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  1. Victor Prezio. Here's another example, though I dont own this one.
  2. Sweet looking #38s guys! It's always been a favorite cover for me.
  3. Well it certainly looks the part in the scans. Any info on its history? Seems a bit brighter than my copy [which I dont think is a candidate, though I will be taking another look!].
  4. I used to own a few Baker St John romance that were supposedly Church copies, bought in a Heritage auction long back. They were by no means pristine copies, and I seem to recall a discussion some time ago on the boards in which it was suggested that when Edgar could not get copies from his newstand, he went in search of other copies. I only mention this because I wonder if poor distribution of certain 'late period' books might have been a factor, and we know that Planet #65 is/was a scarcer than average Planet. Any thoughts?
  5. My favourite Jumbo... and for some reason, one of the toughest, especially in grade.