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  1. Some of the more fun $1 finds from the 164 books I pulled from one dealer. The Supernaturals variant I’d never seen, and I never find Sailor Moon at $1. Also nice to finally meet @BishopT
  2. I’m pretty sure his is the first time that my local 2nd & Charles having thousands (no exaggeration) of Fried Pie variants has paid off.
  3. My LCS got wind of "something big happening" on Monday and put in a re-order of 78 copies. They arrived on Thursday. He's selling them for $15
  4. Picked up an IM55 from Trav and all was handled in a professional manner. Fast, secure shipping and willing to negotiate on his posted price. You can't go wrong with him in my book!
  5. We must have been at two different shows. I didn't talk to a single dealer who said it was their worst and many said it was their best. A few said they had hit their numbers for the weekend on Friday and one said he had his best single day ever on Thursday (to other dealers/sharks) and then his best Friday ever at Heroes as well. I also didn't see a single 75% sale sign on Sunday and I walked the entire floor half a dozen times. $1 books often become quarter books on Sunday especially at A. Pennyworth's and Park Circle as they do that every year. $5 books become $3. $2 books become $1 and so on. That's a normal con thing, not a sign of a light sales weekend. Foot traffic was definitely down, but sales were not (for me anyway). Saturday was insane and Sunday was just $5 short of matching Friday for me. Overall a heck of a show from a guy who just has a lot of comics in his garage and an AWESOME way to spend Father's Day! These are shots from Sunday.
  6. Oddly enough, saw a guy pull one out of a $5 box on Thursday at HeroesCon.
  7. Definitely not a record as he replied to one from 6/2009 in the Mixed thread.
  8. Also a HerosCon exclusive by Charles Vess. https://www.heroesonline.com/blog/2019/05/28/heroescon-2019-usagi-1-variants/
  9. Thanks, I scanned the Topics to see if something had been posted. "Maybe I Missed Something" didn't exactly stand out to me. I guess I missed something!
  10. Not on ebay, but Albedo 2 9.8 just sold for $31k! The last one sold for $6871 in 2/18. Just incredible. https://www.comiclink.com/Auctions/search.asp?FocusedOnly=1&where=auctions&title=albedo&GO=GO&ItemType=CB
  11. I bought 90 books from one guy 15/$10. These were the highlights. Edit : Actually I think the Cap cane from someone else, but still.....
  12. Only the second copy I’ve ever had and both came from flea markets. I bought one years ago for fifty cents. Today, I had to pay double that. Oh yeah.........newsstand!
  13. No one cared until DC sent them a cease and desist letter...……….
  14. As the title states...………... But I would also entertain offers on raw copies in the same range.
  15. What If? 114 sold 20+ copies the last two days. Some kind of Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter kid hype?