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  1. Everyone probably knows that this was published earlier this year, and will be followed sometime in the Spring by a second volume which will include the three Namora issues. But you never know, maybe there is an Everett lover reading who is unaware, so here are some previews.
  2. Timely's Greatest: The Golden Age Sub-Mariner By Bill Everett
  3. Well, phew. I had not kept track of how long it has been since I updated the thread navigation to Serendipity. Unbelievable that two years have gone by since I did. I hope readers will take the trouble to use the navigation, especially for the two years in question. More to come...
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  5. My pleasure Steve. You may recall that I shared another book on Yooshi here a few years ago. link It seems copies are readily available on Abebooks and Amazon. Not quite full size, but getting there - about 14" tall. 36 Ghosts