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  1. Could be an interesting year for Wizard if they’re only doing 5 shows in 2020...
  2. Only Price Drop Amazing Adventures #3 -- $195 + shipping Tales to Astonish #6 -- $550 + shipping Pair for $730 shipped
  3. Recently upgraded both of these books, so it would be nice to free up the funds from these undercopies. I bought them both slabbed, so I do not know their pressing history. Payment via Paypal, checks, or MOs welcomed. If you are international you must pay via Paypal in US dollars. Shipping is a flat $10 in the US whether you buy one or both. International is at cost to your destination via a trackable method. Customs forms will be filled out accurately. No returns on CGC graded books, so please ask any questions or get any additional photos prior to taking a book. The first via public thread or PM is a winner, and I will do my best to determine fairly who wins in the event of a near tie between a post and a PM. Offers via PM are welcome, but if a deal is not closed prior to a thread sale then the book is sold. If a deal is closed via PM prior to a public sale then the PM deal is still good. I will post any PM sales in the thread asap. Nobody on any naughty list, or who has previously backed out of a deal with me, is welcome to purchase here. First book is Amazing Adventures #3 CGC 6.0 OW-W -- asking $225 + shipping Not a common book in this grade, one of the tougher books in the series in my experience. My scanner kept creating blue artifacts no matter what I did, so I've added a few photos (which may be rotated because I took them with my iPhone). Pretty sure it hasn't been pressed.
  4. I’m waiting a bit longer. Much of the backlog should be done by 12/1. Last Jan/Feb they had sparkling TATs, in some cases I got books back a bit faster than stated times
  5. Personally I’m not a fan of their bidding system. I “won” two books on Hakes that I did not end up owning because I didn’t outbid the previous bidder by the minimum raise. My first experience was “winning” an AF #15 by $14 but did not get the book because I didn’t outbid the last bidder by the $100 minimum raise. Nobody bid higher than me, but the person who got the book got it for $14 under my bid.
  6. Home Page Wonderful smaller show that maintains a focus on comics. There should be plenty of books in the room (including our setup) and a very solid guest list: Pat Broderick Kevin Nowlan Phil Hester Kyle Strahm Ande Parks Bob Hall B. Clay Moore Stephen Green and many more!
  7. Yep, now that you mention it I recall seeing that prototype listed someplace.
  8. That was my reasoning. I collect pre-hero Marvel anyway, but this title has always been a favorite of mine because of the lead-in to AF #15. Add my favorite pedigree to the mix and I was pretty well all in on this copy. It even upgraded my current 6.0 to boot. AA #3-4 have always seemed quite tough. I haven’t seen many copies of #3 come up for sale, and this 6.5 passes for high grade among the ones I have seen listed.
  9. Should be a great show, sorry I can’t be up there for it!
  10. I’m still surprised I got it, but I also blew past what I’d originally promised myself my limit would be. Ended up at about 3x (an admittedly patchy set of data on) GPA.