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  1. When I'm in Orlando, I prefer to drive to ACME in Longwood.
  2. Offering these up here first before heading to Feebay! Shipping is flat $15 priority for USPS shipping in a secure mailing box (which I've just ordered, so purchases wont ship until next week). If you want insurance, say so and I will adjust shipping cost. “I’ll take it” trumps any offers. If you think my prices are far off, PM me and we can hash it out. PayPal only No returns on graded books X-Men #13 CGC 7.5 C/OW (FROM THE COLLECTION OF JOE AND NADIA MANNARINO) 2nd Juggernaut appearance SOLD FAST 1st Issue Special #9 (DR FATE) CGC 9.6 W
  3. More Books added: Amazing Spider-Man 225 CGC 9.8 $95 DC 1st Issue Special 9 CGC 9.6 $100 Punisher 1 CGC 9.8 $115 Swamp Thing #13 CGC 9.8 $150
  4. More books added 7/16!! Hey! Adulting sucks, but I have medical bills and stuff to pay for so I’m selling some of my graded goodies. Shipping is flat $15 priority for US shipping in a secure mailing box. “I’ll take it” trumps any offers, and I have priced these very fairly. PayPal only and no returns on graded books Swamp Thing 1 CGC 9.2 SOLD Haunt of Fear #19 CGC 5.5 sold Man Thing #3 CGC 9.4 SOLD Demon 1 CGC 9.0 sold
  5. Anyone else a big fan of the Question and Ditko's Charlton work? This book seems to have become very popular, so let's see who has one!
  6. Here's mine. So glad I bought this from wwcomics back in 2009, seeing the prices it goes for today!
  7. I think I still have my copy if you are interested PM Me.
  8. PayPal only. Shipping is $15 flat priority USPS. If you are not in the US PM me and we will figure out shipping. No returns on graded books. Swamp Thing 1 CGC 9.2 w $385 The Demon CGC 9.0 ow/w $170