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  1. The Napa Collection is an uncirculated near mint collection of Men’s Adventure, pin-up, and Men’s Magazines from the 50s, 60s and 70s. This is a single owner collection of glossy unread copies that were bought off the newsstand and never in circulation. The original owner hid them from his wife in a secret room, discovered only after his death. I bought a fair number of these. At one time I had hundreds of these mags, but a few years back decided to downscale my collection to the hundred or so favorite covers. Here are the Napa books I still have.
  2. All of these digests are like hens' teeth!
  3. Very nice group! That last one is by Jay Scott Pike.
  4. Some of the later issues are particularly difficult to come by.
  5. I have those too - Rich Oberg has an amazing OA collection. Rich Oberg Collection Do you happen to know if there is an xl hardcover version of that Taschen volume?
  6. “I wonder if those in the future who view these images upon the magic screen will appreciate the value of motion-pictures as a means of recording life as it is lived in this century. That those who live in the next may actually see the living figures of men and women who lived in the same world a hundred years before?” Burton Holmes,1899