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  1. unless the masses end up calling it Star Wars IX-The False Hope.
  2. I can see the Stark on the left walking around the Queens Mountain now, pokes him, saying "Elia of Dorne. Anything?"
  3. I think it was a perfect setup. Some of them STILL do not get it. They still want to have their spit spats standing on the railroad tracks with a train coming right for them. I'm thinking we will see some unlikely heroes paired toghether during the crisis.
  4. one of these on worldwide if anyone is interested.
  5. In her book Michelle Nolan makes a compelling argument about why she thinks it does not exist, and other long time romance collectors have been looking for this book for many years, so they are probably correct, but I'm still looking to fill in that glaring hole. Luckily I can say #12 WAS a pain in the butt.
  6. picked up these 2 series as soon as I saw the covers
  7. quite a shock to me when I first started collecting Tracy- I did not know how brutal the stories were.
  8. for me 1-Ditko 2-Frazetta 3-Kinstler 4-Wrightson (by a hair over Steranko)
  9. Fury said in the 1st avengers movie that H Stark fished the cube out of the ocean while looking for Cap, so at that point it was back in governments hands. Short jump over to someone needing to do research. Might have been explained in further episodes of Agent Carter we will never see.
  10. what? DC wants the guy we just fired??? 180 degrees about and warp 9 Scotty!! Belay that order Mr. Scott. HR says we should only make it warp 8, that way we seem to look like we're being accomadating to the guy we just backed over.
  11. very classy homage to Stan at the start as well. Well done!!
  12. I somehow managed to watch just a little bit more of it than I was able to watch Solo.
  13. Assuming he has access to the full gauntlet, I think she will make him pretty worried, but that's it. She got her powers from only 1 of the stones and he will have all of them. She will still need the Avengers help. I think it will be take luck and a team effort to take him down. (Like the outcome is really in doubt anyway.) I imagine her power may take him by surprise at first though, and he won't get anywhere near Thor's ax.
  14. you would think DC would have tried to line up this guy by now.
  15. I never thought anyone would give Charlton printing quality a run for the money until I started picking up a few Ajax/Farrel and Superiors, especially the war comics.
  16. tv shows like this and comic book movies as well will have their time and then it will be over. Enjoy them both while you can.