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  1. Some of the romance books you`ve posted have fantastic covers. Does the quality of the interior artwork match?


    Posted this recently in "What is the best issue of your favourite titles and why?"






    Which I suppose goes to show that you cant always tell by the cover!



    I'll get to work with my camera! Some of the ACG stories match up very well with the covers - and some but not all of the St John Baker romance.


    And I've been meaning to post "China Bombshell" from Adventures #2.



  2. I generally do not post my Dells on the boards figuring no one would care but I pulled some of them to scan for this thread.


    So here are the current favorites for some of the Dell series I collect, starting with Lassie -



    Isnt there a prize winning Matt Baker cover from this run, complete with parakeets?


    Here it is :)





    "the comic book has some of the most beautiful artwork drawn from the era. Covers usually depicted Lassie frolicking with various birds, frogs, chicks, monkeys, turtles, cats, or puppies. One particularly vivid cover image was issue #21, which showed Lassie taking drastic action by hurrying with a first-aid kit. This cover, along with #20 and #22, was drawn by Matt Baker"


    Check out #21 and look at the eyes - and it's the same style as #32 - but I cant recall where I read that it was an award winner!