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  1. Tales to Astonish #20 VG/VG+ -- asking $79 shipped in the US Solid copy with light wear, may make Fine minus for some (I'm trying to be conservative). Top edge looks like a subscription crease, but that only breaks color for maybe an inch before turning into a NCB bend. Cover and centerfold are attached at both staples.
  2. Flash #147 (second Reverse Flash) Fine -- asking $49 shipped in the US SOLD Solid book, main issue is that the centerfold is detached at the lower staple, but is still holding at upper. Cover is firmly attached. Staples have darkened somewhat, but have not rusted. Light wear to front and back covers. Superboy #149 VF -- asking $36 shipped in the US Former CGC 8.5 but looks more like a VF to me so I'll go conservative on the grade. I bought the book to get an Al Plastino SS before I found out that he wasn't a fan of SS generally, so I never got it signed. It has a Neal Adams cover, so it could still become a SS book if you would like. The original CGC label will come with the book, and I cracked it myself.
  3. I found a few raw Flash books to add to the thread: #127 – VG, light spine wear, minor creases to cover along edge, very light 2” crease across Grodd’s left arm and thigh, water spot to lower cover at bottom of spine, cover and centerfold attached at both staples. Asking $45 shipped in US. #131 – G/VG, solid book with cover and centerfold well attached at both staples and light wear. Main issue is moderate foxing to front and back covers and stamps to front cover. Asking $15 shipped in the US. #132 – G, moderate wear, chipping to spine and edge of cover, small piece out of back cover at upper spine, spine split at bottom spine, small tape pull to Flash’s boot in center of cover, but complete and cover and centerfold are attached at both staples. Asking $10 shipped in the US. Take these three Flash books for $60 shipped in the US.
  4. CGC is going to be there, so anyone could get a book done. If you'll be there you can just get a witness and do one.
  5. Figured I might as well list a couple of other books I already had scans for... Tales to Astonish #6 CGC 6.5 OW (Slight C-1) -- asking $345 shipped in the US I bought this book raw from Tomorrow's Treasures back before I found these boards and had heard anything about his proclivities. The book is really stunning, and I decided to sub it even though I was expecting a purple label. The restoration notation says "small amount of glue on spine of cover" and that is all. No trim, no color touch. This is a really unforgiving cover to be this clean. I recently upgraded to a blue label 6.0 or I'd be keeping this one, and frankly this copy is more attractive than the blue label by a fair bit. This explains the fairly aggressive price, which is still less than 70% of what I paid on the blue 6.0. Tales to Astonish #22 CGC 4.0 OW-W -- asking $75 $69 shipped in the US One of the more difficult books from this title to find in any grade.
  6. I've got quite a few undercopies to list, starting with this one. I'll try to get to the others, mostly pre-hero Marvels, over the next few days. Shipping is included in the list price in the US. International buyers are welcome, and will pay any postage costs minus $10 US. International postage must be trackable. Nobody on any naughty list is welcome to buy. Payments via Paypal, money orders, or checks (which will need to clear if I don't know you) are acceptable. Returns are welcome. Shipping is on you if it is a CGC book, or if there is a simple disagreement on a raw book. If I missed something material on a raw book then return shipping is on me. Let me know if you have any other questions. I purchased this book already graded, so I do not know its pre-slabbing history. Offers via PM are always welcome. Flash #139 CGC 4.5 OW-W (Intro Reverse Flash) -- asking $395 $375 shipped in the US
  7. Would a nicely presenting low grade Adventure #247 count? Why yes, that would count. If someone had such a thing. I'll get a photo or two up when I get a chance. Seemed like a good reason to bump the thread. It has about a 2 inch spine split at the top and 1/2 inch split at the bottom, but both staples are secure in the cover and centerfold. I think I did ok.
  8. Doubt that's the case - all the suits care about is $ and the stink of this one may taint them into working something out with Marvel. Why does Marvel need the FF? Between the Avengers and the Inhumans they've got teams covered. What does the FF offer? Striking a deal for Spidey makes obvious sense, but I'm not sure the FF does outside of pure fanboy desire to see them in the MCU.
  9. I had planned to see it for this reason, but after reading many of the reviews I've pretty much been talked out of that. I'll wait for Netflix.
  10. Sounds promising! I'm still anticipating being there Sunday. I'm hoping we've got a second good show in KC. I've heard very good things about Planet, but being new to the area I haven't been yet.
  11. Would a nicely presenting low grade Adventure #247 count? Why yes, that would count. If someone had such a thing. I'll get a photo or two up when I get a chance. Seemed like a good reason to bump the thread.
  12. Looks like this book hasn't cooled in the least. A 3.0 just sold for over $400 in the last Comiclink auction. They've listed a 7.0 in the next auction, and it'll be interesting to see where it ends up. Very glad I bought my 5.0 when I did.
  13. Would a nicely presenting low grade Adventure #247 count?
  14. Also the same weekend as Comicpalooza in Houston and WW Sacramento. That's a really full weekend.
  15. If there are no buyers in the room it doesn't matter if there were 7 dealers or only 1, they'd still have a bad show. The typical Wizard con-goer these days doesn't strike me as a serious comic buyer. It may just be me, but I doubt that. Using Wizard Austin as an example, the first time we attended that show in 2010 there were about double the number of major dealers than were still doing the show in 2013. From what I heard about 2014 that number had shrunk even further. If buyers were coming out and spending money, the dealers would still be doing that show. If a show that was once as good as Austin has gone down the tubes, I shudder to think what these newer and smaller shows are up against.
  16. 1980s comics come from the 1980s. What's copper got to do with it? Would you consider comic books an artform? I would. Most forms of art that come to mind (art itself, architecture, etc..) are defined in periods for many reasons; ie. social class, economy of the time, typology, etc... But many types of art styles existed concurrently - for example Art Deco and Surrealism both occurred at the same time in the 1920's. So, by that same rational, could Bronze and Copper both exists at the same time? If the ages are defined by style or content, absolutely, and different titles could have different breakpoints as the "feel" changes. If eras are defined strictly by time, then probably not.
  17. This apparently underwhelming show is back on the 2016 schedule as a TBD. Figured I'd just recycle the old thread.
  18. Another really fun show! We had a very solid weekend of selling, and made some great buys too. Not a ton of comics in the room, but that is improving year over year. Next year's dates are July 23-24, and we will be there!
  19. My latest Comiclink win is a book I've been after in grade for a while...