books list....I initially was going to wait and see if my 678 MJ book came back a 9.8 before deciding to sell my AF15 to free up funds to collect more Modern Age books. I found a buyer for the AF15 faster than I expected and decided to sell my AF15 and look toward the Modern Age. So, my plan in 2015 was to start my Backwards Collection where I will start collecting only Modern Age Grails and 1st Appearances that have current value. Then, once I got all of my 'core-must-have modern-age grails' then I could work on getting other modern age key books. From there, I'd look at the Copper Age books like ASM 300, NM 98, TMNT #1. Although, I have to admit, I may make a single exception rule if I do decide to chase a TMNT #1. All of my Copper and Modern Age books much be 9.8+ with WHITE pages, 'no exception, except TMNT #1' That one I may shoot for a 9.0+ to match the minimum for the next age I would collect after getting those books; Bronze Age. Then finally when I myself am old and silver, I can look into getting some Silver Age books. The only must have for me in this age is the AF15. And yes, I am well aware that that 4.0 I sold for around $13,000 this year could be up to $20,000 by the time I'm ready to buy it. If I play my cards right, that is what will happen. To me, that purchase is no different than buying a new car. But who knows what the future will hold ""Books, Books, Books!!!:: So now that I have my plan in place, the wheels are in motion, I'm buying books here and there as my budget allows. I'm PM'ing boardies about different books, I have my list of Modern Age Grails in place, all must be CGC 9.8. They are a mix of rare, high value and favorite issues: *Amazing Spider-Man 667 Dell'Otto Variant *Vader Down #1 1:5000 Retailer Incentive Variant *Wolverine #1 Deadpool Variant *Amazing Spider-Man #678 Mary Jane Venom Variant Batman 608 Retailer Incentive Variant Uncanny X-Men 510 Campbell Sketch Variant *Venom: Lethal Protector #1 Black Error Variant *Saga #1 Retailer Incentive Variant *Wolverine #145 Nabisco Variant *Batman #1 Sketch Variant Danger Girl #2 Ruby Red Smoking Gun Variant Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Pichelli Sketch Variant Uncanny X-Men #297 Gold Pressman Variant Spawn #185 Sketch Variant Superman/Batman #1 Retailer Incentive Variant Amazing Spider-Man #700 Ditko Variant Spawn #1 B&W Variant *East Of West #1 Retailer Incentive Variant Ultimate Spider-Man #1 White Retailer Incentive Variant The Walking Dead #1 Solar #0 Amazing Spider-Man #688 Campbell Variant Ultimate Spider-Man #160 Sketch Variant *Own If you or someone you know has one of the unmarked books above, please shoot me a PM and see if we can work something out. I'm hoping to buy a Bats 608 RRP next Reason being, it's the one book I regret selling from my old collection. At the time of selling it, there were plenty of Batman 608 RRPs to be found on ebay. Coincidently, my sale was one of the last ones to be sold on ebay, all the copies have seemingly dried up. ::Wrapping Up 2015:: Upon completing my list of books, I of course did some door-to-door PM'ing asking fellow boardies if they had some of these books for sale. One of which was Kuddy, he initially said he wanted to keep his Amazing Spider-Man 667 Dell'Otto CGC 9.8. I tried like hell to snag Jaydogrules' copy but he wisely wouldn't budge either. Then one day out of the blue a few months later, Kuddy decides to sell his ASM 667 for a cool $5K. I HAD to jump on this, imo, it was a once in a lifetime thing. So I had to sell off a bunch of my 'middling modern age' books and a couple books that were actually in my list listed above. But for this book it was worth it. I feel like it's this generations Amazing Fantasy 15 and in 20-30 years it may actually be worth well into the 5 figure range. Shortly after getting that ASM 667 book, Jaydogrules tells me about the Vader Down #1 1:5000 book, I hadn't heard of it before, but it's right up my alley and the seller offered a return window and claimed the book to be NM+. What I really had going for me was the book ended on Thanksgiving. The books for sale prior never mentioned being in such good condition. So I snagged that book too, it's with joeypost to get pressed along with a copy of the DKIII 1:500 variant. I'm hoping for 9.8 across the board Just recently, I did overtake EvilJin's #1 spot for the Venom: Lethal Protector series too, we are tied but the system put me at number 1, I'm guessing because I have full front and back cover scans and descriptions? I have decided to primarily wait for a Batman 608 book to come up for sale and that would be the last 'hold out' Grail book to get before I can start collecting other modern age keys and copper age, then if one of my Grails is up for sale, jump on it then. Is it bad that I still have seller's remorse for that Bats 608? I've had a few nibbles in my WTB thread for the Bats 608 but nothing has come through yet. Jerome See more journals by jump_ace
  9. Holidays for Reflection I am thankful for so many friends in the CGC Society. I have made great friends and met some great people who work at CGC. A simple THANK YOU and a thumbs up TO ALL WHO COLLECT and HAVE A GREAT NIGHT..... SANTA LIVES IN ALL See more journals by Ronnylama
  10. Awesome Randy Green Cover Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a great holiday. Attached is one of my favorite Randy Green Witchblade covers. It is Witchblade #132 variant Virginia Con Sketch edition and very limited. I believe only 100 produced. According to the Census only 2 graded and both at 9.8. Thanks for looking, 109 See more journals by 109
