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  1. I had been collecting 'non-sport' trading cards during the NS Boom of the late 1990's. Some movie stuff but shifting to Marvel with Skybox and Fleer. My focus further narrowed to sketch cards late in the decade, with the release of Skybox's 'sketchagraph' cards in 1998. I tried to focus on Doctor Doom, since 'Micronauts' and 'ROM' were licensed properties no longer owned by Marvel, and not really produced in quantities to collect. I was awaiting a sketch card commission from a foot-dragging artist, when a larger-than-expected package arrived. The tardy artist had included a full-color 11x17 blueline piece as an apology for the wait. I realized that the blue formatting on the sketchagraph cards was a miniature of the formatting of 'official' comic art. I had found a way to collect the art from my favorite comic book. That 'lightbulb moment' was quickly followed by my first Micronauts Art purchase - which turned out to be... a color guide. I had a lot to learn. To this day, I rue that I was so late to the OA party, and wonder what gems were sold on eBay and elsewhere before my... awakening.
  2. I couldn't go. Am eyeing attending BecharaCon in California next month, and am definitely going to try to get to ComicArtCon in the Fall.
  3. ....did somebody say 'Micro'...? ...oh. I'll go home now. ( )
  4. In Itoyas, by subject. (Micronauts and... well... everything else.) After that, by publisher, mostly. Marvel Micros, Image Micros, IDW Micros. Marvel Battlestar, Liefeld Battlestar, Dynamite Battlestar. Etc. More-or-less in book and page order. Commissions separate from published.
  5. This doesn't look to have been cross-posted from CAF announcements to here, so I'll pitch in. (The actual posting on CAF has a '2018' date rather than 2019, which must be a typo. I've heard independent skuttlebutt of this date in 2019) Truth be told, I skipped traveling to the show last year, but, this time around, with confirmation of the date well in advance, I'll strongly consider it! Have been to the NJ show several times, but would love to come and rub shoulders with the West Coast crowd! Andrew LA Comic Art Show Saturday May 11th 2019 Show Hours: 10am - 4pm Admission: $20.00 at event door, 15 and under Free Location: Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles/Redondo Beach 2410 Marine Avenue, Redondo Beach, California 90278 *10 minutes from LAX. Free Parking. Last year, The LA Comic Art Show was the first West Coast convention dedicated exclusively to Original Comic Book Art. This year it's back bigger with more show, floor space and with special guest Mike Mignola! The LA Comic Art Show is the first West Coast convention dedicated exclusively to Original Comic Book Art. You'll find no comic books or collectibles, but an incredible array of thousands of pages, covers, paintings, and pin-ups: Original Comic Book, Comic Strip and Illustration Art from the 1940s to the present! As well as some of the Nation's top Art Dealers and Exhibitors, LA Comic Art Show will feature an exclusive display of Grail Art: a selection of the most sought after Comic Art pages! In addition, The Jack Kirby Museum will project over 1,200 Kirby original art pages from their Kirby Digital Archive! Artists, students, collectors, investors and fans alike will be able to buy, sell, trade, and celebrate Original Comic Book Art! LA Comic Art Show is conveniently located just 4 miles from LAX, and the hotel is only a minute walk from the Metro Green Line’s Redondo Beach Station. For accommodations, you can contact the Hilton Garden Inn directly at (310) 727-9999. For further information or to reserve a table please contact: Bechara Maalouf Email: Phone: (781) 910-6704 Facebook: @LAComicartshow Twitter: @LAComicArtShow1
  6. Let's hope the original arrives unscathed.
  7. As they say in the U.K.: RESULT ! Looking forward to hearing the details!!
  8. I presume the FBI (and most other U.S. Law Enforcement) is not an option, as the OP is a Canadian citizen. Bill at CAF might know - though he's posted elsewhere that the OP was the only person contacted through this guy's CAF account.
  9. I have had a longstanding, informal personal policy of not interacting with sales inquiries from CAF accounts with no galleries. This cements it. I understand that some collectors like a low profile. Too bad. You dudes who are so insistent to be as off-the-grid as possible: no rep = no deals.
  10. Yup, that HA post was hardly definitive.
  11. I've acquired three which I'd posted here. None of them were found due to posting on this thread, though. One was due to some near-fanatical (yet clever) research on my part, the other two were blind luck, with both pieces dropping into the hands of dealers. Found one on his WWWsite, the other located me out-of-the-blue through my CAF gallery. I still like this thread, though. Feels good to contribute to it.