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  1. Update with sold items removed. Further discounts to some comics are listed in red:


    Page 1:[/url]

    Wings Comics #88 CGC 9.0 $325 plus shipping

    Wings Comics #82 About fine - with stunning colors! Was $80, now $60 plus shipping

    Sheena #14 in fine plus with strong colors. Was $80, now $60 plus shipping


    Page 2:

    Jo Jo #19 VG+ was $95, now $90 plus shipping

    Blue Beetle #48 solid VG $125 plus shipping

    Voodoo #19 looks VF or better, with great gloss and deep color strike .Tanning to interior covers brings the grade down to FVF.Was $245 now $225 plus shipping

    True to Life Romances #11 VF- was $95, now $85 plus shipping


    Page 3:

    All Top #10. Very light Marvel-style chipping to top edge reduces grade to VF-. Reds are more solid and blacks are darker than my scanner suggests. Was $550, now $475 plus shipping

    Ghost Rider #11 vf classic horror cover with light hairline crease bottom right.Was $135, now $120 plus shipping


    Page 4:

    Ghost Rider #8 nice vgf. Was $80, now $70 plus shipping


    Page 5:

    Super Mystery v7 #6 VG copy but hard to find! $40 plus shipping

    Space Adventures #8 VF Was $145, now $110 plus shipping Classic robot woman story


    Page 6:

    Famous Funnies #87 classic cover FVF plus #88 in VG Was $125, now $105 plus shipping


    Page 7:

    Crime Mysteries #3 F+ was $155 now $135 plus shipping

    Crime Mysteries #5 fine condition was $105 now $95 plus shipping

    Fight against Crime #21 - beautiful VF- copy here.Was $195, now $175 plus shipping

    Battlefront #5 - $25 plus shipping

    Jungle Comics #78 VF Was $150, now $135 plus shipping


    Page 8:

    Romantic Confessions V2 #3 Scarce Classic cover 6.5 $70 plus shipping

    Romantic Marriage #8 in nice mi-grade - around fine. Was $80, now $60 plus shipping

    Jumbo #131 7.5 Was $110, now $105 plus shipping


    Page 9:

    Teenage Temptations #8 was graded 4.5 by CGC $225 plus shipping

    Jann of the Jungle #11 solid VG+ $35 plus shipping

    Jumbo #146 VGF $30 plus shipping


    Page 10:

    Jumbo #149 solid VGF - $30 plus shipping

    Jungle #129 Fine plus glossy - great cover! $55 plus shipping

    Jungle #131 Fine plus glossy $55 plus shipping

    Sensation #103 VGF Was $185, now $175 plus shipping


    Page 11:

    Uncle Sam #2 CGC 4.0 $275 plus shipping

    Ghost Comics #1 $425 plus shipping


    Page 12:

    Fight Comics #76 $90 plus shipping



    Page 13:

    Fight Comics 62 VF+ $175 plus shipping

    Fight Comics 64 NM- $375 plus shipping. Highest graded copy

    Fight Comics #77 VF+ off white pages $175 plus shipping Highest CGC graded copy

    Jumbo Comics #87 8.5 $175 plus shipping

    Brides Romances #2 VG $10 plus shipping


    Page 14:

    Brides Romances #23 FINE PLUS $40 plus postage Matt Baker cover

    Lovelorn #75 FVF $25 plus shipping

    Diary Confessions #10 Fine $15 plus shipping

    Falling in Love #21 VG $15 plus shipping

    Girls in Love #57 Fine $30 plus shipping Baker cover

    Girls' Love Stories #56 VGF $20 plus shipping

    Love Letters #2 Fine $50 plus shipping. Bill Ward cover


    Page 15:

    Love Letters #49 Very Fine was $70 now $50 plus shipping

    Romantic Hearts #1 GVG $15 plus shipping

    Spectacular Adventures #2 Fair $20 plus shipping

    Teen-age Romances #5 VG $35 plus postage Nice Baker artwork

    Teen-age Temptations #5 Good+ $30 plus shipping[/b]


    Page 16:

    DIARY SECRETS #21 VG was $90 now $70 plus shipping - browning halo to interior covers but it is supple and glossy, with cream pages. One of the scarcest issues.

    STARTLING TERROR #13 FINE+ Name on back cover. Was $90 now $80 plus shipping. Classic LB Cole cover.

    BLUE BOLT V7#5 FINE+ $40 plus shipping

    TARGET V9 #8 FAIR to GOOD $15 plus shipping

    BLACK MAGIC V8 #4 FINE $20 plus shipping

    WINGS #67 Fine $40 plus shipping


    Page 17:

    JUMBO #36 good minus $35 plus shipping

    JUMBO #130 VGF $35 plus shipping

    JUNGLE #38 GVG $45 plus shipping

    JUNGLE #67 FINE+ 2 centrefolds detached. $75 plus shipping Classic Crandall artwork

    JUNGLE #158 fine minus $35 plus shipping

    SHEENA #17 VG- $45 plus shipping


    Page 18:

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #24 GVG $28 plus postage

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #27 GD $20 plus postage

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #29 GD $20 plus postage

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #30 GD+ $24 plus postage

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #31 FAIR $12 plus postage

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #33 GOOD $20 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #34 VG $40 plus shipping


