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  1. Not sure I'll get to them all, but here is another... Journey Into Mystery #43 VG+ -- asking $120 + shipping Recently upgraded this book that has a ton of eye appeal for the grade. 1/2" split at top spine, bottom staple detached from front cover but attached at back (see photo). Great color and gloss, nice looking copy! Cover attached at both staples (with aforementioned asterisk at the lower staple) and cf is well attached at both.
  2. Journey Into Mystery #20 G/G- -- asking $125 + shipping Board purchase about a year ago that I upgraded. Everything is attached at both staples, the cf a bit more securely than the cover. Cover is loose, but both staples are holding (the bottom staple only to the back cover). Wouldn't advise reading it in anything more than a light breeze. Bottom staple has a bit of rust with slight transfer to paper. Creasing and edge wear/chipping, but colors are good and cover image is fairly clean. Solid placeholder or reader of a difficult (and cool) book.
  3. Just a few books in this thread, as I try to pay off some comic debt. Other than the Avengers #8 I've owned them all for a while. Payment via Paypal, checks, or MOs are welcome. International buyers must pay via Paypal. Shipping is at cost to your location via some trackable method, whether you are in the US or outside the US. I'll keep it as reasonable as I can while also being safe. Returns are welcome on raw books. If it is a simple disagreement then return shipping is on the buyer, if I made a material error in grading or description then it is on me. Feel free to ask for additional photos or ask questions about any books. Nobody on any naughty lists is welcome to purchase here, nor is anyone who has previously backed out of a deal with me. Quite possibly the only book for tonight: Avengers #8 G- 1.8 or so -- asking $69 + shipping SOLD Pretty typical beat but complete. Cover and centerfold are attached at both staples. Solid enough copy if you're looking for an entry level/reader option. Edit: was asked about the staples. The top staple is clean, but the bottom staple has some surface rust. No transfer to the paper that I saw.
  4. Thanks! I’m still on the lookout for the 12 cent Love Romances.
  5. Took me a few days to get around to it, but here you go.
  6. Considering a trip out to this show next year...
  7. Sounds like my kind of show.
  8. Found this one in the wild today, one of the Aquaman books that had eluded me.
  9. We're discussing all kinds of options, Cat. Nothing concrete yet, however. I'll let people know once we come to some agreement I’m not going, so I’m not sure my vote matters, but Capitol Grill would be a great option. Not sure if they have a back room, but if the party was more modest and they could seat you the food is great.
  10. I’ve found that Supergirl in the wild, it’s uncommon, but that Nightwing is a tough one.
  11. In other news, these deserve club status. I was very excited when I completed this mini-set.
  12. I always wondered about the “skinny” 12 cent prices as well. As best I could tell, never having looked at it scientifically, they are all the month after the changeover (AAF #9 being an example). JIM #76 corrected has it, as discussed, but obviously the other two variants got the regular 12 cent font. Makes me wonder what was up.
  13. Yeah, that first emoji was my face when I saw it on eBay, that second emoji was after I clicked the BIN.
  14. And this beauty just arrived in the mail. The spine (other than that top corner) and the color are ridiculous.
  15. Looks like I'm a little late to the #82 party, but here is mine:
  16. I still think it’s more odd to be selling tickets for a show with no guest list.
  17. That’s actually less than I thought he’d be charging.
  18. That list is pretty underwhelming once you get past Levi...
  19. Wish I was going this year, but the timing is bad. Hope this tradition stays alive!