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  1. Took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about, then I saw that new column. In any event, that is fixed.
  2. I will! Next time I’m on a computer where I can get to the scan...
  3. Glad to see you back @bc! That is a nutty price for a TOS #2. Apparently I will be happy with my 6.0 for the time being...
  4. Never owned Vandoom. Just the one Moomba, in my TTA box for the time being.
  5. Strange Tales #81 VG? -- asking $100 + shipping SOLD This is a tough one to grade. Structurally it is about a 7.0, but it is missing that chip out of the spine. Spine is not split above or below the chip, and I am not sure what would have caused it. There are also some spots in the front cover gloss, and a few of them have very light stains on the interior front cover as well. Paper all seems fine. Centerfold is detached at the top staple but firmly attached at bottom, cover is attached at both.
  6. Strange Tales #76 VG -- asking $110 + shipping SOLD Solid copy, everything attached at both staples, general wear typical for the grade. This is what I have into it.
  7. Strange Tales #72 3.5ish -- asking $115 + shipping SOLD Another less common issue from 1959. Everything is attached at both staples. Light wear abounds but book has decent eye appeal. Main defect of note is the stain on the Colossus' chest. It does not penetrate the cover. Another very light stain on his forehead that does very slightly penetrate the cover but does not affect pages. Light moisture stain at top left back cover that also does not affect any pages.
  8. Ok, Tennessee and Vandy are at halftime so I may as well knock out a book or two... Strange Tales #70 VG+ -- asking $140 + shipping SOLD Very solid copy, everything attached at both staples. Great color and gloss. Light spine wear, minor chip at top spine corner, pre-chipping along right edge with one chip out. Very solid copy of an uncommon book.
  9. Yeah, I owned this one for years until a recent upgrade. It is a book I wanted to own even before I collected JIM seriously.