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  1. Can someone explain Rule #2?


    How is it a "thrill" to bid on an item that you know you're not going to win? Just trying to understanding this phenomenon...

    it is the potential "danger" that even though one might "assume" they will not win with their "thrill" bid, it is statistically possible that they might...so, that is the "exciting" or "thrilling" part... even if their expection differs


    part of the "danger" being that you leave your "Current Bids" page up when your wife needs to use the computer then she wants to know how you plan on paying for the $30,000 worth of books that you're the high bidder on....



    ...and you are praying that the high rollers will step in at the last second and save your bacon! :insane:

  2. Another favourite issue is Jann of the Jungle #17, featuring first rate Al Williamson artwork - effortless use of layout and spot blacks to make each page sing!




    Here is a double page spread to illustrate what I mean - Al is not just drawing the panels he is designing the pages:




    Note the panel where Jann is breathing underwater. Evidently this relates to the cover of #16:





  3. Journey into Fear #6 has a great vampire story, "Partners in blood". What is unusual for a comic by Superior is that the color strike is so very deep.



    I checked my copy and mine also has great color strike. Here are a few more pages I posted waaaay back in '05 (I can't believe it's been this long) from that story.






    Any idea who the artist is?



    I wish I did! Seems to stand out from the Superior crowd a little! I wonder if Jack Kamen had a hand in the inks?

  4. Post your favourite issue (or issues) of a golden age/atomic age title and tell us why! It might be the cover, the artwork , a classic story or sheer nostalgia because your father had it when you were a kid!


    I'll kick us off with a few of mine:




    All due respect to the rivet run (which I love), Planet #28 is my favourite sci fi cover. In addition, their is a great Space Rangers story called "Slavers of the Red Star" featuring the disc men, who have transferred their human heads to discs attached to robot bodies. They get captured, but fortunately the queen of the disc men falls (human) head over (metal) heels for one of them and sets our plucky soft tissue heroes free. Truly bizarre - talk about losing your head... :screwy: