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  1. Everyone is showing some love for Trimpe - I thought you might be interested in this.
  2. As per this old thread CGC stopped using this label in summer 2001.
  3. I sold this in 2018 for $380.00.- Batman The Dark Knight Returns #1 4th PRINTING CGC 9.8 - The reprint was included in the 2009 DC Direct Dark Knight Returns Collector set. I bought the toy on Ebay, had the book graded and sold it and then sold the toy separately, without the book, for another $50 or so.
  4. No, the link i included was forum members discussing Gene Arnold
  5. Sad to hear that another true collector and pioneer passed away this year, Gene Arnold.
  6. Yes, you are correct, I misread it. I'll correct my original post. Thanks
  7. Apparently you have the first edition (1973-74) with a red cover There's also a 2nd edition (1974-75) with a blue cover
  8. Alf #48 Vengeance #1 Amazing Spider-Man #361 Amazing Spider-Man #301 Amazing Spider-Man #316