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  1. Another reply from this eBay seller: The hulk 180 was with the wrong label and just mixed up, i closed the auction as soon as i found out. If i buy a book and it has pressable defects and can upgrade, it is not unethical to sell like that. Pressers and buyers know what there buying. There not buying the comic on the blind. Collectors in the forum can get over it, everyone is doing it. I have several graded books that were graded, pressed several times to achieve better grades. This is the world we live in with collecting unfortunately. I don't really care what anyone says, when i know alm
  2. I sent him a message saying that's not the same book. This was his reply: Yes i know, i just found out tonight, eBay won't let me end the auction. I will tell the buyer at the end so they will not have to pay for the auction. Thank you
  3. I've sent books to both major players. Both have graded tightly, fairly, and slowly. One company has better cases, the other has better labels (in my opinion). Haven't sent enough to that other place to get a sense of quality control. Have never sent anything to the weird place in Eugene.
  4. I have to send it back. I don't plan on selling the book, but it's like having a Porsche with bird poop on the window. It's all I see. There are other issues. The book is trimmed on the top. That's what the previous CGC label said. Now it says it's trimmed on the top and bottom. It's not trimmed on the bottom. I have before and after scans. I put one on top of the other in Photoshop, made the layers translucent and lined up the pixels. The dimensions of the book have not changed one iota. To me, CGC saying a book is trimmed when it isn't, is effectively CGC trimming the book, as far
  5. It's a restored 9.4 from the Harlan Ellison Collection. Another reason I cringe when I have to ship it. Insurance can maybe cover the value but not the provenance. This along with Harlan's first typewriter are the two things I'd have the hardest time parting with.
  6. That was my thought. I know they'll reholder it, but man, having to send a high value book back and forth across the country again is not comforting.
  7. Guessing a 6.0, but it presents as a 7.5 (darn rusty staples!)
  8. Just got this back yesterday. I know the sheer volume of books at CGC must be overwhelming, but...come on. Yes, that's inside the slab. I am sure they will reholder it for free.
  9. I've used them in the past and it all worked out. I won't use them again. Though that may not be an option as I get the feeling they are going to pack up their circus tents and disappear.
  10. Looks like a 4.5 because of all the staining and possible water damage. Can you post pictures of the back, the spine, and the staples?
  11. I'd be more inclined to agree if I hadn't: Resubbed a purple book with a small amount of CT and had it come back blue. Resubbed a purple C1 that came back C2 Resubbed a purple book with trimming on one edge and it came back with two edges trimmed. Resubbed a purple book with zero trimming and had it come back with three edges trimmed. With that kind of variance, I'm open to the possibility that - and hear me out here - CGC goofed.
  12. That's definitely evident when you see his collective work on the web-slinger.
  13. Artist Kerry Callan posted all the Kirby Spidey he could find.
  14. I knew what you were saying. Some variance from grader to grader is expected, which is why multiple graders see each book, yes? Or has that changed? (They're so busy, it's gotta be crazy these days). It seems like resto check is the one area that would definitely need multiple sets of experienced eyes. And they still miss things, or see things that aren't there.
  15. Does CGC ever audit their graders? Especially for restoration check. Like, resub 10 purple books. If the graders find what was on the original label they get a bonus. If they miss too many things, they get promoted to the mail room? (I'm kidding. I know it's a very small sample, but of the four purple books I resubmitted last year they all came back with either more resto detected, or previous resto missed).
  16. I've always been satisfied with CGCs grading (not always happy, but always felt it was fair and accurate). Their restoration check this year however, I have a lot of doubts. Not sure if it's always been this inconsistent or I chose the wrong year to regrade some books. I sent in a purple FF1 that was previously graded by CGC. The old label said it was trimmed on one side. Just got the new grade yesterday and it's now been trimmed on two sides? Both of those graders can't be right This worked my favor this year as well, when resto on the old table didn't appear on the new.