    Page 19:

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #38 FAIR $12 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #39 VG+ $40 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #40 GOOD $20 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #44 GOOD $20 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #45 GOOD $20 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #47 FG $15 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #48 FG $15 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #49 VGF $40 plus shipping

    MYSTERY IN SPACE #51 VG $35 plus shipping


    Page 20:

    WEDDING BELLS #18 GVG glossy, nice paper $20 plus postage Matt Baker cover and artwork (near classic)

    GI War Brides #8 FINE $20 plus shipping Outrageous headlights content

    LOVELORN #47 VG $20 plus shipping

    LOVE ROMANCES #57 VG- $15 plus shipping Matt Baker artwork


    Page 21:

    ROMANTIC ADVENTURES #24 FG $10 plus shipping

    4 Most V5 #3 vgf $20 plus postage

    Rangers Comics #13 $350 plus shipping Not cheap, but reflects the price I paid.

    JUMBO COMICS #103 CGC VF+ OFF WHITE PAGES $175 plus postage


    Page 22

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #50 GOOD+ $10 plus shipping

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #51 GVG $12 plus shipping

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #54 VG $15 plus shipping

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #55 VG $15 plus shipping

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #61 GVG $12 plus shipping

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #63 VG $15 plus shipping - sweet little Al Williamson story

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #74 GVG $12 plus shipping

    FORBIDDEN WORLDS #76 VG $15 plus shipping - another sweet little Al Williamson story

    SPACE ADVENTURES #12 FINE/FINE PLUS $300 plus shipping




    The above prices supercedes those in individual listings.

  2. I admit I would like to see this one fully colored. Anyone have a pretty copy? Alan?




    Maybe Alanna has one. Mine's coloring is crappy too -



    I used to have the Rockford copy but its colors were no better. I dont recollect ever seeing one with bright reds, but deep orange I have seen. That lovely Rockford #50 of Cheetah's used to be mine long ago - bought straight from Worlds Finest along with #52 and a couple of others in the same number range. Still have the Rangers #21 and Fight #41 I bought at the same time, but sold those Fights to FHMan or his father years ago. He just resold the #52 in his sales thread I believe. I may as well post 'em - two of my favourite FH covers. I have seen deep reds on one or two Rangers #21s. There is also a copy of Fight #41 with a red background out there - it may be a pedigree, cant recall:







    Ah, nostalgia! Anyone else buy Rockfords from that Worlds Finest catalogue? I think I may still have it somewhere. Must be 15 years ago. Before the internet they were the best mail order company in my eyes!

  3. The cover of Chilling Tales #16 is a brilliantly original composition which induces terror and vertigo through the use of arcs and diagonals. (The artist Marc Chagall used to use the same devices to induce a dream-like state.) The lurid green light bouncing off the walls conveys the intensity of heat and light as the poor victim is lowered into the flames. The gleeful, uniformly maniacal expresssions on the faces of the mad monks is darkly comedic and contrasts sharply with the victim's youthful innocence. There is no hero dashing to the rescue here...a chilling tale indeed.


    Like most of the very best covers, it needs no word or thought balloons!




  4. Warren King's cover for Spectacular Adventures #2 is one of the most intensely passionate images ever created for a comic book cover,and takes full advantage of the over-sized format. The key to the image is the use of black. The girl's balck hair echoes and merges with the guy's jersey. The intense white highlights are less about light and shadow than they are a unifying motif which stresses the quality of design and the power of shape. We are not distracted by unnecessary detail from contemplation of the emotional content. And we are not sold short by the story inside, which is simply astonishing!




  5. I no longer own this book, but if a masterpiece is a cover that stirs emotion, then this is the one for me. Here's what I wrote about it in the Fawcett thread:


    Published 3 months after Pearl Harbor. The cover is extraordinary, a child hero with what can only be described as blood-lust. Having already disabled three Japanese planes, he flies at a fourth, his eyes filled with rage, his hands outstretched as claws, ready to tear apart what very well may be the same planes that destroyed our navy and killed so many of our men that Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor. It's an angry cover, filled with the emotion of a nation bent on vengeance, and rightly so. It's visceral, powerful, and all in color for a dime...





    so, so happy to have my modest little copy. thanks again, sir.





    This cover is stunning! And so are the copies, well done gents!

  6. This one doesn't seem to grab many people....but to me, it's one of the coolest and most profound covers ever.....not my copy unfortunately. GOD BLESS...


    -jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u




    This one is hardly ever seen in high grade, so it can look somewhat dull. A high grade copy brings out its hidden qualities, however! Beautiful copy.

  7. So, as mentioned in the Have a Cigar thread, this is how you avoid scanning over a 1000 books. These are my Four Colors to date. That's 20 stacks of about 50 right there. I look at this and can only wonder how much the supplies alone set me back lol



    Simply stunning Michael! I am in awe!

  8. This one used to be thought of as pretty rare, although I think I've seen a few posted on the boards this year;





    I searched for a few years to locate a copy, then I was able to obtain 2 copies within 2 months...but, it is definitely "rarely" offered for sale (thumbs u


    I agree with my esteemed colleague. Of all the icon covers this is the one I have found it impossible to find! At least at a price I considered sane!