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  1. What If? 114 sold 20+ copies the last two days. Some kind of Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter kid hype?
  2. I know, but I didn't think CC only had 20% of the market.
  3. Also says that MK was barely selling 50k copies when he took over although Cap City only had around 10k for 55. Were 40k copies really being ordered elsewhere?
  4. Probably 5:1 to the others as far as finding in discount boxes for me.
  5. I bought this on the boards a couple of weeks ago,
  6. I know it may just be me, but I have NEVER found an ASM 583 first print. Ever. I've bought three ASM collections in the last few years and all those even had later printings.
  7. Thanks for that. I had no idea about the Captain Atom 42. After reading it online, it's a great appearance by her and her third overall.
  8. Some of the better pulls from a $100 longbox special at one of my LCS today.
  9. Fair enough. In the interest of full disclosure and correct info the first panel from 609 showing Hush.....
  10. Because I generally hate shadows, arms, and other non-appearance first appearances. Same reason I'm fighting the uphill battle of 655 vs 656.