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  1. Post-breakfast, pre-shelving... Secret Hearts #115 Fr/G -- asking $1 + shipping Tear at lower left front cover, lower staple detached from front cover but upper is firm. General wear. Back cover fold like the last few SH books. Centerfold attached but small tear at upper staple. Book is complete.
  2. Headed to breakfast with the family shortly, then I'm hoping to get quite a few more books up today around the Chiefs game and hanging some shelves in the garage.
  3. Secret Hearts #114 VG -- asking $3 + shipping SOLD Similar story as the #113, down to the folded back cover (but no other pages or the fc are folded). Centerfold present but detached at lower staple, everything else attached at both.
  4. Secret Hearts #113 VG -- asking $4 + shipping Pretty standard VG. Everything attached at both staples. Coupon on inside front cover neatly filled out.
  5. Bit of a jump forward... Secret Hearts #112 VG -- asking $4 + shipping Looks better from the front, but the back cover was folded in half at one point. Otherwise this is a solid midgrade copy, everything well attached at both staples.
  6. Secret Hearts #85 G/VG -- asking $7 + shipping Slight spine roll at upper half of book, everything well attached at both staples, wear along spine.
  7. Secret Hearts #84 G/VG -- asking $5 + shipping SOLD Slight spine roll, everything attached at both staples. 1/3" split at lower spine, and a split with small piece out of spine about 1.5" above lower staple.
  8. Secret Hearts #78 Fr -- asking $1 + shipping SOLD Book is complete except for the clipped coupon from front cover. Cover is attached at upper staple and pages are all attached at both. Slight spine roll and some chipping at top edge of back cover.
  9. Secret Hearts #77 VG-/VG -- asking $6 + shipping SOLD Another Romita cover and story. Spine roll, everything attached at both staples. Wear at spine and lower right corner.
  10. Secret Hearts #75 G/VG -- asking $5 + shipping SOLD More Romita goodness. Spine roll, cover detached at lower staple but attached at upper. CF attached at both. 1/3" spine split at bottom spine. Edge wear. Chip at top of front cover is just folded over in the scan, it is present and attached.
  11. Secret Hearts #74 G/VG -- asking $5 + shipping SOLD Everything attached at both staples. Bit of stacking curl to right edge. Edge tears and corner creasing.
  12. Not sure, off the top of my head. More Romita stuff though... Secret Hearts #69 G/VG -- asking $5 + shipping SOLD Cover detached at top staple but still holding on at lower staple, though a bit loose. CF attached at both staples. Spine roll, general wear. Interior is perfectly fine.
  13. Haven’t even watched any ball yet, honey-dos took precedence. Now home and pleasantly surprised to see Tennessee actually leading.
  14. I'll try to get more listed today, but it's the best college football slate of the season so far, plus I have a list of honey-dos to get on to as well. Between today and tomorrow I hope to tackle a bunch more. I have a lot of the traditional DC titles (Girls Love Stories, Secret Hearts, Girls Romances, etc) plus some Laugh and Millie the Model yet to come! In the meantime, if you would prefer to cash out and get an invoice I am happy to do that as well!
  15. Freddy #45 Fineish -- asking $6 + shipping Light wear, no moisture, everything is attached at both staples. Main defects of note are the sun shadows to back cover, and a chip hanging on by a thread at the bottom edge of the back cover.
  16. Freddy #44 G -- Freebie, must be claimed (one freebie per buyer) Complete and readable, but moisture damage at top edge and along spine. Rust to upper staple. CF detached at one staple, but book is complete.
  17. Freddy #39 VG -- asking $5 + shipping Structurally quite a bit nicer, but small moisture stain at top edge, dust shadow to back cover, and 1" tear to bottom edge of front cover.
  18. Last YR book for this run... Young Romance #133 G/VG -- asking $5 + shipping Weird book. Looks VG/F, but top staple has pulled through cover. Centerfold is detached but present. The strange part is that the top staple is holding every other wrap save the cf, while the bottom cover is holding the cover and outer wrap only. So the outer wrap is held at both staples, the top staple has blown the cover but holds everything else except the cf, and the lower staple holds the cover and outer wrap only. So the book is complete, but each staple is only doing a partial job. Not sure I've seen another book like this. Other than the staple nonsense the cover and pages are really nice!
  19. Young Romance #132 G+/VG- -- asking $6 + shipping Same Romita goodness, just a bit more well-read. Slight spine roll, heavier wear, lower right corner off front cover. Everything well attached at both staples, interior complete and problem free.
  20. Young Romance #131 VG+ -- asking $10 + shipping SOLD Would've gone slightly higher on grade if not for a 4" crease in lower left back cover. More light creasing in lower right front cover. Otherwise a solid copy.