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  1. Hey Kids, Comics!


    Still available at the other sites...……………..
  2. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Wow . . . Anything for a buck.

    It seems like it's mainly for things where counterfeits are often sold. Sports jerseys, purses, watches, shoes, etc.
  3. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Target Exclusive DC Primal Age 100 Page Giant

    Two of my Targets had them Monday morning in a cardboard display on the endcap shelf with the figures. I've probably visited 3 other Targets since then (including today) and haven't seen one at any of them.
  4. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Has there ever been a first appearance only on a cover?

    I was actually discussing with a local collector over Red Hulk 1 and pulled up the thread to show him and give other examples. The CFD just caught my eye. I also thought any other instances in the last war could get added. The Ronin info is actually relevant now with the renewed interest. There is nothing wrong with getting correct info out there.
  5. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I originally thought it was one long scene and then I read it. She dies many more times than three. There's four full page deaths, plus the 9 panels of various deaths on the one page. Plus whatever is happening to her at the hands of the Joker (nothing good). I picked up 4 copies from my local store today and may go hunting for some more tomorrow. I think this one may be better to wait a little while to the bottom feeders disappear from ebay and the $15 copies dry up.
  6. Hey Kids, Comics!


    Daredevil #150 VF $6
  7. Hey Kids, Comics!


    Batman #655 (Q)NM (water droplet on FC) & #656 NM- set $20 Justice League Adventures #13 NM- $5 Static #1 set: 3 polybagged copies (appear NM) + VF (unbagged) $15
  8. Hey Kids, Comics!


    Spectre 54
  9. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Wal-Mart Superman Giant 7 is drawing tons of heat for a 12 page torture and murder scene featuring Lois. I wouldn't be shocked if this issue gets pulled. Copies are already selling for $25 on ebay. https://comicbook.com/dc/2019/01/20/superman-walmart-comic-lois-lane-controversy-tom-king/
  10. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    I would love to hear the argument (especially from CGC) about NM14 being her first appearance.
  11. Hey Kids, Comics!

    Adventures in the Dollar Box

    Barnyard or US 1?
  12. Hey Kids, Comics!


  13. Hey Kids, Comics!


    JSA Classified 1- 2 for $1.60
  14. Hey Kids, Comics!


    Gambit 1 Pacheco Ganmbit 1 Peterson x2 for $1.60