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  1. That thread was jaw dropping and mind blowing all at the same time. I hope he is doing well.
  2. Did the pressing cause the fading in the color or is that just the scanner setting?
  3. "D" Crippen pedigree colors really pop on this one.
  4. Package deal on the 2 remaining GA books $350 shipped.
  5. Dave Stevens Just Teasing HC Limited Ed signed and numbered 16 pgs of Dave Stevens artwork 11 x 15 poster size. Asking $170. SOLD
  6. Blackhawk #47 Classic Cover Reed Crandall and Bill Ward art Fine 6.0 White pages 1/2 tear to back cover asking Nice color and gloss $175
  7. Moving this sale over from Mixed threads. Have 2 nice GA comics up for sale and a HC signed Limited ED Dave Stevens art book. Shipping is included with BIN price. Accepted methods of payment include paypal, zelle, money order or check. Returns accepted within 4 days of receipt and returned undamaged. Green Lama # 7 Christmas Cover Mac Raboy Cover and interior art (grey tone). VF+/VF/NM 8.5/9.0 OffWhite pages book looks like new with bold color strike and gloss light sun shadow back cover along edge. Asking $225
  8. Will be Closing out this thread Sunday noon. Open to offers on remaining books.
  9. Book was already claimed by srezvan.
  10. Swamp Thing TPB lot Vol 1,2,and 3 $24. SOLD
  11. PULP Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips Hardcover $12 SOLD
  12. Conan Song of Belit Hardcover Dark Horse $10. SOLD
  13. Robert E Howard Horror TPB Frank Brunner art $10. SOLD
  14. The Punisher Hardcover $10
  15. The Anchor Black Lips TPB $7 $5
  16. Green Arrow the Longbow Hunters TPB $8 $6
  17. Marvel/ DC comic lot $12. SOLD Legends #1,3,4,5,6 Fine to F/VF John Byrne story and art Superman Man of Steel #1,2 VF John Byrne story and art Daredevil #180 NM Frank Miller cover story and art Captain America Steve Roger's #1 NM Steranko cover variant Weird Fantasy #13 coverless
  18. Just Teasing Limited Signed HC ed. Dave Steven's Poster book $200 $175
  19. Journey into Unknown Worlds #11 CGC 7.5 OW/White pages Everett cover and art $720 $695
  20. Airboy #5 Dave Steven's Valkyrie cover VF $10. SOLD
  21. Blackhawk #47 Classic Cover 1/2 inch tear back cover. Nice color strike and gloss. FINE 6.0 $195 $180
  22. Will be listing a mix of GA, TPB/HC and misc items in this sales thread. Accepted methods of payment PayPal,Zelle, check or money order. No returns on slabbed books. Returns accepted on raw within 4 days of receiving them and returned undamaged. Shipping included with BIN. Green Lama #7 VF/NM 9.0 white pages Mac Raboy cover and art. $270 $235
  23. Willing to pay finders fee for non auction book.