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  1. Working on our prep for the show, stuffing boxes with plenty of $2 and priced as marked books from newly purchased collections we hadn’t processed previously. If there is anything you’re looking for let me know via PM and I can see what we’ve got. We’ll be at booth 155.
  2. Sometimes buying your way out of a bad show is the best way to put a little lipstick on that pig.
  3. This is worth adding to the discussion. I've shown this book here before, but since it was a few years ago our more recently arrived contributors may not have seen it. I'd been looking for a copy of JIM #1 and despairing over ever being able to find a copy I could afford, then this one popped up on Comiclink and I was able to get it for under $600. While it is a 0.5, it is complete and I doubt you would ever find a nicer looking copy for the technical grade. While I no longer own it, it is only because I have since upgraded and traded it as part of the deal. The moral of the story is to not completely give up hope on books you think may be out of your price range, the comic gods will sometimes surprise you in the nicest ways.
  4. In my experience it is much less common. Neither is common, of course, but I have seen probably twice as many ST #1s offered for sale.
  5. Of those two it seems to me that the TOS is the less common book. I see more TTA #1s on the market, but YMMV. Not sure there is any factors that would point to one book over the other besides personal preference and availability. Unless you have a preference I’d probably say to buy whichever one shows up first, assuming you like the copy for the price. Definitely don’t just buy one to buy one, make sure you’ll be excited to own it and not have buyers remorse because the deal/copy wasn’t ultimately worth it. Also, while they come up much less often, you might be able to sneak into a low grade (like 1.0-2.0) copy of ST #1 for a similar price. Don’t rule it out entirely.
  6. I like the beauty of a high grade copy, but there is something really appealing about a solid lower grade book that speaks to the collector in me. I appreciate a well loved book that you can tell passed through a few owners’ hands and was enjoyed.
  7. Congrats! I’d be quite happy with that level of patina.
  8. Just noticed William Katt on the list, may have to get an auto from a celeb for a change.
  9. Looks like my book that was lost in the mail has been located. for a safe delivery...
  10. Yes, for JIM I’d agree that #52 is difficult period but especially in grade.
  11. I started with a raw that graded at a 3.5, then upgraded to a 4.5 that I thought would be my forever copy. This one fell in my lap and I couldn’t pass it up.
  12. I didn’t take a lot of photos this year as I was in the booth 98% of the time, but here’s a shot of our booth and Duncanville’s impressive setup. @DvilleBookstore