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  1. JHV Thanks! I always visit them and always forget their names. It's a wonderland of books.
  2. Those are beautiful. I've got the bottom two, I've never run across the others in decent shape for a price I wanted to pay. I may need to get around to scanning my copies.
  3. Good question! We've got a little time to figure it out...
  4. Three months away, looking forward to this one!
  5. Are you setting up? Nope, just bumping the thread for anyone interested. I won't be in SA until Alamo City (we are setting up there again).
  6. As much as I love this show I avoid Saturday like the plague. I've usually spent all my money and then some by Thursday evening anyway, but even if I hadn't that level of crowd is enough to keep me away.
  7. No kidding, he looks like he has some sort of deformity there This cover takes the prize for arms that are anatomically impossible (the bones don't work this way, and the right and left skeletons are crossed the same way, not opposite).
  8. We always look forward to selling at this one, it is a good time if you're local. Home page Facebook page
  9. Facebook Page Home Page 2015 event thread More to follow...
  10. Since we had the dates I thought I would post them for OCD overplanners like me. A scant fifteen months away! Thanks to Catrick for digging up the date. Home Page Edit: It looks like they changed the dates...
  11. Home page Looks like they've added a mini-Philly in November for some reason.
  12. Yes, you read that correctly, a cruise. To the Bahamas. With Norman Reedus and Barry Bostwick. You just can't make this stuff up. WW Cruise home page
  13. Apparently they think they can be more successful than Wizard with a large con in Atlanta... Home page
  14. I've got a few bids out, we'll see if any stick. EDIT: We're now into the February action, which starts closing tonight, so may as well keep the same thread... New EDIT: Might as well have a rolling thread if we're going to keep tacking on, less clutter in CG.