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  1. My favourite Jumbo... and for some reason, one of the toughest, especially in grade.
  2. Hi grade structure, but a tiny corner off bottom right.
  3. Speaking of favorites, this was my sole win from the Nic Cage Heritage Auction so many years ago [sold and reacquired since!] There is an entire Game of Thrones in this epic cover!
  4. In reality the purple [magenta] is even deeper than the scan shows. I've never seen another FH cover quite like it.
  5. ..so what's everyone else's number one FH pick?
  6. Well, it would have to be this one, but it's the colors, not the cover, if you see what I mean.
  7. Wonderful group. My top 6 are in here somewhere, I just cant decide.
  8. It continues to surprise me that a higher grade copy has not yet surfaced after so many years. Nor is it easy to account for its relative scarcity.
  9. Undoubtedly marked down because of the page quality - but I can live with it! Flew under the radar at the time IMO. [Those were the days!]