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  1. My impression is that most of the print run was running on empty in terms of the full color. Artboy's copy has a band of deeper color near the top of the book that hints at what a full saturation #26 might have been like, but I've never seen one, and opinions differ.
  2. I sold this 'un to a certain tall Texan who kindly sold it back to me when hunger pangs set in. 'Feed me', I said, so he did.
  3. Belatedly recalled that the #25 I used to own was a Heritage buy [in 2011!]. Retrieved the scan so you can see the colors - and the miscut.
  4. I think #25 might be the most commonly miscut Planet(?) If the ones I've seen are typical, miscut copies seem to be the rule rather than the exception for that particular issue. I've lost the scan of the last copy I had unfortunately, but as I recall it was severely miscut, but it had strong reds. So I think a square cut, well centred #25 with strong colours might be a bit of a unicorn. (I'm ready to be proven wrong by you guys though, so post 'em if you got 'em!)
  5. It's interesting to see how much variation there is at the top and bottom from copy to copy - I'd not noticed that before. In that respect mwotka's copy is the yardstick.
  6. I wanted deeper colors, but figured I might not get a reasonable shot at a better copy [and given recent auctions, I was right.]. The actual colors are as bright as the scan suggests - could well be the freshest copy of a Planet I've ever owned, never having had a Church Planet.
  7. For me the 'point of separation' is between #29 and #30, when the page count and book dimensions both shrink. But I agree with your point.
  8. Bad counting on my part - had the cover of #23 confused with #25, which is the one I don't have. But don't ask me how I could have forgotten this one!
  9. I meant to say when posting my copy, I don't think #22 gets the love it deserves.
  10. Nice #20s and #21s everyone! Guess I'll start the ball rolling with #22 [then I'm out again until #24, darn it.]