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  1. I've done this a few times, always with great results. But, as OldRover said, it's less noticeable with a lower grade book, and that's what I've always done. I had an FF2 and an X-Men 1, both with minor color touch and both were CGC 4.5 For the FF I sent it to Matt who removed the color touch which was on the spine and honestly I couldn't see where it happened. The book came back in blue 4.5 With the X-Men I cracked open the slab and used a black light to see where the color touch was and how prevalent. It was just a dot here and there. Again, sent it in and it came back blue 4.5 Good luck
  2. Guessing 3.5 because of the staining. Love the stamp!
  3. I have: FF44 CGC 7.0 OW/W FF47 CGC 8.5 WHITE PAGES I'm traveling for the holiday weekend but can send scans next week if you'd like?
  4. I'm selling DD 181 and 184 in CGC 9.9 on Comic Connect. Gorgeous books.
  5. Cool! I wasn't sure how the prevalent the provenance was for his books. I guess Heritage reslabbed them all before auction? I'd love to have one just to have a piece of collecting history. Same with the Graham Nash books.
  6. I have 6 of his custom-built display frames. Not sure if his books had the provenance on the label?
  7. I love that you're collecting all Kirby covers. Good luck in your search!
  8. Are you worried about color touch? If so, a black light will help.