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  1. Lucina said she got a lot more interest in her scientific presentation from other delegates when she wore her sari.
  2. It gave Lucina the ideal opportunity to meet colleagues with similar interests from all parts of the globe which will perhaps one day lead her to develop collaborations in research and development in the uses of bamboo.
  3. Lucina was one of 320 delegates from 40 countries, including world-renowned experts in bamboo design, construction, and architecture. Over 90,000 visitors were expected to attend.
  4. But on 15th September, she was aboard her first ever flight, on her way to the 10th World Bamboo Congress.
  5. Afew weeks before she was due to fly to Damyang Lucina developed a septic tooth. She was ill right up until the night before the flight, when the antibiotics finally did their job.
  6. I don't follow much baseball, but I like the beard on your boy (thumbs u Rocks it like its 1899! That's just not cricket.
  7. Catman #15 CGC 5.5 C/OW $6500 $6000 A CGC 3.5 with tape stains on the front cover sold for $4,211 earlier this year.
  8. Just the one book this time. One of the rarest books imaginable. Read this first: wins over pm's. Payment terms PayPal, (or cheque in the UK only). Shipping I am based in the United Kingdom.. Fedex shipping from UK to US [approx.$150] is included in the asking price. I pack books very carefully. No HOSers, probies or trolls allowed!
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