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  1. mysterio

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Got these back from CGC today.
  2. mysterio

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Top pair are just back from CGC, bottom book was purchased this weekend at Fandemic.
  3. mysterio

    Flash collectors thread

    Just back from CGC.
  4. mysterio

    Fandemic Tour (Houston, TX) Sept 15-17, 2017

    We’re back from the show and getting caught up on our rest. It was an ok weekend, but a bit of a grind at times. None of the comic dealers were thrilled with their showing, and it would seem that this was another show focused on getting attendees in the door to throw all their money at photos and autographs. We did appreciate everyone that did stop by the booth to buy!
  5. mysterio

    The battle for Chicago 2019 3 conventions Now

    It hurts WW more, I’d think. C2E2 is established and earlier than both, so it should get whatever dollars it was going to get anyway.
  6. mysterio

    Keystone Comic Con Philly Sept. 16-18 2018

    This is certainly true. But if their aim is to grow as a comic show, and they clearly attracted some heavy hitter dealers this time around, how does stacking up against WW Chicago help them?
  7. mysterio

    Keystone Comic Con Philly Sept. 16-18 2018

    Same weekend as WW Chicago.
  8. mysterio

    Keystone Comic Con Philly Sept. 16-18 2018

    Word on the street is that this show was a disaster for the dealers.
  9. mysterio

    Wizard World Chicago — August 22-25, 2019

    Rumor is that Ace will be running a show in Chicago the week prior to Wizard in 2019.
  10. mysterio

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

  11. Other than #15 and #18, which seem to be a bit more common, none of the Animaniacs are easy.
  12. Chuck Rozanski, Mike High Comics.
  13. mysterio

    Fandemic Tour (Houston, TX) Sept 15-17, 2017

    maybe! I’ll be happy to sign an affidavit to go along with the book to establish the provenance.
  14. mysterio

    Fandemic Tour (Houston, TX) Sept 15-17, 2017

    And no, no CGC booth but there is a booth where witnesses can be procured so it allows SS. Mini-report after day 1: Solid sales day, and the crowd was ok for a Friday. Plenty of great books in the room if you’re looking for comics. This was my pickup from yesterday for my collection: