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  1. WARNING! If you actually read the following mags they will rot your brain!" Priced to sell. These are from the Napa collection, which is the equivalent of Edgar Church in magazine terms. SOLD
  2. Various oddities and eccentricities here http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=8960480#Post8960480
  3. Another group of bargain priced to sell paperbacks and a hi grade digest. SOLD
  4. A nice group of sci fi paperbacks from the 1950's, all in decent shape. Bargain priced, with free shipping.SOLD
  5. THE LAND OF ESA Very scarce UK sci fi pulp digest with a classic GGA cover SOLD
  6. THE VERDICT August 1953,another great digest, this one featuring Raymond Chandler SOLD
  7. All of these detective digests are fresh and glossy and appear unread, with minimal, if any shelf wear. Nice run of Killers mystery Story magazine up next. Prices are what I paid. KILLERS MYSTERY STORY MAGAZINE March 1957. SOLD
  8. Some tough digests next, beginning with an amazing copy of HARD BOILED Venus Books, 1950, by Harmon Bellamy. SOLD
  9. Two copies of BATTLEFRONT #5 - a CGC 6.5 plus a reading copy in approx vg minus. SOLD
  10. The usual miscellany of comics, paperbacks and magazines, many scarce gems among them. Read this first: wins over pm's. Payment terms PayPal, (or cheque in the UK only). Shipping I am based in the United Kingdom. Regular airmail will be $10 for the first book plus $2 per book thereafter. If you specify expedited shipping from UK to US, it will be $30 (it will cost me more). I pack books very carefully. No HOSers, probies or trolls allowed!
  11. You may recall that their cousin Lija was married off far too young, and when she ran back home the abusive in-laws turned up demanding that she give them Amu, her newborn baby girl. Lija's story While Lucina and Lilufar were achieving their career goals, Amu celebrated her second birthday. She now speaks to me on the phone - in English - only a couple of words, but perfectly enunciated.
  12. Meanwhile, her younger sister Lilufar decided at the age of 26 to get into politics, following in Mridula's footsteps. This is her name on the wall. (The flowers are the give away.)
  13. Lucina's latest plan is to visit the United Kingdom next year to meet colleagues with similar interests here.
  14. Since its inception in Puerto Rico in 1984, each World Bamboo Congress claims to have created new partnerships that have made a real difference for the environment and human communities around the world.