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  1. Are you aware of any semi-comprehensive listing of the sweats with artist credits included? http://www.philsp.com/mfi2.html
  2. And it's really only around 1960 that you get the Nazis cropping up...
  3. And then there were the 'weasels ate my flesh' covers, which are mildly, if unconsciously - ho*o-erotic...
  4. Originally they were bedsheet sized, and there was no intimation of the 'nazi porn' that was to follow... in fact, strong women ruled...
  5. Looks like they are the Edgar Church or Mile High equivalent for the Men's magazine collectors. Big difference in valuation though as they seem to range in price from only $15 up to $100 for those Napa copies that are still available for sale. Definitely some pretty spicy and enticing covers there. I suppose one could make the case given the alleged extent of the trove. From the blurb, I suspect the Napa Collection was cherry-picked long before it was more widely marketed. Perhaps that was an opportunity missed. Some warehouse finds that popped up on Ebay in the '90's were of similar quality. (See below.) But there is no strong collector base comparable to comics. Die hard collectors obsessively buy up multiple copies and what one sees on Ebay are typically in VG or lower grade. Hence never very much quality material in circulation at any given time, and it takes great patience to assemble runs. (I gave up long ago.) The best (i.e.) most lurid covers in nice shape will command a premium but even then I've rarely seen one go past $200. Original cover artwork does go for big bucks, I am led to believe. Typically bonkers mad doctor trope (cover by Norm Eastman, who is perhaps the most strongly collected, along with Norman Saunders):
  6. Truth is stranger than fiction! 'The Napa collection was literally “unearthed” in the Napa Valley of Northern California. It was discovered after an earthquake cracked the foundation and walls of a house revealing, to the wife of the Owner’s surprise, a massive room full of thousands of magazines placed in a hidden room with no windows. They were obtained from a local drugstore before they hit the shelves. These magazines had never been opened, read or circulated. They are mostly in near Mint condition with glossy covers that look the same as they did in the last century. The Napa Collection consists of deep runs of almost every single pin-up/sleaze magazine on the newsstands in the 50s-70s.'
  7. I did get some high grade copies from a collection found in the Napa valley a year or two back. Apparently, the guy didn't want his wife to know that he collected them, so had built a secret room to house them! It was only uncovered after his death.