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  1. Laugh #99 G/G+ -- asking $9 + shipping SOLD Looker for the grade. Good color and gloss, almost no stacking curl, 100% complete and attached. General light wear/creasing to cover visible in scans.
  2. #97 added to the stack, thank you! Have a few other things to do, will be back in a couple of hours.
  3. Laugh #97 G -- asking $8 + shipping SOLD Another looker for the grade. Beautiful color and gloss, nice pages. On the con side there is a spine roll near top, and a few light moisture stains. Book is fully readable and everything is attached at both staples.
  4. Great, it is yours! Should get several more up today, once I hang a light in the breakfast room as my honey-do. (simulated footage of my wife)
  5. Laugh #96 VG/VG+ -- asking $15 + shipping SOLD Sharp book for the grade, good color and pages. Touch of a curl at the spine, moreso near the top. Everything is attached at both staples. If not for the small piece out of the right edge and small tears at both staples I would be tempted to go a bit higher.
  6. Laugh #92 G- -- CLAIMED Complete, readable, everything is attached, the scans speak for themselves.
  7. Laugh #85 VG -- asking $14 + shipping SOLD Another solid VG. Nice pages, good color and gloss, everything attached at both staples. Some short edge tears, bit of a tear at the top staple though it is still doing its job.
  8. Laugh #81 VG -- asking $14 + shipping SOLD Pretty standard VG, everything well attached at both staples and nice pages. A few stray pencil marks around Veronica's word balloon.
  9. Laugh #76 G/VG -- asking $14 + shipping Wear visible in scans, cover and centerfold attached at both staples, nice pages.
  10. If only he'd kept his mask on in this scene. That is the one glaring flaw of all Spider-man films thus far, he needs to keep his damned mask on.
  11. I preferred their fight up the side of the building as #1, but completely agree that this has been the best Spidey movie so far.
  12. Just noticed the horse on the back "pitching for a big Baby Ruth." Nice. The thought of that chicken going after the nuts is pretty bad too.
  13. Laugh #67 G -- asking $16 + shipping Another fine example of "beat but complete" is first up. Obvious wear/tears/creases. Spine split up to bottom staple, which is detached. Cover is attached by a whisker at top staple, just don't look at it too hard. Centerfold is attached at both. Some interior tears, but no tape, missing paper, or writing. All in all not bad for the technical grade. EDIT: apparently I wasn't sufficiently observant when I scanned the book. That lower right corner of the front cover is there, it must have just been folded under during the scan.
  14. I'd say there is about a 90% chance it would be deemed color touch. Even though minor, it did do a good job of hiding the abrasion up there at the corner, considering I didn't see it when I'd gone over the book several times. Only the blown up scan revealed it to me years later.
  15. Ah yes, the uncommon purple-brown form of color-blindness.
  16. Three whole books posted today has left me a little winded. I've got to finish writing an exam, which will take up the rest of my limited brain power for this evening. I'll get back to listing tomorrow with Laugh & Pep, which should (hopefully ) go quite a bit faster.
  17. Last Giant... Archie's Pals N Gals #22 VG/VG+ -- asking $13 + shipping 100% complete, great color & gloss. Minor curl at spine, 1" separation at top spine w front cover, but the rest of the spine is solid and paper is fine. Very solid copy.
  18. Archie's Pals N Gals #21 VG/F -- asking $18 + shipping 100% complete, nice spine, only a light curl at spine, no cover separations.
  19. Three more Giants, then back to regular sized Laugh & Pep to wrap up the thread. Archie's Pals N Gals #20 VG- -- asking $15 + shipping Great color and gloss, 100% complete with no interior blemishes. Spine curl is stronger in this issue than previous ones, front cover is separated from the spine 1" up top and 2" at the bottom. Spine paper is in great shape.
  20. Yeah, it has gotten bad because I need to go through the giants page by page with Grand Comics Database, which slows me down. I can't just sit down and fire off a couple of listings inbetween all the other quarantine BS I am working on. The B&V run stopped at #100, sorry!
  21. Archie's Pals N Gals #19 VG -- asking $35 + shipping Marilyn Monroe cameo and a great cover. 100% complete, nice pages. Slight stacking curl at spine. 1/2" seperation at top spine w front cover, spine paper is solid.