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  1. Recommended. Everything was exactly as it should be with fast shipping and great prices. Excellent contact and easy to deal with. Thanks!
  2. How have I been reading/collecting comics since 1984 and didn't know that?!?
  3. As a heads up : For Sale — Threads may be removed for failure to comply, and repeated issues could result in strikes. No spamming. Group your for sale items into one thread in each sub-forum. Attempts to take up front page real estate by creating multiple threads are not allowed.
  4. According to GCD and recently reported on Key Collector: "DC contracted with Walmart to do a full endcap of the Walmart Giant comics in 56 of its 3000 stores for a limited time (March-April 2019), this special Detective Comics Giant was only available in these 56 stores that received the endcap. Each of these stores received approximately 50-60 copies of this issue (as well as additional quantities of other regular Walmart Giant issues), there were no additional copies printed of this issue beyond what was initially shipped to these stores."
  5. Holy bizalls, this Tec 80th Anniversary Wal-Mart Giant is going insane! Multiple copies at over $100 with bids and the leader in the clubhouse at $212.50!
  6. Justice League 13 Garner Variant Thor 6 VF Exiles 3 @25% off
  7. All the Zombie lots and Flash : Rebirth via PM
  8. Spider-Gwen Midtown Variant - Other 2 Ultimate Spidey 152