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  1. you did WHAT with my collection?
  2. when your son is being trained by Thanos and Conan, and then becomes allied with Anton Chigurh you know he is in good hands. great casting IMO.
  3. Love this publisher. Another comics I've never seen.
  4. via GCD indexer notes for this issue. The five suspects in the line-up are caricatures of artists Ben Oda, Joe Simon, Joe Genola, Mort Meskin and Jack Kirby.
  5. fantastic offerings so far, only have a few from this publisher myself
  6. two more off ye 'ol want list-10 left Thanks to Marwood for the Silver Kid #2
  7. these last 4 from late '55 to early '56 All very tough to find in any condition. (at least for me)
  8. finally filled this major hole in my collection. Ive seen more copies of Negro Romances #4 than this book. I "HAD" been looking for a copy for the last 12 years.
  9. what a great ad to attract visitors! email their minister of tourism.
  10. any kin to Ivan Petrovich? you should remember Ivan-cant believe he was never intro'd.