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  1. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Definitely. I know of plenty of cases where dealers would have been able to head home before a show even opened with a healthy profit for the entire weekend. The actual show sales were gravy. But if the buyers are really out there in droves then more dealers would be setting up. When the small dealers are not signing up for a WW Chicago, which historically has been a show with that mix of large dealers and weekend warriors, it makes me question whether money has been flowing their way as readily as it has been in years past. Yes, table prices have gone up, but a $1500 table isn't much if you stand to make bank if the buyers are there.
  2. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    If they were buying then why are dealers dropping like flies at so many of the mega shows? WW Austin this weekend is a prime example of a show that was well attended and had lots of comic dealers 6-7 years ago and now it’s a wasteland of insurance dealers and Pop tables. What about all the empty booths at WW Chicago this year?
  3. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    It doesn’t matter if you get 10,000 people in the door if nobody is there for comics, but the right 50 people can make a show. The right mix of buyers there for books can work for big and small dealers, and buyers will be happy to have the diversity. I’m happy to be able to dive dollar boxes at the same show I can also buy $1000 books. This is why a show like WW Chicago is so great when they have the right mix of mega dealers and small timers.
  4. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    I still think cosplay is a trend that will die off when this generation finds something else to do. The “pros” will fall by the wayside when the mega-cons start to dwindle.
  5. Wizard World Austin -- November 17-19, 2017

    The silence in this thread is deafening.
  6. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    And proud of it. These whippersnappers today don’t know what they’re missing. And get off of my lawn, hippie!
  7. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Free State in Lawrence and Air Capital in Wichita come to mind as great examples. I’ve had great times at those shows three years running as both a customer and a seller.
  8. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    I’ve been to a few shows like this in the Kansas area, and it’s nice to see true comic shows that are still doing well. I’m hoping that this is a trend we’ll see coming out of this deflation of the mega-con market.
  9. With the sheer number of shows these days it would appear to any outside observer that we’re experiencing a golden age of cons that is coinciding with the golden age of comic movies. Seemingly every weekend you could go to a con, especially in a place like Texas, and if flights weren’t an issue you could probably attend a large show (Wizard, Fan Expo, Reed, Heroes & Villains, etc) damn near every weekend someplace in the US. However, as anyone who goes to these shows to shop for books knows, comics tend to be pretty scarce at the average “comic con” compared to years past. These shows have evolved into a generic mutated shell of their former selves. Its been our experience that comic sales at the larger shows have been trending to be, at best, very hit or miss. I’ve heard similar set of complaints from a variety of other vendors on different online forums. I can’t help but think that this could be due, at least in part, to oversaturation. Cons are no longer once or twice a year special events that you save up for months to attend and spend like a drunken sailor, now you go once a month and spend a few bucks. This change in spending trends is not reflected in the ever escalating vendor table fees and entry fees. With Wizard (once again) seemingly on the ropes I’m left to wonder if we’ve passed “peak con” or will very soon.
  10. That’s a common mistake for that issue, you’re definitely not alone in having made it!
  11. It is good when you can get the market to take its clothes off.
  12. Chicago was serviceable this year, but I'll agree that it paled in comparison to even 2-3 years ago. To me that story looks like a plea to be bought. They played a similar tune this time last year and got a cash infusion, and this seems like the same thing. Either someone else will come in and give them a pile of money, or they'll sell their (shrinking) slate of decent shows. That may be only NO, Chicago, and 1-2 others, but they would be worth something to somebody. As long as there is a late summer comic extravaganza in Chicago I'll be happy, no matter who runs it. That is a tradition that cannot be allowed to die.