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  1. Flash sale and dropping this to $200 for late night or early morning crowd.
  2. Flash sale for late night or early morning crowd. Dropping this to $300 which is a complete steal for a Matt Baker cover.
  3. Swamp Thing 11 - 7.5 W $12 Avengers 51 - 8.0 OW $43 take these also.
  4. I will be back tomorrow with another handful of books. I'll clean up the thread a little later. Feel free to send offers in the meantime.
  5. and we end today with this book.... Authentic Police Cases 12 VG- Overall wear on this Matt Baker crime cover. The top right corner especially. Small rips on the edge. Book could be pressed if you were into that type of thing and that would improve it. There is a 3.5 copy on ebay at the moment from a respectable dealer and they have it priced at $450. This one is much nicer than that copy is. So get a bargain here for $400