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  1. The notion that the guys visited DC to inform them of their plans to leave the Big Two has been debunked by Liefeld. He says they actually went hunting for jobs because Todd wasn't sold on the indy idea. Todd and JIm on Batman and Tec and Rob on Team Titans. Rob wanted a guarantee of $150k per issue for 10 issues. Levitz balked and he went to do Youngblood.
  2. Can you please post a better pic of that bottom left front cover?
  3. Last two sales are $143 and $125. Cheapest on eBay is $137.55 plus tax. ASKING $125 Shipped in US Cash/check/MO/PayPal/Venmo accepted. No returns unless damaged during shipment. No folks on bad lists.
  4. I just sold a 6.0 Green Lantern 59 for $330 (highest price ever in grade). When the announcement broke on 10/9 three 6.0s sold for $225, $230, and $245. $330 would have bought you a 7.5 with change in your pocket a week ago.
  5. Was there an announcement of some kind? Why is it getting hot? Full disclosure : I'm usually pretty up on my first app stuff but had to Google this one as to what it was.
  6. I like it better than Thor 364 as at least it's not actually Thor turned into a frog, but come on. Behold the power of a Cates tweet!
  7. Awesome. I still have about 20 copies that I bought out of a Heroes $1 box years ago.
  8. I thought they were nuts paying $2500. My nuts obviously isn't everyone else's nuts (have fun with that one).
  9. There's an entire thread about this in the Copper Forum.
  10. Sold it for $650 today on here. Paid $396 (plus shipping and tax) on 9/30.