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  1. I've had comics "bagged" in Saran Wrap. No boards.
  2. Wow. That might press out. If you're planning to sell it or have it slabbed (or both) I'd definitely have it pressed. Just make sure it's someone reliable who will NOT press it if they think it'll hurt the spine, pop a staple, etc.
  3. Great looking book! Does that crease break color? I'm guessing it does, but a little hard to tell from the scan.
  4. I had a PGX 9.9 that I sent to an auction house. They took a look at it and felt that it really was a 9.9. So they suggested the CVA sticker. I said, sure, why not. It didn't matter in the end, the book sold for about as well as a PGX book could. My only experience with the CVA thing.
  5. Very sad. I used Desert Wind a few times for SS books. They were great to work with. RIP.
  6. I remember an ad for a used Maserati. It was selling for $2700. I called and asked what was wrong with the vehicle and the seller immediately said, "Nothing." I was curious so I went to check it out and it had rust, body damage, and half the gears were stripped. That's how it feels every time Dylan sells a book that is ridiculously overgraded.
  7. I have a 7.0. Traveling at the moment but can send scans on Monday if you're still looking.
  8. Definite yes. If they really wanted to get weird they could create a registry set of all the books in SOTI.
  9. So was the color touch just a line that someone drew across the cover? It doesn't seem like that would be CT since it's not there as a form or restoration, more like when someone scribbles on a cover or writes their name.
  10. I've done this with an X-Men 1 and an FF 2, both with minor color touch. The CT was so small that when CCS removed it I couldn't even see where the work had been done. Both came back in the same grade, just went from purple to blue. But I've also sent a book in that was C-1 and it came back C-2, so it's definitely a roll of the dice. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  11. Did the grader's notes mention specific areas of CT? Or just "minor color touch on cover"? (Great looking book btw!)
  12. Never been crazy about Robbin's work, even the golden age stuff, but there's something about the Invaders that is burned into my childhood. I love his artwork on that series and it's hard to imagine that team drawn by anyone but him.
  13. I had to cleanse my brain with a better version of Tigra. Also, Kraven is living his best life.