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  1. The Guy Gardner #26 is rare but was on the list. The others are new though. Crazy that we can go like two years with no new ones and then
  2. It is still listed on their website, just checked. Next show for them after this is New Orleans.
  3. Yeah, though if everyone would just follow the damn guidelines I think we would be ok. Masks and keeping a bit of distance is not so much to ask, but apparently some feel it is. I won't be surprised if masks become more commonplace going forward, like you see many places in Asia. It would at least cut down on cases of con crud.
  4. That's a beauty! It is also supposed to contain an Ant-man prototype, though the one copy I've owned was also slabbed so I haven't been able to confirm this.
  5. Y'all have been very busy in this thread since I last checked in, like 6-7 pages worth! My latest, I slabbed the #15 and bought the #31.
  6. Just one book today, but it is a beauty just back from CGC today. It is the new highest graded copy (and only second graded copy) of Pep #143. The other copy is a 4.0, which recently sold for $43 (per GPA) for the only comp that we have. Not particularly useful. I accept Venmo, Paypal, checks, or money orders for this item. International buyers must use Venmo or Paypal. via the thread or PM will win. I will list that the book has sold via PM ASAP, and if that happens before a public (as best I can determine in good faith) then the PM buyer is the new owner. I will do my best to choose the new owner as fairly as possible in the event of a near tie. I will ship anyplace via some trackable method. Shipping within the US is included in the asking price, international shipping will get a $10 US credit and will pay the remainder. Graded books are not returnable, WYSIWYG. Please ask any questions you have before you buy. Nobody on any naughty list is welcome to buy. Asking price on this beauty will be $299 shipped in the US. Starting tomorrow morning I will be happy to field PM offers, but will let it ride tonight at this price.
  7. I wish, those are stunning copies of two of my favorite JIM covers.
  8. Beautiful copy of one of my favorite covers from one of my favorite runs.
  9. Man, it would be so nice if that is all it takes.
  10. Will be happy to listen to offers, but I also think they are pretty fairly priced for their difficulty. I'll be away for a bit, but will consider any PMs later today.
  11. Journey Into Mystery #33 G/G+ -- asking $125 + shipping Another uncommon book, which is said to have Ditko's first work for Atlas/Marvel (second story, I believe). Has creasing and significant spine and edge wear, but also has fantastic color. Cover is attached at both staples, centerfold is detached at upper staple but fine at lower staple, and interior is complete with no problems.
  12. This will be a quick thread, just two undercopies of books I have recently upgraded. in the thread or via PM is fine. I will do my best to determine the new owner in the event of a near or apparent tie. I will mark a book as sold in the thread ASAP and will notify the new owner that the book is theirs. If the book is taken via PM or in the thread that will trump any ongoing unconsummated negotiations. Shipping is at cost either domestically or internationally. Must be trackable to wherever these may go. Payment via Venmo, Paypal, checks, or MO is welcome. International buyers must use either Paypal or Venmo in US$. Returns on raw books are always welcome. Returns are at buyer's expense if it is a simple disagreement on grade once it is received, and if it is due to my error I will pay return shipping. Nobody on any naughty lists, or who has previously backed out of a deal with me, is welcome to buy here. Marvel Tales #94 G- -- asking $100 + shipping SOLD via PM This has been a very difficult book for me to find, I think it is a bit less common than the #93 based on many years of looking. This copy is rough, as you can see, but the cover is attached at the top staple (tears around staple so I wouldn't open the cover on a windy day) and the centerfold is attached at both. Interior is complete, with no problems that I noted aside from some edge tears. No missing paper and book is totally readable. Significant tear at lower spine, but no paper appears missing. Another 6" tear across the middle of the front cover, stretching from above the "Haunted Love" word splash to the devil's mouth. Back cover has a large piece out at upper left, and also has some tears. It is a great placeholder or entry level copy that looks fine in a mylar.
  13. Oh, I'm far from comfortable. While my town has only about 400 cases, over 100 of those have popped up in the last week. It is just interesting that some places are seeing huge increases while areas that hosted large non-socially distanced gatherings in the recent past *don't appear* to be seeing the same. It is just kind of interesting to see how this thing is developing and what we may learn about it from these patterns of spread.
  14. Just had two more smaller local shows cancel (early August and mid-September), so I am starting to wonder if this might be my first show of the year...
  15. It sounded like it worked well as a pre-SD sort of event to focus on comics, but I wonder if it will be as successful if it is stretched out to a full weekend show. Also curious if a similar dealer crowd would trek out there without a full week of selling to make it worth their while.
  16. Same in my not-so-major city, but the testing data from protesters in Minneapolis and Boston is so far running only 1% infection rate per an article I read this morning.
  17. Couldn't possibly get tired of seeing those!
  18. That's what I have always heard.