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  1. It is a mail holiday here too, but I don't know what that means for whether or not graders are working. I'd think that a sub could progress to shipped/safe (or any other stage) even if the mail can't physically go out.
  2. No idea if it would count or not, and am wondering if I need to obsessively refresh my invoice page all day for a sub in QC.
  3. Saw this ad in a Spawn #1 and got all tingly inside.
  4. Nice grabs on the WOF books guys! I was a weak underbidder on all of them, not nearly enough to actually affect the end result as it turned out. Very cool books.
  5. It's not out of the question, I've gotten compensated and I know of at least one other case where slab-related damage was fully compensated.
  6. Terrible news, he was a great guy and a passionate collector. We had talked on the boards a few times and then I got to meet him at a WW Chicago. He'd reached out to me about a year ago as he was selling some books, and though I couldn't afford them I wanted to help him out (and they were gorgeous books I am proud to own, especially having come from him). Last time I talked to him, which was a few months ago, he said he was doing a little better.
  7. Fantastic! FYI, that Batman coloring book has very early Harley Quinn pages.
  8. One of my favorite covers in the run. Also the first with this style for the title.
  9. Why not both if you’re local (or localish)?
  10. Normally I’d agree, but if the convention center rolls the con’s money over to 2021 then that puts the con in a sticky spot. I’ve seen several shows in that position, but if requested they usually do process refunds on a case by case basis.
  11. I imagine it was! Congrats, that’s a great book! I’m quite content with my 6.0 I bought raw and had graded, picked up at the first show I’d been to in over a decade (grad school and collecting don’t often mix). Anyone get any of those nice Strange Tales on Comic Connect last night? I put in bids I was only slightly uncomfortable with and managed to go 0-7. Figured I’d get at least one but .
  12. I’d prefer a 6.0-7.0, but this copy will make me very happy for the time being. I’ve been spending a lot lately as well, and may have a few more bids come in by the end of the week. It’s been a great, but expensive, month for auctions!
  13. ASM #17 comes to mind for this as well. I’d like a copy that has a nice stretch of blue to the right of the number box and a full ear on the guy in the lower right corner.
  14. I was the underbidder, but the winner got it for a full hundred above me. No telling what their max was, but it was stout. My bid was above my comfort zone and still didn’t get the job done. While surfing last night I found a 5.5 copy on Comic Connect that I ended up getting to salve the wound. Considerably less expensive than the 8.0!
  15. Looks like that 7.0 was a smokin deal at that price, the 8.0 went for double that. And not to me.
  16. Very envious of anyone who gets to attend this. Already counting the days to June and that makeup show happens.
  17. Kind of assuming this book will have a 1 in front, but I hope I'm wrong...
  18. I can see that. Hard to judge without the book in hand.