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  1. This definitely sounds promising, thanks for the detailed review! If Ace can get through their growing pains, and maybe move out of a sports arena and into a more traditional con space, it sounds like these shows could be good moving forward.
  2. Wizard World Cleveland -- March 2-4, 2018

    About six weeks out.
  3. WONDERCON 2018, MARCH 23-25, Anaheim, CA

    Nineish weeks away.
  4. Denver Comic Con -- June 15-17, 2018

    Five months away! I’m hoping to actually make it to this show this year...
  5. Greater Austin Comic Con -- June 16-17, 2018

    Five months away.
  6. Starts a month from today!
  7. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    @Kevin Boyd, any progress on getting any major publishers to set up at the show? A Marvel or DC booth in particular would be awfully nice, but Valiant or Image would certainly work too.
  8. I figured that. I maybe shouldn’t have quoted you as I wasn’t trying to contradict you. I was just adding my own .
  9. I think he’s at $35 or $40 for a signature these days.
  10. As a DCU collector I wanted the Zero Hour variants and the DC bullet variants as I see them being cut from the same cloth. The Zero Hour variants came in a 20 book brick just like many DCUs did.
  11. Conan Comics

    With Marvel’s new Legacy numbering that’s exactly where they should start it.
  12. Don’t take this as a defense of the cover you so expertly (and rightly) skewered, but don’t all left legs extend from one’s left, um, posterior?
  13. I am seeing $80 for the auto and $100 for the photo op on the Planet website Ok, that’s much more reasonable. Thanks!