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  1. This. You can have extra staples. Or you can remove the extra staples and have six tiny holes through the entire book. 99.9% of the time, the extra holes look noticeably worse than the extra staples. Probably more likely to see the grade DROP from removing those extra staples. Not improve.
  2. What is it you are seeing on the top edge? Just looks like a old comic with a bit of cover overhang, pushed down some by the inner holder of the slab. Everyone "signs a waiver" with every submission to CCS. It's in the fine print. Terms and Conditions.... 4. CCS does not provide grade protection or any type of guarantee for Collectibles submitted to CCS. Due to the fragile nature of Collectibles, Customer acknowledges that techniques used by CCS for pressing, restoration, restoration, removal and conservation Services may result in new defects or damage to the Collectible, including but not limited to spine splits, popped staples, paper pieces chipping off, creases, and stains. The submitter acknowledges that the services provided by CCS with respect to a submitted Collectible may result in a lower grade, the same grade, or no grade subsequently being assigned to such Collectible by a Collectible grading company. By submitting a Collectible to CCS, the submitter waives any right to assert any form of legal claim against CCS (and any affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries or other corporately related entities of CCS, and its and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and assigns) with respect to a lower grade, the same grade, or no grade subsequently being assigned to such Collectible by a Collectible grading company, unless caused solely by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of CCS. As for the OP's original question, I don't see anything that screams "bad pressing", though it does look like the back cover could have been cleaned better.
  3. Assuming you are referring to comic books that were polybagged at the printers. It doesn't matter to CGC. They will remove the comic(s) sent in from any pollybag for grading. I personally would remove books from such bags because just to get a good look at the book before it goes to be graded. Just because it was polybagged at the printer doesn't mean it's in perfect condition. Sometimes the factory pollybags actually causes damage. Ultimate Fallout 4 comes to mind - the polybagg was seamed right down the middle of the back cover. So a stack of these books will have indents front and back cover. So you might as well take a good look yourself so no surprises.
  4. Hard to know for sure. I've seen some plastic bags impart a sort of oil like sheen on books. The old polyethylene bags could.
  5. No, CGC is not doing on-site grading at London Comic Con. You can see the shows that CGC is attending and which ones offer on-site grading at the link below The next on-site grading is at Baltimore Oct 18-20. CGC has a London office. You can drop off books at NGC International UK Ltd. (NGC UK). Link to that information below
  6. It's essentially the same as submitting comic books for grading. Login your account. Got to the link to submit books. But instead of clicking on "grading" , scroll down and click on "restoration" removal. Then fill out all the screens and when done, print out a copy of the finished submission form. Put the form in the box with the book(s) and ship it to CGC
  7. Color scrapes are one of several defects that collectors in the raw world tend to grade more harshly than CGC does. IMHO, one of the reasons TO GRADE the copy above is that the CGC grade will be higher than a lot of collectors would accept if raw. Financially, what you say is true. One could sell a raw VG copy on eBay for $150. Maybe more. Looking at completed raw sales on eBay Batman 251 appears to be oftentimes selling for more raw than an equivalent already graded copy would cost. So sure, the owner could sell this one and then look for an already graded copy. That might be the financially smart choice. But your original statement of "it's not really worth that much money" isn't accurate, unless you are lucky enough to be in income bracket where $200 is like loose change in your pocket. . For a lot of collectors, a book that is worth $200 is is a grail, a key in their collection.
  8. IDK. Is $10 a lot of money to your friend? Would $10 help out for the show?
  9. I guess it depends on what you call "that much money" Batman 251 is an extremely in demand book. The last GPA recorded sale of a CGC 4.0 was $200. Pictures are only of the front cover, but I believe the book would grade a bit better than 4.0. My own personal standard has a $200 book worth grading.
  10. Not unpopular with me. Grader notes are both vastly over estimated in importance and in accuracy. Grader notes are nothing except what the graders took the time to write down. They are not an exhaustive list of every single defect on a book. Graders notes on NM and better books I believe can be a double edged sword, sometimes depressing the value of the book. You take a 9.4-9.6 where the graders list several tiny defects. But people see that and then they see another 9.4-9.6 of the same book with no graders notes (and thus no defects listed) . And assume that the one listing defects is sub par. it is also worth noting it takes time to list grader notes. Maybe we'd be better off with graders grading books, not writing about the books. Everyone thinks TAT is important. I personally am only interested in grading notes that describe defects that are extremely hard or impossible to see once the book is encapsulated.
  11. You are not wrong. I wasn't clear enough in my post. You can open a PP dispute for up to 180 days. Regardless of the funding source of the PP payment. What I meant was that if the OP paid the seller directly by credit/debit card, that he would have to look into the card issuer's return period and policies.
  12. If an unwitnessed signature is on the outside of the cover - green label. If the unwitnessed signature is inside the book, blue label.
  13. If you purchased the book on eBay and it has been 30 days or less, just start a return for "item not as described". You can do the same with PayPal for up to 180 days. If you paid with a credit card you'll have to check with the card issuer for their return period. If you paid for this purchase via PP, you really don't need to argue with the seller. Just open a "return" dispute and say the book was advertised as unrestored and it came back from the grading company as restored. You will of course have to return the book to get a refund - and you will not be reimbursed your grading (CGC) costs. Just what you paid for the book.
  14. Except for a few underground comics, i'm unaware of any "print variants" that were hand trimmed at the printers. The book you have pictured above probably had over a quarter of a million copies printed at World Color Press in Sparta, Illinois . No one was taking the time at the factory to hand trim a book to make it look right. The printer nor the publisher much cared if the book "looked great". if it had enough staples to keep it from falling apart and all the pages were there, it was good enough to ship out and sell for 12 cents. Having said that, the actual final size of vintage newsprint comics can vary a fair amount in a print run. But they were machine folded and cut, not done by hand. Because the physical size, alignment and cut of old comics can vary - even on the same issue/print run, I find it really hard to detect trimming. But the issue pictured looks like a kid took a pair of scissors to the cover. As you note, the seller says he worked at a recycling center in the 70's. This book was printed early 1963. So it did not arrive at the recycling center in 1963 because World Color Press thought it was too low quality to sell. It arrived at the recycling center years later when someone decided to get rid of "all those old comic books" in the closet or drawer. And some kid decided to test his new school scissors on the book back in the day. So yes... Purple label from CGC