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  1. Hey Kids, Comics!

    My First Slabs ever have arrived!

    If it's for his PC, what's the harm at a mere $20 fee? If it's for selling, 90 day is $250, last sale is $340 (!). I sold a ratty 8.0 at Heroes for $232. There's no way anyone would have given me $200 for it raw. That $20 slabbing fee made me a few bucks and made it a whole lot easier to sell. Congrats on your first slabs...………….all of them!
  2. Why not? I've never owned one!
  3. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    As it should. I've been preaching for years to anyone who would listen that 94 is the most over-hyped and overpriced "big" book there is. It has next to no relevance in today's market. The only people actively buying it are people trying to finish their X-Men runs...………...and @Bio-Rupp
  4. Hey Kids, Comics!

    CLOSED - Thanks everyone!

    w/both Harley issues
  5. Hey Kids, Comics!


    I don't know what it is about this book, but it speaks to me!
  6. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Recent Glut of 1st Appearance Creations

    I was actually working in a comic shop at the time of it's release, but had multiple kids and had to get a "real job" by the time his solo series came out. I was very much on the periphery of the hobby in the late 90's, returning in the early 2000's. My opinion was more based on now, which I realize isn't an accurate portrayal of his "meaningfulness" at the time.
  7. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Recent Glut of 1st Appearance Creations

    My point was simply that I thought it was odd that they had kicked around the idea of doing a TV show based on a character who's been dead for 15+ years and isn't really on the radar of most of the average comics buying group's radar. If I've had 1000's of people at my booth and had zero requests for him (and I've had some crazy obscure asks), that's a fairly good indication of his current popularity. It's not a mainstream character or series is all I was saying after my initial post. I even backtracked on my own statement with "In hindsight I guess "meaningful" isn't a stretch for the time. Pretty sure that run won a few Eisner and CBG awards."
  8. Hey Kids, Comics!

    CLOSED - Thanks everyone!

    All copies available for quantity discounts
  9. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Recent Glut of 1st Appearance Creations

    That was like two reboots ago!
  10. Hey Kids, Comics!

    6/29/2018 eBay Coupon - 15% off

    Sold a CGC 7.5 Marvel Spotlight 5 for $699.99 (highest price ever for that grade by $50....but not really since he really paid $599.99). The best part? I bought it with the 25% coupon a few weeks ago for $530. Not getting rich, but a nice little flip.
  11. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Recent Glut of 1st Appearance Creations

    Which is odd considering he's appeared in exactly one new comic issue since 2007.