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  1. Gary Strange


    Sandstormer was easy to work with, thorough, detailed, packaged the comics well, reasonable, and shipped fast. Thanks
  2. Gary Strange

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    It's constantly changing but here are some recent pics after we installed the bookcase.
  3. Gary Strange

    Show off your Comic Con photos with celebrities!

    Here's a couple. My wife and I with Ron Perlman. There was no line, but a huge line next him for the green power ranger. I asked him, "What's going on? You are a national treasure." He replied, "I don't know but in my next life I'm gonna be a f--king power ranger." And a group of us with Jeffrey Combs.
  4. Gary Strange

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Finally, my friend and I installed a new entrance to my room. Watch the video, you know, if you want. Secret bookcase
  5. Gary Strange

    HELLBOY!! Movie reboot

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. Perlman and Del Toro aside, I loved the use of practical effects and makeup in the original two. If this reboot ends up looking like the CGI used in the new Beauty and the Beast, I think I'll pass.
  6. Gary Strange

    The comic(s) that made you bawl your eyes out

    When I was kid, this issue made me so sad. Rick Jones makes friends with the other creatures that got irradiated during the gamma bomb explosion, but they end up kicking him out after one of their own is killed in an attack on their hidden lair.
  7. Gary Strange

    Incredible Hulk Collecting Thread

    Yeah. I had to take photos with a camera.
  8. Gary Strange

    HULK # 1 CLUB

    Not sure if I have mine in this thread or not, but I finally took some decent pics.
  9. Gary Strange

    Incredible Hulk Collecting Thread

    Here's my set. Finally took some decent pics of them.
  10. I don't think I'll be "terrified" the way he wants me while watching this movie.
  11. Gary Strange

    IRON FIST on Netflix

    Finished Iron Fist over the weekend. I liked it, mostly. It's not the best Netflix show, but it doesn't deserve all the horrible reviews. I would have enjoyed more K'un Lun training/story flashbacks like how they handled the first couple seasons of "Arrow" on CW. Some of the fight scenes were sloppy, but whatever. And, all of the Marvel shows have had slow, long dialog scenes, not just Iron Fist.
  12. Gary Strange

    All Sold, Thanks!

    NM 98 per PM