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  1. Thank You Jeff. I look forward to talking to you on the phone.
  2. FYI: The original $45 shipping cost I had Jeff take out of my refund, it was the shipping to Randall that I had taken out of the difference That I will donate to Brittany
  3. I will say that Jeff has reached out to my messages and I think we have agreed to forget this whole thing with no hard feelings. I apologized for this mess in my message and asked if I can talk to him on the phone and apologize there as well. I said in my message from a few days ago that I will be willing to send him the money that we had the misunderstanding over in regards to shipping to Randall. He was nice enough to say it is ok, but I should send donate it to Brittany which I will do. I apologize to everyone for being so late to respond to this thread. It has only been over the last week or so that I could frequent this forum normally and I had no idea that a thread was created over this.
  4. I am posting here what you told me in the exact words because I do not think it is fair that people are thinking I was trying "I want the $45.00 sent to me 1st so I'm whole on this. I also want you to send the box to another boardie in the US who is going to take them. Once he has the books I will send you the refund" "One of you sends me $45 (meaning pat or me) friends or family and then one of you pays for the postage to the other boardie which will be a lot cheaper because he is in the US. Once he has the books safe and sound I will refund your payment to me." After this you told me your friend will sell them at the con and that you are going to lose hundreds of $, That is when I brought up selling them on the boards and the discount. I NEVER MENTIONED A DISCOUNT BEFORE THIS. I had no idea how I was going to sell them due to my circumstances but I felt this way you would not lose so much money and I could get back most of my money by months end. I really did feel bad. Again, I see that our distrust of each other led us down a bad path. I do feel really bad about the whole incident and I know that I was responsible at the end for wanting a return due to my friends inability to pay. I never expected this to happen and like I have said I never had a bad experience like this before with anyone on the boards.
  5. One further thing Jeff....I will post our conversation here if you continue to make it look like I was asking for a discount for some nefarious purpose. You know very well, that I told you about that after you said you were now going to lose hundreds of $ because you were sending them to a friend who will sell them at a con. Because of that, I told you if you can give me the discount so the books are under 50% guide, I will sell them on the boards and this way you would not have to lose that much and I would have a better chance of selling them and getting my money back. Again, I will post our texts here if you continue to make it look like I was trying to get a better deal for another reason
  6. Hi Jeff Thank you for responding First of all I apologize for this whole incident. It came at a very bad time for me, and particularly that month which I will go into more detail with you if you ant in a PM or text, because I am sure people here will not care about what was and still is happening in my life. Second, I said my friend wanted nice looking books, so I said they needed to be 7.0 or higher. You gave me a list of books and made a package where I would take all the books, even the ones below 7.0. which was a fair deal. I had no idea you threw in extra books because I never opened the package. We also never discussed return policy because I never thought there would be a problem. You showed me a few scans and I said it is fine, from those scans I saw they were graded fairly. I have and never thought that I would need to return the books due to condition. But I also never expected that Pat would not be able to pay me. I never had a problem in the past with him paying, but I also did not know his relationship with his wife was such a pain, and I understand now why he always bought my books in small lots. Third, I only mentioned the discount because you said you were going to lose hundreds of $ sending them to your friend who would sell them at a convention. I only mentioned the discount after this fact, not before and you know that! I told you I would sell them on the boards, this way you can see that I was being truthful and not making any money on them. The fact is, I really had no time at all to start selling books due to the events you know about, but I really did feel bad at first that you were now going to lose money. I told you I had to have my money by the end of the month (I had 2 rents to pay that month) which is why this whole thing was a mess for me. When you refused my offer and told me you would rather lose hundreds of $ and then when you would not give me the address until I paypal you $45, that is when my guilt stated eroding away and I thought this does not sound right. "Why does he want to lose hundreds of $", "why won't he let me send them back to him", why is asking for more money when he already has my $675 and could take the $45 off of that"...those were the thoughts running through my head. As I mentioned, I think we both had a distrust of each other. The only reason I started mentioning the paypal claim is because Pat brought it up as I told him I was stuck with the books now that he cant pay me as you would not accept the return and I am in a bad jam because I would not be able to pay all my bills. I am guessing you were afraid I would make a false claim, and I was afraid that I would not get any of my money back, especially after you said that you want the books shipped somewhere else and wanted more money. I understand now that "pay me $45 or you dont get the address" was because you thought I would make a false claim, but at that time, I thought it came off very scary, and I was freaking out that I would send the books back and have no claim if I did not get my money back. As I said all along, and still feel, the best thing would have been for me to return the books to you. I would have felt safer that there was a record that I returned them, and it would not have cost you a cent. I know you were angry and upset that I wanted to return the books, and I understand that. But I never expected that it would turn out that this way. Anyway, I am too late to this thread to change anyone's mind. You know my circumstances, you have our texts, and you know that at no time was I trying to do anything shady. You know I was freaked out because I needed my money and I did not want toi send them to someone else, which is why you asked Robert to step in. It was only because of Robert that I agreed to send them to another address, but honestly, until I got the refund, I was sweating bullets.
