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  1. Return of the Jedi Style B One Sheet Saved from being lost forever! My uncle worked for the company that printed the posters, Continental Lithograph in Cleveland Ohio. He gave me multiple copies as a kid that I rolled and stored safely at my parents’ house since the 80s. They were rediscovered during a recent house cleaning and saved before my parents could throw them out. Five copies total were saved. Four copies have found homes (including my own home!). This is the last copy and it could be yours. Original movie poster - NOT A REPRINT. Measures: 27"x41" This is the variation of the poster that includes the NSS number (830013) under the 'RETURN OF THE JEDI STYLE B ONE SHEET' on the lower right corner. ( The posted has been rolled, never folded. No pinholes. Slight wrinkles/indentations from handling the rolled poster. There are crush marks in two spots on the left border and a tiny tear on the right border. The close-up pictures under the light make it look worse than what the naked eye sees. Flickr Album: Asking $150 shipped. Continental US only. PM with questions or for additional pictures.
  2. Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. Look for the trade.