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  1. Not allowed to sell, or art that no-one else would want hence, unsellable? If it's merely not allowed, I'll take the art, thanks. I do have some art in the collection which only I would spend money on, but it's a fraction of the collection.
  2. A miracle this story is still together, what a crying shame it's (probably) going to be broken up! For once, hope some deep-pocket collector gets them all!
  3. I believe he will be bringing a stack of old pages with him, so seek him out and have a thumb through his stuff, and tell him Andrew sent ya!
  4. You can trace a huge chunk of the inspiration behind the Image Comics style of art to Art Adams, and from Art directly to Michael Golden. Many artists I've talked to confirm this. But I concede I might be biased. A bit. But you were asking for opinions.
  5. I could call this one a fav, though I do not own it. Would LOVE to know where it is.
  6. Can't pick a fav. The last one is from ROM ANNUAL 2, which I am not shy about reminding everyone that I am trying to assemble.
  7. Hmmm. Don't know what to tell ya. Won't load on my phone, either. I suppose it could be a problem with my ISP...
  8. ...and down again. Given it's a holiday, will it be down all day?
  9. I can't help but notice CAF's been down a lot more often than usual recently. Hope they get things cleared up and stable. Andrew
  10. I have a message which IDW's Scott Dunbier requested I forward to the good folks reading this thread: While the line is certainly slowing down, which it needs to after 75 or so books from IDW alone, but—with apologies to Mark Twain—the reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated. More to come, unfounded rumors be d----d. Best, Scott There ya go. From the Horse's mouth, etc. Andrew
  11. The smart, brave people DID buy. (Eventually)
  12. THIS. (Though the fact some feel this way (and perhaps are financially prepared for it) would be a bulwark against the Comic Art Market NOT collapsing.)