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  1. does this include people who have been known to be sick? Hee hee
  2. 'They rehearsed in Roshni's room for a whole month ...last two days they rehearsed till midnight...Impact was mixed...We are planning for the follow up at earliest...' 'Roshni has planned to organize two events - one in November and another in February. '1st one for giving values to the distressed women and the 2nd one to involve community with them. '
  3. 'The issues of their battering inside their home for no reason by the male members of their house..By brother, father or even by other relatives..'
  4. 'Resistance within their own families to get education after secondary level..'
  5. 'In the performance they depict their struggles...'
  6. 'Moreover all the participants are sufferers of the male dominance in their home...'
  7. And from Purnabha: 'That independence day celebration has another perspective i.e. all girl coordinated celebration in a Muslim slum. They themselves hoisted the flag...'
  8. I asked Shaina what it was about.. "Yes, we are play about different issue in India like child labor identity base discrimination and also corruption."
  9. On August 15th 1947 Kolkata became an independent nation once again.
  10. Let's hope they waltz into a comic store near you.... From a GAtor post in General: The books are not yet in hand but there is hope... I love a happy ending.
  11. I was blown away and pleasantly surprised by how well that Romantic Marriage #24 CGC 8.0 did at auction. Unlike a lot of collectors, I really dig this cover and don't think it gets enough love. Is it too lovey-dovey or something? Or just not sexy enough? I think it has loads of character, like Teen-Age Romances #42, or Going Steady #14. I think at least two collectors other than you must have woken up to the risqué implications...apart from the eyes, it's about what's not on the cover... and notice that all of the potential clutter has been erased from their stairway to heaven, so we have nothing to distract! We look at her. She looks at him. And he looks pretty darn smug if you ask me!
  12. I was underbidder on the 7. Congrats Sorry we were going against each other on this one. I sold my Mystery Men 3 and WonderWorld 7 a while back to start my distillery. Been trying to replace them for a while. A sobering thought.
  13. That picture makes me want to lie down on that table and roll around in that pile of sweet GA. Be quick! Or the cats will get there first!
  14. What a wonderful sight. My nerve would've cracked long before that many slabs.
  15. I still miss hearing more from BZ. Here's hoping you're getting better and better with the passing day. So say we all.