  7. Sorry, but I have not heard of him, and I really don't know most members here as I have not posted much in 2 years. And again, Jeff refused to give me his details in the beginning unless I paid him $45 more and that is when my fears took hold of me. When he finally gave me his name and address for shipping, I still did not know who he was. If it wasn't for another boardie who I do know, Crassus, I would have sent the books back to Jeff, although I admit I still was very nervous until I got the refund.
  8. I can't sleep so I will answer your post because I have no idea why you are feeling this way. All I heard from Jeff in the beginning is that he wanted to send the books to his friend. He did not mention your name or address because he said I had to send him $45 by paypal before he gave it to me. He had my $675 and now wanted $45 more when I told him he can just take the $45 off of the refund. Sorry, that sounded very fishy and was not the right thing to do or say...he sounded like someone from Goodfellas LOL. After that message, I was just trying to avoid not being able to file a paypal claim because i really thought I was dealing with someone who seemed very suspicious. Please ask Jeff to share that message he sent me and my reaction, you will see that it really freaked me out. Anyway, thanks to another boardie who I dealt with and is on the up and up, I agreed to send them to his friend and he agreed to take the $45 off of my refund. I only found out your name at the end when he gave me your info and I sent the package. But until then I had no clue who you were and I still don't know who you are as I never dealt with you and I have not been on the boards for months and months. It doesn't look like there will be any agreement on this unless I send Jeff the $200 or so for the loss he incurred, and I don't feel that that loss was necessary, so going back and forth like this seems to be fruitless.
  9. No, he is just henpecked. I never met his wife but my friend works with him and he says that he is always much happier that he is single after their talks at work in the morning LOL Now I am really off to bed.
  10. I am off to bed. I do take responsibility but I am trying to explain what was going through my head at that time. If this happened today, I would be in a much better position and since Jeff does not take returns, I would have kept the books as I have time to either sell them on the boards and take the loss on some books, or wait out my friend if he paid in installments.
  11. Actually, I thought that in the beginning, but a couple of days later found out I could not do that as there would not be a tracking number so I would have paid for the shipping back to him as I needed paypal to see that the package was sent back. Again, I wanted to send the books back to him because he had my money and I told him that I was very wary as if I sent them to someone else, I would have no paypal claim if I did not get my partial refund.
  12. I made the offer after i found out that Jeff would not accept the return and was going to lose hundreds of $ by selling them elsewhere. I felt guilty at that particular time so I asked for the discount so i can get the books at a price to sell on the boards...you may be right, it may have been $100...in my mind I was thinking around 10%. I thought this way he could see what I was selling and at the price he gave them to me so he will know it was on the up and up and I am not making any money on them.I have sold on the boards and I know that it is hard to sell sell bronze books more than half guide, especially on books below high grade. I really did not have the time or energy to sell on the boards with all that was going on but I did feel bad. When Jeff said he would rather lose the hundreds than do that, and then when he said send him $45 or I don't get the address, that is when I got very wary. I guess I started thinking "Why won't he let me return the books to him".
  13. That is the thing, he really was not in a "bad" financial state. His wife found out about the books and she got very upset and he was afraid of taking such a large sum out of their bank account. That is why he always bought my books in small lots and never over $75 in the past, so his wife would not find out. Some wives just don't see comic collecting as being worthwhile...and she thought a vacation and furniture were way more important than comics.
  14. Thanks, I appreciate your responses and perhaps I should read the thread, but I can't tonight as this has really come as a shock and I don't think I can handle it right now. I understand that returning the books without opening is not normal, but this was an abnormal situation and I was not in the position at the time to keep the books when my friend said he could not pay. I also was not going to lie and say "my friend did not like the books so I would like to return them". I was straight with Jeff at all times. Like everyone, I have faults, one of them being that I am too easy going and I should have put more pressure on my friend to pay. I asked Jeff if he could talk to my friend but Jeff said no, which I totally understand and agree with as the transaction was between me an him, but I thought that having someone with a stronger force might help. If you can believe it, I actually was feeling bad for my friend as I knew he was in a bad situation with his wife (they were saving for a vacation and new furniture)...even though he just made my situation a real mess!! I am sorry this happened and I apologize to Jeff that the transaction went bad. I think we both had some distrust of each other which did not help things.
  15. I paid for his shipping to me and was going to send the books back to him without it costing him anything, but everything went bad when he said he would rather lose hundreds of $ than have the books sent back to him. That is what got this into a slightly ugly situation and what got me very nervous. I paid for the shipping to his friend but I thought we agreed that he would pay that and it would be taken off from the $45 I owe him. I will admit that I was very nervous about doing it and did feel like I was taking a chance because I could not make a paypal claim if I did not get my partial refund. I just wanted to send the books back to him, so at the time I said that if he wants them sent to someone else, he would need to pay that. Now I am willing to pay that as he did give me the refund. I was so nervous about that. Much like a child having a bad experience which will affect them all their life, I have had bad situations in regards to comics that have scarred me and have made me very skittish when people do things I feel do not make sense. The only part I do not agree with is paying him hundreds of $ to make up for the money he lost by splitting the money with his friend. Perhaps there were crossed wires between us. That is why i wanted to speak to Jeff over the phone but he wanted to keep it as texts. I think if we had talked over the phone, we both may have felt more comfortable. At the time, I thought his avoidance about speaking on the phone just added to my suspicions.