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  1. I've adopted a similar approach. Twenty years on, I only have about a third of the run, but they are the issues I like most [with two or three of those still to get], and all keepers. Upgrading is a labor of love, that's for sure.
  2. That presents astonishingly well for the given grade.
  3. Flex Mentallo

    Stolen comics

    When the truth is...
  4. Flex Mentallo

    Stolen comics

    Hope it works out for the owner - it happened to cheetah as I recall and he had a positive outcome, not so positive for the thief. We have had a spate of burglaries where I work. Each time we have beefed up security, each time [likely the same] thieves have found a way in. Last time finding the door impenetrable they took a sledgehammer to the adjacent wall. So do think about your security everyone.
  5. Flex Mentallo

    Tales from the Island of Serendip

    I'm very pleased about that! I'm already thinking about what to post next! Happy New Year, BZ!
  6. #17 would be my pick - but I'm a pacifist, mostly