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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. I never quite know how to grade these. I've heard that 5.5 is the max with a subscription crease, but then someone last year got back a 7.0 (the subscription crease was very faint).
  2. Picked up a bunch of SA Green Lanterns. All in great shape like this...but...that faint subscription crease.
  3. Has the seller asked for a deposit? That's how this scam goes sometimes. I seriously hope this is real because it would be the find of a lifetime. But...
  4. I bought my wife a NN 9.6 years ago for $275 (I thought I overpaid). She's a Professor of Nursing and it made for a fun gift. She has it hanging up in her office. I can't believe how much that thing is worth now.
  5. Unless the addressee is someone of renown, it's not something I'd be into. There's an X-Men #1 out there somewhere personalized from Stan Lee to Harlan Ellison. That's the book I want!
  6. FF1 From a personal standpoint, I like the comic better. From a practical standpoint, there's twice as many graded X-Men 1s. I'll go with the book that's harder to find.