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  1. IF you want to roll the dice a little... you can leech crayon wax by gently heating it and having a more absorbent material above it. This works for example when you have wax or crayon in your carpet. I have done this on a book to see if it would work and it did. I placed a plain white paper towel over the mark and then used an iron on it, set at the lowest setting and ironed just the wax. You must be very careful as the iron will burn the paper and the paper will curl so you have to quickly place it between 2 heavy flat surfaces after to let it cool flat. You can spend about 1-2 seconds total contact time maximum at first and keep checking to see if it is working. You may still be left with a stain, but the majority of the color and wax will melt into the paper towel. Please note, the paper towel goes between the iron and the book. Also, I disavow this recommendation if you destroy your hulk 181. I would also put a chamber paper between the cover and page one as well in case it bleeds the other direction.
  2. I think the variants that have deadpool's head in the corner of a book that isn't even his are #$%^ variants, as are the variants that don't even feature the character of the book on the cover. Ie putting luke cage as the variant cover to an Xmen book and call it a netflix variant makes no sense to me. The Del'otto is probably the rarest, in number continuity, ASM variant and it was a fluke that the production numbers were so low. I don't think marvel made that variant to see how expensive it would get, nor could anyone have predicted that price when it came out.
  3. I just want to gloat that I was the winner of the last sub 1000$ eBay sale for this book a few years back. I had an eBay alert set about 6 months after the book was printed and it took a full year to show up. This was before people knew it was crazy rare and even still, I paid about 300-400$ more than the previous sale. To add frosting, it graded 9.8 despite the auction saying it was a NM (9.4) copy with a mildly dinged corner. I dont understand why so many people hate on this book here when it is clearly impossibly rare and isn't the run of the mill variant . Manufactured collectible or not, there will always be a spiderman completist out there (myself included) and this book, as mentioned before, is harder to find than a AF 15. Will it sustain 10K prices... who knows. I took my 9.8 to Megacon (Orlando) this year and some dealers asked if I would part with it, knowing full well the solitary 10K sale at the time. The price is real and unless marvel finds 200 more of them sitting in some shipping box and decides to give them out as a gift at some corporate meeting, I think it will maintain an obnoxious price for quite some time. If you want a even harder ASM book to find, look for the dingo boots give-away in high grade... probably even less copies of that book exist and I can't remember if there are any 9.8's. Jay Dog, I liked your link to the hardest to find/>1000$ variant list. This thread reminds me of when WD 1 was going for 1000$ and people were screaming bloody murder that that price was so stupid they couldn't fathom it and now the book still exists higher than that price years later despite all the nay sayers. When another ASM 667 DO 9.8 goes to auction in 3-4 years and sells for 12K, won't you think, damn 9K isn't so bad now is it
  4. Gemma, Can you expand the UK amazing spiderman (15-120) set to include Amazing fantasy 15 and 1-14. I think somewhere along the process the AF15 became issue 15. There are UK editions for amazing fantasy 15 and 1-14 and I would love to be able to enter my copies. Thanks, Brian
  5. there must have been more than 1 Batman adventures 3 in your 9.8 run. My label is one serial number off. Unfortunately the label says 12/92 and its the 2003 BA. Funny that i saw this post. Thanks for the quick shipping. -Brian (docparnes on ebay)
  6. not sure where these go, but I have a WD 100 comixology ottley variant, cert # 1402125003 that doesn't work right when entered under "ottley sketch variant cover." Do I PM Gemma direct or she reads/moderates this post and will glean it from here? thanks for any help, Brian
  7. Is harrow county from dark horse in the works?
  8. my early retirement is the best site hands down. He is the most thoughtful and his picks are well researched of the few I've looked at. typically he is 6-12 months ahead of the hype. Also, Wizard magazine wasn't bad in its little side box about what might become hot... it predicted The Walking Dead in one of its last issues. i don't remember the details but it basically advised buying up the 1st 5-10 issues because of short print runs and increasing popularity with each issue.
  9. In all honesty, getting them was somewhat of luck and before the last big jump. When I got them, it was around 500 - 1000$ a point and I had been saving up. Now it seems like its doubled + that...
  10. Are people still posting their AF 15's? If so, I own 3. A 6.5 I got from Greg Reece 2 years ago, a 2.5 and a 3.0. One of them is a UK, can't remember which. I can post pics if needed. All are appropriately graded IMO.
  11. I have definitely made eye contact at a con with a buyer who was getting sold on a bad deal and shook my head no and gave them the disapproving father look without the dealer being wise. I then walked away. Later they bumped in to me, thanked me, and told me they found a much better deal elsewhere. I do think that being vocal falls in to a MYOB, but this buyer happened to be looking around for someone to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. I also felt the dealer was trying to work someone over who was clearly newer to the hobby which irritated me. Noone has mentioned that, if you see someone working hard on selling someone on a bad deal, why would you want to buy from them in the first place? I've found that one bad deal usually means there will be more bad deals and the obvious answer for where I should take my own business is then staring at me in the face. The same is true for the opposite scenario. If I see a dealer make someone a good deal, I'll look harder for something I might be interested in. I may also be vocal that it is a good deal - thats usually win-win. Same scenario, but what if its a restored book and the seller is trying to push it as un restored? Ive seen that numerous times and also been the victim where I missed it.