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  1. Richard, if I'm right concerning the progeny of this book, I bought it from Comiclink, then sold it to you. You later sold it to Jeff, and he then sold it back to you! My turn next I think (just kidding.)
  2. Great stuff - and if you ask me, underrated. What do you mean, you didn't ask?
  3. Another sneaky undercopy with nice colors.
  4. This book is perfectly cut - it's the white paper slipped inside the covers that decided to perk up and confuse the image, which definitely helped me win it, given what I won it for.
  5. This one snuck through in a later auction, but was cheetah's undercopy!!
  6. As Richard said to me in a message today, Jeff offloading his collection is greatly benefiting numerous collectors. So I think I have a perfect excuse to list the 'ex-cheetah' Planets I won on Heritage not so long ago. They are my pride and joy, and I consider myself lucky to have them. And by the way, the tall one held off bidding on some of these for my sake. (He could've beaten me out with a flicker of his eyebrow.) So now that's out, and I hope he's embarrassed, the big softy.
  7. I had this one already thanks to Mister B. Now it's not so lonely anymore.
  8. Yeeha. I haven't got mine yet but I'm sure Jeff wont mind if I join the party.
  9. I second Kelly om this one. Easy to underestimate just how tough this book is!
  10. Her chute must be under her dress. Speaking personally, I always like to keep my chute hidden under my dress.
  11. I have dibs on the man. The collection comes with him. Soo, Billy - if you get tired of Bedrock in the next few years... ...o did I type that out loud as well?
  12. boardies that don't know "que" is really spelled "queue" get bumped to the back of the line. I thought it was Francais.
  13. Yes sir! Greeaat colors! (If you eventually get bored with this 'un in a couple of years please let me know! It's one of the few...)