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  1. That Hellraiser box set is NOT cheap. Easily goes for >$100 every time I see it.
  2. I was at 8.0 and 8.5. I'm guessing the dust shadow caused the grades to bump down a bit. 7.5 on ASM 13 feels really tight. I'll take the four points, but I feel like I just dropped in the standings
  3. Could be strategy to sit out a hard round. After a quick scan of the numbers board, as of last round of those who missed only round 5 dropped an average of 7 places while those who got their only double -1 from that round dropped an average of over 13 places. (numbers quickly crunched in my head may not be exact) Seems that those who sit out a tough round might do better than some of those who try every round. This is a good point. Sitting out a round can be a strategy since you don't gain or decline from score from not submitting. In certain cases there's not even a downside to not submitting grades. Maybe there should be a point deduction for not submitting grades?
  4. I thought that too, but I've seen enough Golden Age slabs to know that GA books tend to get graded looser than books with similar flaws in silver and bronze.
  5. Huh? Many or most did really well, but a few scored quite poorly. And that in retrospect this will likely be the easiest round (or close to it). That's what I got from it. Let's put it this way... It may be possible to score 6 points and still DROP DOUBLE DIGITS on the leaderboard. WOW. Now I get it. Sigh.
  6. I feel like if I dwell on it I just keep second guessing myself.