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  1. Confirmed that I will NOT be going this Spring. The Fall show in September, though, has a BIG red circle drawn around it.
  2. Concur. Even further from Newark Airport than the last place.
  3. ...and yet people joke occasionally about 'punishment bids' (a practice which I would resent, if actually attempted). Just another type of 'shill bid?'
  4. "Hey Gio, I own the original art which you're basing your piece upon. I have no objection to you doing a recreation (though I can't speak for Arthur Adams) but, should you sell this, I would strongly request you sign it in your own name, and mark it correctly as 'After Arthur Adams' which is industry standard for recreations. Best, A"
  5. I suppose I'm inclined to agree. Artists do recreations all the time. I may contact the seller and tell him I won't make a fuss so long as he signs it with his own name.
  6. Wow. I'm a fan of Faberge's Imperial Eggs, and this is the first photo I've seen which shows off the increasing scale of the later eggs. The closest equivalent to the Imperial Eggs which America has offered are Sports Championship Rings. (The Lakers ring from last year even has a surprise inside, too, very like the Faberge' treasures.) There don't seem to be any books on the subject, yet; but someday there will be.
  7. MMmmmmmm... I'm going to be vague, forgive me. Let's just say it's most of them.
  8. Hitting store shelves tomorrow!!! Exclusive signed edition will be available on IDW's website.
  9. Liefeld was present? Huh. Must have been a great opportunity to chat with him away from the press of a 'typical' con.
  10. Yup, a color guide, purchased in a misunderstanding long ago. Managed to unite it with its parent page a few years back.