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  1. Shipping is $15 flat regardless of how many you buy. All forms of payment accepted. Returns only if I misrepresent or damaged in shipping. All of these just arrived last week.
  2. There's also a 1975 set that you should look into. And if you REALLY want to go down the rabbit hole, there's a similar set from 1966 Donruss.
  3. One of my LCS just posted this pic on Facebook. So I guess they ordered 10k copies to get 10 variants. I don't know the math of ordering that many or how returns work, but I know they should get at least $25k for the 10 slabs.
  4. A 6.0 OW just ended for $1925 in auction format. MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #5 1ST APPEARANCE GHOST RIDER JOHNNY BLAZE CGC 6.0 | eBay
  5. GPA/130Point both list this as a $900 sale. Still a WOW since a 9.8 sold for just over $1k three weeks ago.
  6. Surely this can’t be real... https://www.ebay.com/itm/144000139410 But I sure hope it is since this arrived from CGC on Friday
  7. Had two cons in two cities this weekend and did REALLY well at both so I treated myself to this at the Sunday show. Paid $1500.
  8. And then someone listed a BIN in the same grade for $4200 right after that and it obviously sold immediately. Taking GPA on a whirlwind!
  9. I picked up a 6.0 slab for $1500 at a con yesterday so GO GO GO !
  10. One of these things in not like the other... DCP 26 is the first appearance of a bunch of characters that are mainstays in the DCU. B&B54 is the first time a bunch of pre-existing characters get together with a spiffy new team name. I LOVE one of them. The other...not so much.
  11. Yes. Same thing happened with Black Mask and Miles really took the leap when they announced his video game.
  12. I was getting pretty worried after reading all the posts about CGC being tight right now but I got a shipment of 25 moderns back today. Of the 25, I thought 18 had a shot at 9.8 on a good day. 13 of those got 9.8s. I'd count today as a good day.