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  1. Has anyone had any recent Fast Track Economy? Mine has not moved since received. FAST TRACK ECONOMY Received 2/11/20
  2. When mine went from CCS to CGC the received date was updated on my submission online. Before was , received 11/14 fast track economy. Changed to , received 2/11 fast track economy. Same service description but the new updated date is the time to start counting for the CGC wait.
  3. VALUE 2/4/20 Received Some good news for me. Looking like Wednesday, May 20, 2020 might be the lucky day.
  4. In for sure this year, always fun and a little stressful.
  5. As am I. Standard 2 books Received 12/5/2019 Still "Scheduled for Grading" Called and was told another week plus. Said they were very busy etc.
  6. Well you win for the best 1.0 AF15 I have ever seen. I would not add tape to it either and just keep the parts.
  7. Sorry I am late, can I have #73. Loads of fun this year everyone. Big thanks.
  8. Any one see a huge change in page quality grading as well? I have now received more off white books in my last submissions (100 books) than I have received for the last 2 years in total.
  9. Thank you very much. I will give that a try on the next submission. It is not like we need a pre-screen anyway, everything we submit is a 9.8 any way
  10. I would also like to know it the Pre-Screen option is working. I started to use the new system and it was great until I figured out there was no way to pre-screen, then it was back to the old PDF and Print.