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  1. I sneezed once soon after I'd broken my shoulder in four places. Never again. The sneeze, the shoulder, or the toilet? Definitely the sneeze.
  2. I sneezed once soon after I'd broken my shoulder in four places. Never again.
  3. I don't know if jaded is the right word. Annoyed is a better word. For every story posted on this chat forum about 'bad sellers' there are just as many stories, if not more about 'bad buyers'. Some are unreasonable, some are unfair and some just downright lie. Unfortunately, dealers have to walk a delicate line because you don't want to alienate potential customers. I feel for you. A dealer friend of mine used to set up at London marts.There was one guy who used to come to his booth and sit on the DC war boxes the whole day, thumbing through every single issue, and never buying a single one. Used to drive my buddy up the wall, but he never felt able to say anything.
  4. I only buy from dealers who are at least VG. You have a fine sense of humour.
  5. Thanks for pointing these out. It is almost impossible to watch all the great sites for books like this. I agree that it's not easy to find a solid mid grade copy of #1, and I'll add that it's even more of a journey to find a high grade copy of Planet Comics #1. I think its a fair asking price too. Would not be surprised if this disappears over the upcoming weeks. Especially when there seems to be a current scarcity of nice copies.
  6. Don't believe a word, Grantley! - Jimbo is definitely on a commission. And I want one.