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  1. I think I still have my copy if you are interested PM Me.
  2. PayPal only. Shipping is $15 flat priority USPS. If you are not in the US PM me and we will figure out shipping. No returns on graded books. Swamp Thing 1 CGC 9.2 w $385 The Demon CGC 9.0 ow/w $170
  3. Just got these back from CGC, they were all Antique Mall finds.
  4. One bump and then we'll call this one done. No price drop but I'm accepting reasonable offers.
  5. Poster could have PM'ed me. Don't like my response, that's fine. Not interested in this book? That's fine too.
  6. Thanks. You letting everybody else know, or just me?
  7. One book I'm putting up again to gauge interest. $425 + $12 shipping for USPS Priority mail. Paypal preferred. Graded book sales are final. Thanks!
  8. They said it was crazy. I said I wouldn't. But one last markdown before I pull this thread. Thanks!
  9. Updated! One round of discounts on remaining books and then I’ll close this thread. Thanks!
  10. Prices updated. Had trouble finding comparable sales.