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  1. If the residue can be removed it will be done with solvents. Anytime you use solvents you risk two things: Lifting ink off the page and getting a restored or conserved label. Financially, IDK if this book is worth the effort and risks. But if the book is especially important to you, then as others have suggested you could have CCS take a look at it. Maybe email them these pictures first and see if they have an opinion.
  2. While a mistake by CGC on the label may well be the most likely answer, there might be another. The trimming was only on an interior pages. It might be "Siamese" pages. Pages that did not get cut correctly at the printer and so pages are still joined together. As a kid you would purchase a comic and every once in a while find a couple of pages still joined along the edge. The only way to read the book was to tear or cut the pages apart. This type of "trimming" isn't the same thing as using a razor and trying to improve the appearance of the comic by getting rid of chips and wear along the edge. The pages were stuck together and you wanted to read the comic. There are also a few underground books where the people that produced the books took them home and trimmed them for one reason or another. Those books get blue labels with a notation that it was trimmed. So maybe not a mistake, but the way CGC views Siamese pages that have been cut apart?
  3. And I agree with Buzz Ya know, I've followed this thread for a time and really shouldn't bother responding. It's been debated too many times. Those that believe sellers should cover grading fees are never changing their minds. Those that think it's unreasonable for buyers to expect such are never changing their minds. To me it's pretty simple and straight forward. If you only want a blue label, CGC graded book than buy just that and not something else. 90% bought raw hoping to send it to to CGC and get/end up with a CGC blue label - for less money. That's called gambling. You are not guaranteed to win when gambling. If people want to buy raw and end up with blue label CGC books - then the BUYER should get better at spotting restoration. Then the BUYER could catch restored books BEFORE spending money sending them in. There are sellers on eBay selling books they know have restoration - and are not disclosing it. Some are notorious and get mentioned here. Most sellers just are not much better at detecting restoration than most buyers. Professional color touch and trimming are really hard to spot. Except for experts. That's why CGC employs experts in restoration. If you buy raw, expecting a refund of what you paid plus shipping is reasonable if you are unhappy with the book (say it is restored). What YOU did with the book after you bought it is on you. As I said earlier, you could take responsibility and learn to detect restoration. Then when you get a restored book you could do your return before YOU decide to send it in for grading. Think about this. You drive 20 miles round trip to buy a closeout laptop - their last one - at Walmart. You also ordered a custom gaming laptop skin from a computer store. You get home, enjoy for a few days and the laptop dies. You take it back to Walmart. Do you expect Walmart to refund your gas money? Do you expect Walmart to pay for the laptop skin you bought but will now never be able to use? Well - you can expect if you want. But you might as well buy you a snickers bar on your way out - because that and a refund for the price you paid for the laptop is all you are getting from Walmart. Sellers only owe you the amount you paid them. Is that really controversial?
  4. Kellyssupeheroes seems to be consistently disclosing restoration on comic books now. Of course it is not in the title - you have to read - usually all the way to the bottom. They are hustling fake autographs now. It's amazing how many books out of the dollar bin Stan has signed And how many of such they have for sale.
  5. An important point. A lot of buyers on eBay do not realize that a 100% feedback score doesn't mean much more than the seller cheerfully takes returns. Or as you mention maybe gives a partial refund if someone asks. Kellyssuperheroes has a 100% rating, right? I notice Daniel has branched into autographs as well. Another source of easy pickins's from the uniformed. As for the OP's original post. No knowledgeable collector pays a slabbed 9.4 or better price for a raw book sold on eBay. Even experienced collectors and dealers - physically looking over a book - can get burnt paying NM+ prices for raw. So while I feel a little bad for the buyers getting ripped off, knowledge is seldom free. If they get much lower grades sending the book in for grading maybe they will learn. If they never send in the books to be graded then they never know they bought an overgraded book.
  6. Somehow a duplicate got posted of my post above. Don't see a delete option.
  7. You don't post pictures of the back cover - and if you want a "please grade me" it really should be posted on that forum I think the book is a 2.0. A good day 2.5. At 2.0 the cover being detached from one staple is probably having near zero affect on the grade. The long tear is probably a bigger defect than the staple pull. It will not get a green label because of the cover being detached from one staple. The staple detachment probably will be noted on the label. The seller has already given his answer so it doesn't really matter about the partial refund question. It was reasonable to ask, since you were told that the cover was attached at both staples.
  8. A wise choice.... With priority/express mail the maximum insurance you can even purchase is $5K. With registered it is $50K. And insurance costs far less once the package is registered. Many - including myself - have private shipping insurance. If that is the case Priority mail with a couple of hundred dollars worth of insurance and requiring a signature will work well. But even with my private shipping policy (good for $50K) there comes a point for me that I still ship RM. The idea that "nothing has ever gotten lost or damaged so paying for insurance is not worth while" is....not logical. The old saying is that "It doesn't matter if the odds were a thousand to one IF YOU ARE THE ONE....." On these very boards over the years there have been far too many posts from people greatly, GREATLY upset that a book worth 10K has gone missing at FedEx or UPS. Always, ALWAYS the poster says they did not understand the risk. Was not made clear to them. Bottom line is FedEx and UPS do not like to insure items where the value of the item is based on it being a collectible. On the way back from CGC you have $100 in insurance from UPS/FedEx. Period. On the way there you MIGHT be able to purchase up to $5K in insurance. But only if the clerk is new or doesn't know the rules. Trust me - the claims adjuster knows the rules. If most of an items value is based on it being a collectible, UPS and FedEx aren't settling a lost or damage claim for more than a grand. So yeah. Register it. Insure it for what it is worth. USPS doesn't want to write you a check for $15K. They want to deliver the package.
