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  1. It's by the consonant, with double for vowels. As for alliteration... it's astronomical
  2. Hmmff - that's nothing. Mine rang and asked me if I'd like him to do my food shopping, then he made me a cup of tea.
  3. Just got mine - CC seal of approval. I can understand how you got lost in it.
  4. Hee hee. I wish. I'm hoping the cat will have better pics but I suspect they will be the same as the ones on the site.
  5. Yes we do - I was out when Fedex called with mine today.
  6. I would've been delighted to win it if I had needed one, and I thought the price was on the nose.
  7. Hm, remember you said that Kelholt posts his #33,or sacentaur posts his #4.
  8. Very happy for you Billy. I know how long you've been searching.
  9. Oh, sure - happy to oblige, Rick. The most beautiful color design in the entire run IMHO. Retro sci fi rocket bike. Great GGA cover, tells a story of self sacrifice - but I've often wondered, why she appears to be smiling?
  10. Wholeheartedly concur. It would be nice to see #2-#26 as well - some great covers, and not often seen.
  11. I hope I dont get one. I keep trying to cancel. To no avail.
  12. That strain again! it had a dying fall: O, it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound, That breathes upon a bank of violets, Stealing and giving odour! Enough; no more: 'Tis not so sweet now as it was before.