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  1. Sold a book to Alain and it was a super smooth, easy deal . Would definitely do business with again.
  2. Amazing Spider-Man 78 6.0 $60 Fixed the post. It didn't quote properly originally for some reason
  3. Amazing Spider-Man 78 6.0 $60 Take it
  4. I have one book here that I'm trying to move to generate some funds. MY RULES NO HOS OR PL MEMBERS First (or variation of I'll take it) posted in thread wins or via PM wins. Timestamp deciding factor. OFFERS ENCOURAGED VIA PM PAYMENT INFO Paypal payments preferred, check/money order possible. Payment expected within 48 hours of invoicing - if you need additional time, please contact me SHIPPING INFO Shipping will be $13 for priority mail shipping. ABOUT ME I've been buying/selling comics here for a bit of time. Have made several deals with established board members. I have feedback in the kudos section if you want to check it out. BOOKS This one most likely was pressed. RETURN POLICY No returns on CGC books unless there is something really wrong. CGC 4.0 Cream/ Off White Pages Fantastic Four 49 first full appearance of Galactus , 2nd Silver Surfer, and 1st cover for both. Heating up and this book is to quote Buster Poindexter , Hot Hot Hot. From GPA last sale in 4.0 was February 2020 and it closed at $460.00. The 90 Day average is $419.00 and going up, up , up. So for boardies here.. let's do $400.00