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  1. Magnus RF was a favorite SA title for me when I was a kid. Gold Key were hard to find compared to the big two.


    I thought the Valiant reboot of Magnus, Solar and Turok was pretty interesting to begin with as well. Caught 'valiant fever' in the Unity period, and thought BWS's take on Solar was epically high concept for the first ten issues. I managed to get pretty much everything bar a few 0 issues and gold foil whatnots.

    Archer and Armstrong were pretty terrific for about 10 issues. Eternal Warrior never quite lived up to its promise.

    But the sheen fell away quite steeply after Unity. The art and stories proved to be less engaging. I think XO stood up better than most for longer. But it was the armor that intrigues, rather than the man inside.

    I never quite got in to Harbinger for some reason, though I collected them as well as all the rest. Might have been different if Smith had drawn the title! I guess the intrigue was to do with the exposition of a new comic universe. London Comic marts for a brief time had feeding frenzies - Rai #5!! Or was it #4? As if they could be genuinely scarce when honestly they werent.


    Villains wise, I 'liked' the spider aliens, in a boo hiss sort of way. Spider femme fatale that started out as a runway model and gradually 'spiderfied' over time

    I stopped collecting about the time Bloodshot and Ninjak were launched. Still have all the ones I bought. I think one of the last issues I bought was a Harbinger #1, gritting my teeth at the price. No bang for my buck there at all. Dont think I will ever get my money back.


    I remember the 'Valiant Verse' spawned other ready made universes one summer - Malibu, Dark Horse. Then it all seemed to fade away, or I stopped paying attention, maybe both...


    Quite surprised to see a reboot of the verse minus Solar, Turok and Magnus. The Valiant reboot seems to get uniformly rave reviews as far as I can see. With a bit more delving I find its not even the first reboot, with the Gold Key trio having been relaunched some time back. Were they any good I wonder?