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  1. Is there a reason why people don't use Bestine for tape removal? I've use it to remove tape, stickers, spray mount, anything that's applied with adhesive for years. It's what's used in art schools. I haven't used it on comics though.
  2. I remember that JIM 83. I still don't understand that one. I know they process a TON of books. Mistakes will be made. I have books with label errors. But grading errors...that's a whole other kind of problem.
  3. Okay, it came back Purple 5.0. Which it was originally, so at least the numerical grade remained the same. there's restoration that was NOT caught the first time and is not on the old grader's notes. Grader Notes:Color touch (Non-archival material up to 1"" x 1"") Full Left Front Cover C-2 Color touch (Non-archival material up to 1"" x 1"") Full Top Front Cover C-2 Color touch (Non-archival material up to 1"" x 1"") Right Bottom Front Cover C-2 To miss three C-2 areas the first times seems like a horrible job of checking for restoration. If that were on the grader's notes that I read before buying, I never would have bought this book.
  4. Very true. I've dissected several cheap restored books and usually the light table in a dark room will pop any work done. Curious to get this book back and see what's up.
  5. Thanks Joey. I've sent in 800+ books and had never seen that. But that makes sense. I'm still a little puzzled how upon second grading, after resto removal, they're finding more CT. (Going from C1 to C2). So did they miss it the first time? Also baffled because the black light picks up nothing, and I thoroughly looked with the glass and a light table and couldn't find anything.
  6. I picked up a decent value silver age book. It was restored (C-1 minor, color touch) but I examined it with a 10x loupe and it looked like tempera paint. (Like craft paint, which is water soluble). I sent it in to CCS and it got rejected for resto removal. They were worried about loosening the top staple. They even didn't crack it open. I was puzzled by that because the grader's notes already say the top staple is detached, but whatever, perhaps CCS doesn't look at the previous notes and they were erring on the side of caution, which is a good thing. I get the book back, bust it out of the slab, and everything seems fine. The paint flecks off easily, so I touched it with a slightly moist q-tip and it started to come off. I took my time (I'm a graphic designer by background) and gently removed the paint with a few swabs. Then I examined the cover again with the magnifying loupe, used a black light, and could not find any other restoration. I send it back. It got walk-thru graded today and came back UNIVERSAL (Blue) Yay! Then an hour later it was C-1 Another hour later it was C-2 I'm still waiting on the grade, assuming I'll know tomorrow. Also, hoping they don't mysteriously find more restoration, but I'm really confused by the gradual degrading of this book. And ultimately, finding more restoration than was there originally, especially after I easily removed what was there from the initial grader's notes. Thoughts? Call/email and ask for more info? Ask them to send it to CCS and see if they can remove whatever else there is? Burn it in a fit of frustration and eat the ashes?
  7. He is now. Who would have thought someone reported for not paying would keep buying?
  8. I have an open case on eBay for non-payment. No reply for two weeks. Today he just bought TWO MORE of my books, which I expect to not be paid for. What is wrong with this creep?
  9. I love them both, but gotta go with Byrne.
  10. They should just chop the books into equal size pieces and give everyone a section. Totally fair.
  11. 2.5 Definitely not a 1.8. I have a 1.8 with a three inch piece of the cover missing. This book looks amazing by comparison.
  12. Same book. Sorry that happened to you. Knowingly breaking out a purple book and then selling it as raw is indefensible. Can you get your money back?
  13. He's not going to pay. Why eBay hasn't shut this guy down is anyone's guess.
  14. For me it was my grandma. She'd always go to garage sales and buy stacks of comics, box them up and send them to me. In grade school the UPS man would arrive 3-4 times a summer bearing hundreds of comics.