  11. Hard searching pays off. Tis the Holiday season and time to celebrate.I recently sent of several books and was surprised over the grades of the books as well. Books that are back in my collection now are as follows: Amazing Spider-Man #51 5.0 grade Amazing Spider-Man #97 9.0 grade Detective Comics #95 5.5 grade Action Comics #93 5.0 grade Hogan's Heroes #4 6.5 grade Hogan's Heroes #6 8.0 grade Avengers #200 9.2 grade SS 3 signatures Roy Rogers #40 8.5 grade Donald Duck Adv. #1 9.6 grade SS Don Rosa Hope to have pics of the books up soon. I have others on the way back. They are as follows: Hogan's Heroes #1 Mission Impossible #1 Amazing Spider-Man #19 Amazing Spider-Man #300 Now to select candidates for 2016 and there are plenty to choose from. Happy Holidays. See more journals by Lady Allysin
  12. I guess it pays being a good big boy this year. I must say that I must have done something right this year to deserve the gift I had just received from the good people at CGC. I have to admit over the past few years I was frustrated along with other collectors with some of the things that CGC was changing with their company such as changing their modern tier from 1975 to 1980 and with their slower turn around times with higher prices and not so friendly staff at the shows, but this past year that all seems to have faded away with friendlier staff and faster turnaround times with reasonable prices on grading. I just received in the mail today a returned submission from the NYCC this past October and to my surprise I almost fainted when I opened the box and saw my ASM #148 come back a 9.8! I was in total shock considering that when I submitted it there were only 6 in the registry in this grade so this would be lucky number 7. I had recently saw on eBay one had just sold for $2500 so I was really shocked that this book was in such high demand and rarity in this high grade but I have no intentions of selling this bad boy in the near future but to rather join its high grade friends in my collection. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays! See more journals by DBoy
  13. Well hello again im still rageing from last nights failure too secure my first cgc comic so i was up late last night Lookin around when i found a website where people bid on cgc graded comics so i buzzed around lookin till i found the one a 9.4 cgc Human Torch the wrath of the Wizard issue # 5 1975 bidding started at 5.00 $ then 6 minutes in it tripled to 20.00$ before i could react it was boom 50.00$ then boom 100.00$ so with my heart beatin furious i pressed bid but it was to late it said sold i feel soo sad See more journals by DoJoJoeJoe1
  14. Well this cgc comic is by far one of my best because my wife got it for me for cristmas and its my first ever i was on the web one night before cristmas and found a auction online just for cgc comics and boom i saw it bidding and had too have boom openin bid 5.00 what¿ My heart started Jumpin with excitement boom next 6 minutes it Jumped too triple the price 20.00 so i watched it jump too 50.00 with Just seconds too act i pressed bid boom it said sold i missed it i was soo angry i felt Soo i lost a big chance too get my first cgc but as i was shrouded in disbeleaf the next day was cristmas and and I was still from the last night when it came to opening presents my wife with a big grin gave me a nice rectangle present with a big and said u open yours so i did did as i ripped in i notice it was in fact the same cgc comic i lost the night before my cgc 9.4 Human Torch issue #5 1975 the wrath of wizard See more journals by DoJoJoeJoe1
  15. Wizard World Philadelphia Signed See more journals by Lille France
  16. Dessinateur Français Pour la sortie au cinéma de Star Wars en France,certains dessinateurs étaient là. See more journals by Lille France
  17. Do you have one? Just completed my Kirby/Comic room......behold..... See more journals by JKirbyfan
  18. Encore une fois la personne garde ses numéros de série :-( Signed See more journals by Lille France
  19. Why? A defect on a book should be consistently prevalent. There should be no question about it. If the Marvel Value Stamp is cut out of an Incredible Hulk 181, what is subjective about it? A crease, a fingerprint? Shouldn't preference be taken out of the equation? Are stains judged more harshly by one grader and not as much by another? Is a rusty staple a death toll? After carefully looking over my 8.0 Iron Man #55, I didn't see any defect on it that wasn't already present when it was a 9.2. The same corner scrunch, the same stain. It's all there. A Carfax report would show if a vehicle was damaged or had been taken care of, so shouldn't grader's notes be more comprehensive? On many of the comic books I have graded, I systematically listed every defect. It might have been tedious, but the end result was worth it, because I knew exactly what was wrong with the book. Should grader's notes also include who graded the book? Would you be willing to wait longer for a more comprehensive list of notes? Shouldn't the subjectivity be taken out of the equation? I would be okay with a grade change one up or one down on this book (not really), because that's the possible result from subjectivity. But a three grade drop? Thanks for Reading Tnerb See more journals by Tnerb
