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  1. Lightning 55's answer is correct. But there is more than one way to do what you wish done. You can also write in changes on a submission form. Receiving will update when books are received. When I have this issue (want to make changes) which direction I go (start over with a new sub or handwrite changes) depends on how big the submission is and how many changes I don't want to redo for instance a 30 book submission to subtract one and add one book. But half a dozen book submission I'd rather have a nice clean form. Neither does it seem wise to add 10 books to an existing submission form
  2. For me it's not necessarily the most expensive books I own, but rather the ones I wanted that I searched the longest to find. For my collection, that would be high grade copies of the first issues of the small Gold Key line of super heroes/action titles. They are just nearly non existent in the 9 and above grades.
  3. That is a labeling error. Above the numeric grade it says "Moderate B-3" which is Restored. The label text says "restoration includes". Someone in encapsulation grabbed the wrong label.
  4. Because Stan Lee is a notable name on the cover. Someone sought out Stan Lee and asked him to sign their comic book. Some kid (named George Smith) that loaned his comic to other neighborhood kids and wanted to make sure eventually he got his comic book back is not notable.
  5. I would not consider the book ruined or desecrated - but neither would I want to own it unless it was a great price. The problem for most people including myself is the cover is iconic. It's perfect as is. I'd be fine with Adam's signature (I'd be fine without it too) but the primitive sketch can only detract from the cover, not add to it.
  6. These pens are called permanent markers for a reason. In this case, silver ink permanent marker. Anything capable of lifting the permanent marker would strip the printer's ink too. Far simpler would be to sell this copy and use the money to purchase a regular blue label. You might even be a few bucks ahead at the end of the process.
  7. That seems logical and consistent. But my answer is I do not know. I have not sent in any pedigree's recently.
  8. It looks nicer for sure. But IMHO, 98% of the improvement is from pressing (including aligning the spine) and getting all those folded over pieces out and flat. Where it has been leaf casted - because no color touch was done - essentially still LOOKS like missing pieces. This is exactly what the book would look like - in a picture anyway - if there had only been a careful press and no leaf casting. We would be looking at the newsprint first wrap where there are holes instead of newsprint leafcasting material. And it wouldn't be conserved or restored. It would be blue universal.
  9. When the custom labels first came out, my clients were enthusiastic. But then we quickly discovered the custom labels end up costing MOST submissions a lot more than $5 a book. CGC treats the custom labels in a submission as a separate submission. So if one is only sending in a ten Spider-Man books for grading - one only pays an extra $5 a book for the labels ($50 extra) . But if one is sending in six Spider-Man books, two Batman books, one Black Panther and one Eternals - now you are paying for two shipments (one of six books plus one of four books) You pay an extra $30 for special label
  10. First, there is no guarantee that leafcasting will get a conserved grade. The guidelines say "some leafcasting" under conserved guidelines. It's probably based how much is being replaced and on color touch. Leafcasting replaces missing pieces (which is normally restoration) - and missing pieces that are replaced are typically colored to match the surrounding artwork/area. Color touch is always restoration. Second, we don't really have comparisons to know if the conserved label consistently sells for more money than restored. And if conserved sells for more, how much more? There is no
  11. Yes. But the problem with FedEx and UPS is they don't like collectibles. Both restrict their liability when an item's value is based on collectability. And while it seems a nuance, one needs to understand that FedEx and UPS sells you declared value insurance. You can pay for a $1000 declared value . But if you declare a value of $1000 and UPS and FedEx specifically disallow covering collectibles, you may be out of luck if a claim occurs with comic books you shipped. They are going to want to know what you paid for the items. Not what they sold for, not what a price guide or similar sales sa
  12. Mistakes are made. How mistakes are handled and corrected is the difference between good and bad service. Good service here!
  13. The OP question was specific to slabbed books and the answer is it doesn't matter if the storage box is cardboard or plastic. The encapsulated books are in two (maybe 3 with an outer plastic bag) layers of plastic. The outer shelf is pretty thick and the inner holder is archival quality plastic that is well sealed. Your cardboard box's acid content won't be a problem. As for raw comics, they make buffered collector boxes. If your books are stored in regular bags and boards you could question if acid migration from cardboard boxes is a problem and these buffered acid free boxes make sense
  14. Especially high value stuff I take to the post office in person. But by being both very nice and very insistent, I train my postal carriers (there are two, the regular and her sub) to scan packages in when handed to them. And it's what they are supposed to do. Some carriers will skip this if given a chance - they figure it will get scanned when unloaded. But I ask and stand there until they do scan it. After a few times you don't have to ask anymore. Walk back in the house and check tracking and you will see "USPS in possession of item" This (pay off what you have invested) is
  15. Moderns - since CGC opened - have always had faster TAT's. A lot faster TAT's. I don't pretend to totally understand it. I mean modern is the least expensive tier, but has always, historically had better TAT than Value or Economy, which costs more. But I'm sure there are good business reasons for it, since it's been that way since day one. I've been told moderns can be graded faster, so there is that.