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  1. If a book is trimmed, I'm guessing for most collectors the less trimming the better. So trimming on one side is better than two sides, all three sides, etc. With the OP's book, if he had listened to those who basically said, "Tough luck," there would be a non-restored book floating around out there with a purple label. I agree with CGCs grading 99% of the time and I'm grateful they provide that service. But if their resto check is going to have any kind of integrity, the onus of their mistakes shouldn't be on the submitter.
  2. Those examples were all in the last 8 months. The latest was a purple FF1. The previous label said it was trimmed on the top. It came back trimmed top and bottom. The book is trimmed 1/8. The first grading they determined it was the top. The second grading they said it's 1/16 top AND bottom. I sent scans of other FF1 covers showing the exact same centering, which makes it pretty clear it's only trimmed on the top edge, but they took a second look and told me to pound sand. In my mind, CGC saying it's trimmed on two sides is the equivalent (as far as value) of them trimming it, and it
  3. Something is amiss with CGC's resto check at the moment. I don't think it's always been this bad.
  4. There's gotta be a percentage of collectors who never cruise eBay and buy predominantly from the large auction houses. I had a book on eBay for a year at $3600. Then I sent it to an auction house and someone paid $5800. It made no sense to me, but I was happy with the sale.
  5. Glad it worked out. Didn't someone send a group of raw books to the 3 main grading companies a few years ago and compare results? Would be interesting to do that with a group of unslabbed purple books.
  6. Contact them. Send the photos. Ask if they'll reholder it. They've always been good about reholdering books with loose plastic inside, hair inside, etc. I feel bad for their customer service. Seems like this is happening a lot lately.
  7. tftv_comics on Instagram has been doing a brisk business. I've bought from Ramon several times. Nice guy.
  8. Curious. How do you price your books? I've bought from you a few times and the prices were always fair.
  9. I don't know why but I love the idea of someone using a Tec27 to launder money. Irony, I guess. Also good taste. My sales for the last year and a half have been dramatically above GPA. I'm guessing the recent bump in my FF sales is film related. The rest...
  10. Looks real. Not worth $100k real. More like worth $20k.
  11. Another reply from this eBay seller: The hulk 180 was with the wrong label and just mixed up, i closed the auction as soon as i found out. If i buy a book and it has pressable defects and can upgrade, it is not unethical to sell like that. Pressers and buyers know what there buying. There not buying the comic on the blind. Collectors in the forum can get over it, everyone is doing it. I have several graded books that were graded, pressed several times to achieve better grades. This is the world we live in with collecting unfortunately. I don't really care what anyone says, when i know alm
  12. I sent him a message saying that's not the same book. This was his reply: Yes i know, i just found out tonight, eBay won't let me end the auction. I will tell the buyer at the end so they will not have to pay for the auction. Thank you