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  1. Sure just looks like they took the New Mutants logo and erased the NEW. We all know the X-Men is coming. Look at all related X-books across the board.
  2. I've never spent more than $1k on a single book until this week. I plunked down $5k for a 7.5 and don't regret it at all. Pretty hot.
  3. All forms of payment accepted. No returns on graded books unless damaged in shipment. Bad people need not apply. Batman Beyond 1 CGC 9.4 - $550 - NEVER pressed
  4. 52 - I'm not exactly sure why 56/57 are hot as some type of Dark Scarlet Witch thing,
  5. I'm not talking about any book. I'm talking about 1500 copies of a book published in 1987 with a COA from a signing in 1993. Lots of the 90s issues had 2500 and even 5000 signed copies.