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  1. Not much time to post books tonight, unfortunately, but I will post this one goodie... Brave and the Bold #60 G -- asking $38 + shipping Attractive book despite low technical grade. The top staple has pulled through the cover and the first 6 pages, but the lower staple is well attached to the cover and the centerfold is attached at both. The page quality is quite nice. Bit of a dust shadow on the back cover, and it looks as though there was some light moisture to the upper back cover but no staining. The front cover has a quarter sized moisture stain on the inside at the top by the area where some surface paper is missing. Also a nickel sized stain on the inside front cover at the 12 c price (I think there may have been a price sticker affixed at some point that has fallen off, no damage to outside of the cover at this area). Book is complete, readable, and still has good gloss and color. If you want an entry level copy this is a nice one.
  2. I've got a small window before I get to enjoy some mandatory work fun, so I can get a book up... World's Finest #118 F/F+ -- asking $31 + shipping A bit more spine wear than the previous books, a touch of wear along the right edge, some light chippiness to the edges of the back cover. About a 1" crease on the upper left back cover. Still a very pretty copy in a mylar.
  3. Thread should be updated. I've got a few more WF books left, then will post a new recap and let things ride for a few days. Offers, particularly on package deals, are always happily accepted! World's Finest #117 F/VF or so -- asking $39 + shipping SOLD Another difficult one to grade. The pros: very white, great paper, color (scan is in no way color manipulated), gloss, and structure. The cons: slightly rounded upper right corner, lower right corner edge wear, bit of chippiness top and bottom of back cover. But overall still a seriously attractive copy with some minor technical knocks.
  4. mysterio

    Wizard World Chicago — August 22-25, 2019

    By this time Wizard would normally have preliminary guest lists up for most of their shows, especially Philly and Chicago. I don’t know whether it’s more concerning that those two shows have no guests, or that St Louis doesn’t. A couple of months is not long enough to promote what should be a large show (really any show where selling tickets is a goal). No guests and slashing ticket prices could be seen as a red flag... Is it a matter of guests not committing to those future shows with Wizard, or that Wizard isn’t obtaining guests for those shows yet? Again, I’m not sure which would be worse. Of course it’s possible that Wizard does have guests and is choosing not to promote that, but what would the point of that be?
  5. World's Finest #116 VF- -- asking $39 + shipping SOLD Another nice book. Pages are more OW than previous books I've listed, but still nice. Edge wear at lower right front cover is really the worst of it, and light wear to upper corner. Book would likely benefit from a press.
  6. World's Finest #115 VF/VF+ -- asking $65 + shipping (below OSPG) SOLD Beautiful book, fresh pages. Only real defect I can see (aside from the slightly overzealous distributor spray) is the upper spine where it looks scuffed. It doesn't feel scuffed, so I am inclined to think that this is maybe printing (note a similar loss of color along the upper edge). Any way you slice it, even if this is a defect this is still a gorgeous copy structurally.