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  1. mysterio
    12 book submission
    Finally sent in my first CGC submission today. It is 12 total books (3 of which are on the coupon). They are:
    Amazing Spider-man #1 (I expect a 2.5-3.0 on this. I bought it 23 years ago in High School for $80!)
    Amazing Spider-man #7 (also a HS purchase, should get a 7.5-8.0)
    Amazing Spider-man #20 (should get an 8.0 to maybe an 8.5)
    My non-coupon submissions are:
    Amazing Spider-man #35 (am hoping for a 9.0-9.2)
    Amazing Spider-man #54 (am hoping for a 9.4)
    Amazing Spider-man #118 (could be a 9.6/9.8, fingers crossed)
    Incredible Hulk #104 (one of the prettiest books ever, should be a 9.8)
    Tales to Astonish #1 (3.5-4.0)
    Tales to Astonish #25 (looks 8.0 from the front, but a BC crease likely puts it at a 7.0)
    Young Allies #20 (maybe a 3.0-3.5)
    2 copies of Sgt. Fury #1 (one is a 3.0, the other hopefully a 4.0)
    We'll see how they turn out!
  2. mysterio
    Got my coupon books back!
    On my Amazing Spider-man #1 I expected a 2.5-3.0 and I got a 3.0 OW-W pages. Not a bad start. On my Amazing Spider-man #7 I predicted that it would get 7.5-8.0 and it pulled an 8.5 OW-W, so I was quite happy with that! The third book on my coupon was my Amazing Spider-man #20, which I thought would get an 8.0 to maybe an 8.5. Sadly this one got only a 7.0 OW-W. I can understand the grade, but I do think it a bit harsh and would have thought that a 7.5 would be more defendable; but you can't win them all I guess.
    Just as a side note, I sent the books in on 5/10 and they arrived back on my doorstep on 5/29. This is a 19 day door to door turnaround, which is quite a bit nicer than the advertised 20 business days just for the grading. Nice work guys!
    I will get the grades for my other 9 submissions up when I get them!

  3. mysterio
    Does anyone else focus on summer comic buying?
    I'm well into another very successful summer buying season (more on this in bit) and was wondering if others in the hobby still have a focus on summer buying like I do. Of course, growing up in Chicago the main focus of my collecting year was the Chicago Comicon. My brother and I went for years, starting in the late 1980's. We still have books from Rob Liefeld's 24 hour signing marathon if anyone remembers that. Of course, we would be up the entire night before the show started, and it was like Christmas in July. This was way before the internet allowed comics to be bought and sold 24/7/365, so unless they had something at your local comics shop you were out of luck until the con rolled around again.
    Now, even though the comics market has changed a lot, I'm still geared around the summer buying season. I suppose that part of this is due to extra funds from teaching summer school (which my ever supportive wife allows me to use on my collection), but even in years where extra money hasn't been there I still get geared up for making at least one major summer purchase. This year, so far, it has been some nice Tales of Suspense (#41, 48, & 54) and filling in a couple of black cover nemesis books in Amazing Spidey (#60 & 104, both in CGC 9.2), last year it was my grail of grails, Amazing Fantasy #15 (which I spent half the summer selling stuff to pay for). In 2008 I picked up Tales of Suspense #39, 40, 50, and a serious upgrade for my Amazing Spidey #122.
    My question for the journal readers out there is whether or not you follow any sort of calendar when it comes to your collecting. Do you have a "season" or do you tend to buy whenever you have the funds or a particular book comes along? Going to conventions in the summer for so long has apparently hardwired me for summer buying, but is everyone like this or is it just me?