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  1. Disqualified. If this was a finds in under $5 boxes, there would be 1000 more posts!
  2. Yes, 1&2 heated up after a Marvel tease about Sword Master & aero.
  3. Almost...South Carolina. From StackExchange: To sum up: Modal stacking is not sloppy, meaningless, or redundant; linguistically, it is a systematic process (which I think is really cool!). It is just non-standard in English — something one would avoid using outside of this particular dialect group, especially because (like many features of Southern English) it carries a certain stigma outside of where it is used. But within that group, it is a productive and useful construction.
  4. You MIGHT could have gotten away with your first sentence. The second one just makes your whole point seem silly.
  5. Probably a good time to remind you that DHP 24 is NOT the first appearance of Aliens, Aliens 1 is.
  6. None of it makes sense. Red Hulk 1 is the same way and everyone wants it, but when Ronin (the Avenger not the Miller samurai) was hot, everyone was after New Avengers 11 although he appears on multiple covers (not interiors) before that. The market just decides what the market decides. Sometimes they want full. Sometimes they want cameos. Sometimes they like the cover better (ala UXM 266/X-Factor 24 - neither first apps) so they decide that's what they want. Hellraiser 1 will be the book.
  7. Yes, but the New Universe books were released that same month, so you weren't really expected to know who that was.
  8. All? Not even close. Many? Perhaps. Some? Definitely.