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  1. Been a while since I was able to find one I needed in the wild, but persistence pays off.
  2. It's shaping up to be a good show, I'm looking forward to it! Make sure you stop by our booth and say hi!
  3. It wasn't Duncanville, it was one of the out of town dealers that set up at North Texas. Nice guys, I've known them a while and they knew what it was, but because of the defects they didn't think it was particularly valuable. I figured that even in this shape it was worth picking up.
  4. Pulled it out of a box at a show, very surprised to find it.
  5. Found this one over the weekend. Seriously low grade, but I'm still .
  6. Please let me know. I’d like to get at least one Roy Thomas, maybe more, and possibly a few to several others. Thanks!
  7. Tremendous show as usual, though I’m dragging a bit this morning after the late return. Outstanding guest list! Every time I think the guest list has peaked Chris pulls another brilliant guest list. Only made one purchase over the weekend, but it was a piece from Bob Layton. Always wanted one and I’m thrilled to finally add his Iron Man to the collection. Great to see everyone who stopped by the table, and everyone who made purchases (thanks again @spideyfan68!). Looking forward to Dallas Fan Expo and the next North Texas!
  8. Historically it has always been an excellent buying show. I’m hoping I may sneak up for Thursday only, will have to see.
  9. Just one book today, one I've owned probably 30 years but recently had graded so I could sell it. While I once had the #1-72 run nearly complete I've gradually sold all the others off except for the #1-2 (the #2 is currently on eBay, it is an 8.5). If you'd be interested in a package deal I would be open to negotiating that and removing that book from eBay. I accept checks, money orders, and Paypal. Shipping is included in the asking price, with a $10 credit towards international shipping (buyer pays anything above $10 US). Returns are begrudgingly accepted, but since this is a graded book there would need to be a pretty good reason. If you are in the Dallas area I will be at North Texas Comic Con next weekend and the book can be picked up there in person (cash is much appreciated if we do a hand off at the show, and would also bring a $10 discount because shipping is not needed). Offers are always welcome. Please ask any questions you may have before buying. in the thread or via PM is preferred and will trump any unconsummated negotiations. I will do my best to determine the winner in the event of a near tie between the thread and PM, but if it is close my inclination is to favor the thread . Asking price was $495, now $469 shipped in the US. Recent GPA is provided below.