  9. There is no such real question, no such "at what point". I've lived through nine recessions in my lifetime. Not one was a threat to my life, only my economic well being. Good and bad economic times are inevitable, one always follows another. Deaths during a recession are almost entirely by suicide, alcohol related and by men between the ages of 45-60. While any death is regrettable, suicides are still the individual's choice. And if your out of work, 50 year old male neighbor or friend is out of work and drinking constantly, go talk to him. You might save his life. No amount of talking to your neighbor or friend will prevent death by the coronavirus. Might make it worse. And COVID 19 isn't by choice. As for the OP's original question - it appears moderately priced comics are doing fine. Now is not the moment one will get the best price on expensive mega keys. But more reasonably priced - but still collectible - books don't look to have changed much. Most LCS are closed. MCS is closed. More people are at home and more people are now purchasing stuff online. So far at least it seems to be (mostly) balancing out. If this drags out into July or August, who knows.
  10. No. the graders notes will not say specifically where. Generally speaking, amateur ("C") restoration is not well suited to removal. Solvent thats removes ball point ink is going to strip off printer ink too. It will not look good where that restoration was removed. That said, the book is a 2.0. CCS might be able to scrape the ink off and you end up with a 1.5 blue label.
  11. The graders notes typically do not mention exactly where color touch is. They might in this case mention front or back cover. But that is the extent of what the notes will say. I've seen restored books that it was absolutely impossible to determine where the CT was at until you removed the book from the slab.
  12. It doesn't sound like you get out much, so should be fine..... And if you go out even less, you are gonna wish you still had that porn
  13. A lot of back and forth here - including many people well educated and well spoken. But I'll add my few cents... Yes, the seasonal flu does make many more people sick and kill many more people every year than does CV-19. That is a fact. So many a person and some of our politicians are saying "quit worrying" But - CV 19 morality rate is far, far higher than the flu. The WHO organization is putting the mortality rate at 3.4%. That would be 3400 deaths per 100,000 cases. Versus 14 deaths per 100,000 cases of the flu. And there is no vaccination as yet - it will be at least next year and maybe two years before such is available. One could say a three percent chance of something happening is low. But we are talking about death . If 3.4% --- or even 1% --- of commercial airline flights crashed NO ONE would fly - including the pilots and attendants. It is also worth noting that age and gender seem to be a large factor. Two thirds of the deaths are male. 30% are 60-69 and 50% are 70 or older. So WHO says CV 19 has an overall 3.4% mortality rate. But most of those deaths are men age 60 and older. Not too comforting a thought if you happen to be part of that demographic. But still there is unknowns about the stats. There are not enough test kits, won't be for another month. Maybe a lot more people that get it and never get tested - and recover just fine. That would reduce the overall mortality rate. Which is why we NEED the test kits. So public health officials have a better picture of transmission, can better plan. CV-19 also appears to spread really fast once it hits an area (perhaps because no vaccination exists and since it is new few people have a natural immunity) So when it hits an area, it can quickly explode in the population. Which overwhelms local medical resources. THIS is the reason why of all the quarantines. As Barney Fife would say - "we need to NIP it in the BUD!" Countries with developed economies may actually have end up more problems with controlling CV 19 until a vaccine is available. Because developed countries have economies largely based on retail. People waiting on people, people shopping, people attending events. Soooo.. There is no way we'll know now how this plays out. Maybe a year from now we all are saying big fuss about a little thing. Or maybe it will get really bad. Or maybe it would have been really bad except for the over-abundance of caution being practiced by health control officials and businesses/organizations cancelling large public events. Postponing or cancelling ECC - and event that draws huge crowds (what, 100,000 attendees?) into an area that it's believed CV-19 may have been circulating for a couple of months. They might as well postpone - as a lot of guests and fans were thinking they might just skip.
  14. Sad for your lose. No one wants to have a comic book go missing as a result of submitting it for 3rd party grading and encapsulation. And this was a signed book, so there is no doubt an even greater emotional attachment. That said, despite the best attempts and processes set up, humans make mistakes. This is the reason we are told to declare a value on the books submitted to 3rd party grading services. If they cannot find your book, CBCS - and CGC - will/would compensate. But probably only up to the amount one declares the value of the book(s) to be. Someone posted up here on these boards about a year ago that CGC had lost his books. USPS showed delivered and signed for and I believe CGC showed them originally received on the web portal. But CGC could not locate them. So while thankfully lost books are rare, it is not impossible. Hopefully your book will turn up. If not you will receive some compensation. Perhaps they could get another copy of the book and have a facilitator get the same signatures. Like CGC, they set up at plenty of shows and have facilitators going to additional shows.