  20. Buy Sell Trade Pray Well, I have finally decided to take the plunge and set up at a local show. One of the organizers knows me through my wife (she use to work for the local antique shop) asked if I would like to have a booth as he knows I buy and sell comic books on the side. At first, I was hesitant to sign on for a few reasons. The main one being I am only 'set up' for selling online and there is not as much time for me to prepare as I would have liked. I don't want to have a "crappy booth". Secondly, I was/am concerned about whether or not local comic collectors will actually show up. This is as a collectibles and nostalgia show (coins, military, stamps, etc.) a kind of a "catch all" type of show and I'm not sure what the turn out for comic collectors will be. What ultimately swayed me was that the price was right for tables (keeping it reasonable size, two tables), the venue is a 10 minute drive from my house and it will help get my name out there. Also, it has the side effect of making me work my butt off the next few weeks to get more of my inventory organized and priced, something I have been lax with as of late and will benefit me regardless of sales at the show. Also, I don't think I will find too much of a better opportunity to "test the waters" for maybe doing something like this again and/or at a bigger venue in the future. The other important deciding factor is that my wife is more than willing to help me. As stated, she use to work for the local antique store and she has the experience I lack. She has managed and run several estate sales, set up for several years doing the local big annual antique show and knows how to manage cash and sales. So, with all of that, I have decided to jump in. I have posted that I will be participating in the show on my comic book Facebook page and letting people know at my local comic shop and now the fine folks on the CGC boards so there is no turning back now! Look forward to any well wishes, thoughts and kind advice. See more journals by Tyler77
  21. I would like to share my fondness for TPBs and graphic novels. One thing I like more than collecting comics is reading them. For financial sake I chose to collect more of these than comics so that I had more to read for my money. I will be posting the various kinds that I like and why I chose them. See more journals by boostergold
  22. This journal will attempt to wrangle my irrational pursuit of an Amazing Spider-Man #1 1963 in a comic book speculator bubble. I am entering the fourth phase of my comic collecting. My first phase was 1989-1993. I collected mainly pre-Unity Valiants and Image comics, along with some Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine. My favorite thing was to hop into the car and hit Chicago-land book and comic stores, and I found a lot of great Valiant books that way. I habitually collected Spawn throughout my formative college years, but generally took a break following the Death of Superman until I met my eventual wife c. 1997. I collected again briefly from 1998-1999 (Oni, Kevin Smith, X-Men, Spawn), but then sporadically due to comic shop closures in Montana. I generally stopped again through my graduate school years, but did start to acquire some independent books via eBay c. 2000, mostly Milk & Cheese, Sandman. In 2002, I moved down to Louisiana and my love affair with underground comix started. My wife checked out all the books on comics at the LSU Library and brought home Mark Estren's History of Underground, which referenced Jay Kennedy's 1982 price guide, and both were watershed moments that defined the next 12 years of my collecting. I posted a lot on Comics Price Guide message boards during this time, and there was even an underground comix presence on the old STL boards too. I joined CGC in 2004, but I generally do not post too much (and mostly to underground related stuff). See more journals by oldmilwaukee6er
  23. Reel 0ne (intro) Reel One :Intro Hi all I've been on the Boards for a bit over a year now, mostly posting pics and commenting in the Gold Forum. A few Boardies even refer to me by name, Corey, but Sagii is of course cool also(My Zodiac). As a lot of you know from my book posts and comments i collect across many genres in gold, but my first loves are MLJ super heroes, Ace Publications books, and Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny is the G.O.A.T.). I also dig Fawcetts, and would love to build runs on Harvey, Fox and maybe Prize Comics before i call the comic thing a day(would like to focus solely on building a Movie Poster collection after i close my comic collecting). Other likes: Movies (especially Film Noir), almost anything with James Cagney or Bette Davis, Horror (Halloween), and Sci Fi (Godzilla) Obsessed with 1970's culture (fashion, politics, music (and yes, Disco too), movies, TV, icons of the era) with the 80's close behind (King of Pop, New Wave, Dallas), but mostly just TV and music stuff. Also Obsessed with political conspiracy theories assasinations (JFK, RFK, MLK), and the files/tapes of Hoover and Nixon. Which brings me to the Journals title: These are my 'tapes', 'files' in a way of things iv'e collected and treasured for years(and hopefully years more to come). I will mostly post books, hunt stories, groups by themes(covers, artist, characters, etc)but it's basically a place to keep all my things(or a lot of them anyway)in one place on the Boards. I'll add and update as the mood strikes, but will try to work out some kind of schedule. Thanks for reading. Nothing long and drawn out today as far as pics, but i'll open the Journal with this one because the cover subject is of a collector of rare books himself! For those of you who have never seen it, dig the crazy dialog! See more journals by sagii68