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  2. I'm curious about his reply. Plus here's my thoughts. Jordan all the way. And Lebron played for my Heat and won for us. Still...Jordan was the GOAT. Getting a black belt for kids is a bit of a joke and more about the kids showing up and you paying. For adults, they make it harder. And, Bob Layton still had ZERO to do with creating Iron Man. He may have adapted his story and armors but he didn't create it. I care about these things because over time when people are claiming this stuff it dilutes the importance of the true creators. Some here might not care and clearly would rather talk sports. That's too bad.
  3. If anyone wants to ask Bob Layton how he co-created Iron Man, you can go to this link in addition to his various Social Media locations. I'm curious of his answer.
  4. Yes Kav, I know I didn't include Don Heck or Stan Goldberg for completion sake. I had forgotten about them at the time I posted it to Layton. I'm just saying I didn't harass him or deserve to be blocked for what I wrote to him on one of his pictures. That's really the point that we all should care about as comic fans. The guy is lying, and deleted anyone who calls him out on it instead of changing the ridiculous claim.
  5. This is what I posted on his Instagram and was promptly blocked. Is this harassing him? Not even close to it. Glad I took a picture of it before he deleted it.
  6. You can meet me there anytime. Phil has some great comics. I've actually been meaning to go there. Last time I went a boardie friend picked up a Hulk 1 for 1/4 the going price.
  7. Ditko having an opinion that Kirby had nothing to do with Spider-man or Kirby thinking Stan Lee had nothing to do with the stories are all opinions. A past Marvel comics Iron Man artist claiming on social media "Co-Creator of Iron Man" is not his opinion. He is publishing what appears to be a fact as a bio line. It's not right. I wouldn't care at all if Bob Layton went around town claiming he was the best Iron Man artist who brought the title back from the brink of cancellation. Maybe it's true. Maybe not. I wasn't there. I just know he had NOTHING to do with creating Iron Man. The longer he says it the more people will believe it over time. It tarnishes and erases the true history that I respect. It's wrong.
  8. Did Jack Kirby have social media? Or print anywhere he thought he created everything at Marvel?
  9. I said what newshane said already. In my first post about how it wasn't right. It's the title of my thread.
  10. Thank you, and this is why I care also. I'm not out to get the guy. I own 3 pieces of art and several signed pieces by him Before his ridiculous claims, I liked the guy for the most part.