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  1. Yes, I've run into questions at the counter several times. I just tell them the postage was paid and printed via PayPal - as they can see on the label - and that PayPal has negotiated discounted rates on shipping. And it's not just these flat rate envelopes that are cheaper. Postage rates are less than rates on nearly all packages. The difference in Express (next day rates) are sometimes pretty substantial. So far, the postal clerk scans it and says "OK". But most of the time it isn't an issue because most of the time I don't go into the post office to mail packages. I do the postage online via the link I listed and I had the packages with said postage attached to my mail carrier when he/she delivers my mail. Never leave the house. If it's not my regular carrier, I make a point of asking the carrier to be sure to scan the packages so tracking starts right away.
  2. If you purchase your postage through Paypal, there is no difference in price between regular and legal flat rate envelopes. So no reason to look for a mailer that fits inside a regular flat rate or padded envelope. It is hard --- close to impossible - to find the shipping link on Paypal to just ship anything. So I saved a link on my desktop
  3. A replacement cover - like a reproduction - on a coverless book will get a NG. An original cover off another copy of AF 15 would get a married cover, qualified grade.
  4. As you say, no bleed through. I think sending it to CCS for evaluation for both restoration removal and pressing is a good idea. That way you will actually know if it's practical to remove the CT. Just pay attention to your total costs.
  5. Right now, we still are NOT being told that Marvel films and features will be exclusive to the new, upcoming Disney streaming service. I go watch Marvel's big screen releases at the theater when they come out. Should I miss one - or want to see it again - then I would rent the DVD when it comes out. So for me, the only thing that really matters is if Marvel will continue the deal with Neflix for series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc... I currently stream my "cable TV" via Sony Playstation Vue. As for ESPN, I am not going to subscribe to a whole new streaming service just to watch Monday Night Football. If Disney wants to be my streaming service, they will have to win me away from Netflix and offer a service overall better than Netflix and their competitors.
  6. Staples error

    Very, very common production defect on vintage books. No effect on grade on older books unless talking the 9.8 range.
  7. If the book fits the criteria for the conserved label, that is what it will get if resubmitted.
  8. I appreciate consistency over most other...approaches. ASM 361 was a horrible print run in terms of quality. Most issues have some tears along the bottom, at least the interior and usually one or two on the exterior. This was a production flaw, not from collectors. Since grading companies tend to overlook production flaws that are common with a book, then the ASM 361's should be 9.8 if otherwise 9.8 quality. Just my opinion, I understand how others might feel differently
  9. CGC combined tier shipping

    What mschmidt said. CGC's long standing policy is they do not combine shipping of tiers that don't have the same Turn Around times. Below is a quote from the FAQ page. The only consistent exception I have seen with this is international shipments, since they do face extremely high shipping rates. Will one shipping fee cover the return of all my submissions if I send in multiple submission forms at the same time? Will all of my submissions be returned to me in one package? You may submit multiple submission forms to the same grading company in one shipping box. Your submissions will be returned separately. For that reason, each of your submissions is individually calculated for its return shipping and insurance. It is also worth noting that one of the things Voldy tried and does is combine shipping tiers into one shipment. HOWEVER, it was not without problems. Finally they settled on a policy where they do combine shipments - BUT all the books are graded at the same time, based on the SLOWEST tier submitted. So you might pay the equivalent of Express on a few books - but they get don't get graded (so you don't know the grades on those Express books) until all get done based on the slowest tier. Pay for fast, get slow. Just to save some coin on shipping. It is often not worth it. It's usually not worth it. They did this because it was a hassle and a liability to grade books and then return them to the vault to sit and wait.
  10. We doing Secret Santa this year?

    I looked at my messages from last year. it is usually more like the middle/later in November before this gets started.
  11. Beckett

    Three months? I recall five on moderns. But maybe your just younger than some of us. I might not be here three months from now....
  12. Beckett

    I think "that" and much more. It is hard to get actual numbers - it's not like anyone has to report in as a comic book or coin collector. But it is common knowledge that the Coin collecting hobby is much, much larger than comic book collecting. The US Mint has millions of buyers every year. Perhaps easiest information to look at for our discussion is Heritage Auctions. They report their sales. In 2016, US Coins continued being their largest category with sales of 192 million. World and Ancient coins did 47 million and currency added another 29 million. That's 268 million. Meanwhile, Heritage recorded 43 million in comic books, animation and comic book art. And they note that they are the dominate player in this area - with more sales total than all other auction houses combined. So yeah. At least six times bigger. And maybe more.
  13. Beckett

    This is the General discussion subsection of the largest comic book discussion chat board. Beckett moving into the graded comic book market is certainly BIG news. I'm sure the Certified Collectibles Group sees it as a big thing. There is a difference between trashing the host (CCS) and a discussion of the impact competition has had on graded and encapsulated comics and what Beckett's move might mean going forward. I probably have not read every single post. But what I have read has not sounded like trashing CGC nor promoting of a specific competitor. Was everyone just supposed to stick their heads in the sand and pretend like Beckett's move didn't happen? Or isn't important? Not discuss it so that we don't offend somebody somewhere sometime? The list itself had areas that were highly debatable. Debate is what happens when such is posted up on a chat board. As long as the debate doesn't devolve into name calling, it's supposed to be OK.
  14. Beckett

    It's not such common knowledge. I only see this being the situation on eBay and FB forums. ComicLink, ComicConnect, MCS, Heritage -- If the Voldy slab looks the grade it sells in the range. One should keep in mind that GPA average is just that. On any given day, a CGC slabs sell below the average. You rest your case on a debate that is not a given, nor generally accepted. And for those of us that are willing to reholder books for a newly redesigned slab or that are dealers with dealer accounts, the idea - if we needed to - that we might have to reholder some books to get top price means almost nothing to us. And even that would be a business decision. A 15 % difference in price - even if it existed - still wouldn't be worth reholdering until you got to about $300 value. I send in 1500-2000 books a year to CGC. But i'm not a cheerleader, I'm a customer. Your comments are deep into cheer leader territory.
  15. Beckett

    My own experience is that it depends a lot on what venues you sell at. On eBay at unreserved auctions you see Voldy often under perform. On Heritage? Not really.