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  1. Is there anything left...?(speculation)

    Wow......his name really is DickHertz. That's just silly! And yes, the 1000 were in issue 1.
  2. Breakout Characters of 2018?

    So you guys are still buyers of Weapon H and Laughing Batman at their current prices?
  3. Breakout Characters of 2018?

    Who do you guys have a really good shot at being the breakout characters of 2018 from the Big Two? I don't read a ton of new books, so I don't really have a handle on the current market and who is popular among people who actually read the books!
  4. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    I was enamored with them for about two weeks and then realized how much longer it takes to look through long boxes when you have to pull up every damn book to see if there is a barcode on it! I've never had anyone ever ask me for newsstand versions of 90s indys. Never.
  5. Marvel Books for Sale

    Ha! You can forward my commission over anytime now!
  6. Marvel Books for Sale

    Wow. I had no idea this was the case. Thanks for the info. Now this book seems really cheap!
  7. Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    I get the 139 - Kitty joins (first in costume?) and 168 - First Madelyne Pryor. Do you like the others just for Kitty stories or is there something more?
  8. Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    Agreed. Major women are always a good pick up. When you you get two in one book................I've been pimping this book for years.
  9. Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    Kitty Pride solo flick in development.
  10. Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    More X-Men 129s sold today than the past week combined on ebay.
  11. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    The second printing came out on 10/11 (same day as #3). Even the Frankie's site lists it as 3rd
  12. Francesco Mattina Art Society

    3rd print......... And I ordered 5 regulars raw. The virgin and CGC sold out lightning fast!
  13. [CLOSED] DC Postage Stamp/22k Collector Panels

    Unfortunately they are not. I collect Green Arrow stuff and was pretty disappointed they weren't in there. I'm super excited that they're going to a good home!