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  1. Laugh #153 Fine -- asking $16 Solid copy, upper right corner of front cover missing tiny chip. Press may help it a bit more.
  2. Laugh #138 VG-/VG -- asking $9 + shipping Would be about 7.0 if not for the moisture up top on both covers. Pages lightly affected but perfectly readable.
  3. Laugh #137 VG-/VG -- asking $6 + shipping SOLD Some moisture staining, most visible on back cover. Top stain is worse, but very light one along left side as well. Pages only mildly affected, still perfectly readable. Two tiny holes at top spine. Looks nicer in the bag & board, solid structurally.
  4. No time for early birds, but can get a few tonight. Laugh #136 about VG -- asking $12 + shipping SOLD Bit of moisture at top of back cover, couple of very short splits at spine, staples attached everywhere except bottom staple at cf (top is ok). Tiny bit of upper right corner off.
  5. A few nice Strange Tales closed on Heritage last night. I got the #40 6.0 as an upgrade (IMO one of the toughest books in the run) and the #46 6.5. Pics when I’m home. Anyone else get any?
  6. Laugh #118 G -- asking $25 + shipping VG recently sold on eBay for $112! Cover detached at both staples, 1" split inbetween staples. Piece out of top edge of front cover, corner off back cover. Interior is fine, everything attached at both staples.
  7. Laugh #115 VG -- asking $45 + shipping A Fine- recently sold on eBay for over $130! Everything is attached at both staples, though cover is a bit loose at top. Upper right corner has some creasing and a small tear, spine wear, tiny corner off lower right corner of cover.
  8. Love Diary #34 VG- -- asking $2 + shipping Bit heavier moisture at top spine on back cover, bottom staple has pulled through cover and 1st wrap but everything else is solid at both staples. Reading wear at spine. Not an awful copy, but not as nice as the other two offerings in this title.
  9. Love Diary #32 Fineish -- asking $7 + shipping Minor stacking curl at spine, bit of reading wear at spine, bit of tanning on edges of back cover. Another structurally nice copy.
  10. More Charlton for a palate cleanser... Love Diary #25 VG/VG+ -- asking $6 + shipping SOLD Would be higher if not for that touch of moisture at the upper spine on the back cover. Very structurally solid.
  11. Last Secret Hearts in this thread. Secret Hearts #132 G -- asking $3 + shipping SOLD Desirable cover, but heavy wear. Everything is attached.
  12. Secret Hearts #131 G/VG -- asking $4 + shipping Everything is attached, wear visible in scans, back cover folded as usual.
  13. Secret Hearts #123 G -- asking $3 + shipping Everything is attached. Tear on right edge of front cover. Printer line on lower left back cover, that is not a tear.
  14. Secret Hearts #122 G -- asking $2 + shipping Another typical Good with heavy wear. Cover is attached at both staples, cf is cleanly detached at both but is present.
  15. Secret Hearts #117 G -- asking $2 + shipping Everything is attached, no major issues, just wear visible in scans.
  16. Secret Hearts #116 G -- asking $3 + shipping No eBay comps on this one either. Complete, but centerfold is cleanly detached at both staples. General wear, but book is perfectly readable with no major problems.
  17. I couldn’t find one either, and I’m checking most of these for pricing info (and to try to avoid posting a Lichtenstein book for $3).
  18. Post-breakfast, pre-shelving... Secret Hearts #115 Fr/G -- asking $1 + shipping Tear at lower left front cover, lower staple detached from front cover but upper is firm. General wear. Back cover fold like the last few SH books. Centerfold attached but small tear at upper staple. Book is complete.
  19. Headed to breakfast with the family shortly, then I'm hoping to get quite a few more books up today around the Chiefs game and hanging some shelves in the garage.