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  1. Sounds like a cool sales thread, Readcomix! lbcolefan is the man! My collection is tiny compared to his! He has much of what I have but in way in better shape! On the NAPA collection - the sweat mag equivalent of the Church collection was discovered behind a false wall by his wife sometime after he died, and was picked up by an American pulp dealer. I plundered a few tasty scraps left by bigger collectors. But I did draw attention to the comparison with Church, for what that's worth. You can wait a very long time for hi grade examples of these mags. Imagine if ol' Edgar had hidden his collection that way. [Shades of King Tut!] Good luck with the sales!
  2. ..and finally, a book cover I liked. rather scarce I think, and in decent nick, so another I probably should've kept. [Looking again at the scans just posted, I now recall that condition was often a deciding factor - otherwise, whether I had a better cover along similar lines.]