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  1. Note that while this one looks colorful, the green girl's gun belt should be bright red.
  2. In the case of #16, I would surmise that Mars God of War must have had a bright red breastplate. Does anyone have one like that by any chance?
  3. I had given up on finding a copy of this issue with the correct colors until this one turned up. With fugitive reds tending to attract the attention, blues aren't much discussed. I suspect though that Fiction house blues sometimes fade to a greenish tint. And sometimes I think blues can be bright bright even when the reds are absent, and conversely faded when the reds are present. That may explain why they sometimes appear to have been produced with varying palettes, but it's just a theory. So it may be that #12 once might have had a bright blue background. It's debatable as I've never seen one.
  4. A couple more with 'true' colors (or at least I think so).
  5. ...Better late than never! (I like the purplish cast of your #14's background -- mine is more of a blue.) Very nice!
  6. Already posted this, but it is probably the most dramatic contrast I can think of between how copies typically look, and how the first print run must all have really looked. This is not photoshopped,and the scan is not juiced, as Mr Bedrock can testify. So where are they all?
  7. Dang! So that's how the book is supposed to look. Here's my copy. Dang! So that's how the book is supposed to look. Here's my copy. .... methinks someone on the Isle of Tide and Mist has an orphan pedigree.... GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) The pencil tick top left always nagged me, but I never made the connection. Cosmic Aeroplane maybe?
  8. Here is the same copy Photoshopped to show what I think it may have looked like
  9. I have a pet theory that this issue originally had a bright red background, but I've never seen one.
  10. The search for strong colors seems never ending.
  11. As I recall that was a hard fought auction.
  12. Nice copy! Hard to find this in high grade. Yes, it seems to be extremely tough for some reason. Took me a long time to find this one. I believe it's even highest graded.
  13. The later ones do not in the main seem to suffer from the same production issues regarding color.
  14. I agree - makes the search much tougher.
  15. Goes well with this 'un, as Billy would say.
  16. Pleased to get this off Heritage. It's all about the colors!
  17. Might just be a corner that's slightly brittle - that's all it takes unfortunately. Keep 'em koming Karl!
  18. Nice one Pat. Are these nice inside? I don't really know the later ones.
  19. Richard, if I'm right concerning the progeny of this book, I bought it from Comiclink, then sold it to you. You later sold it to Jeff, and he then sold it back to you! My turn next I think (just kidding.) Correct...and correct! Actually this book was the key to buying the others from Jeff. I sold him the 4 and the 5. I missed them and asked if he would consider selling them back. He said he would sell the entire run and we worked out a deal. He has been so great to deal with. If he is truly getting completely out of the hobby I will very much miss him. Titanic books, gentlemen. Cheetah sure had a fabulous FH collection there for a while. It's the end of an era, as Richard infers. Things wont be the same without him, but I'm sure we all wish him well.