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  1. Agree with this...I know I may be different, but if I wasn’t interested in a character when I was a kid, it does nothing for me now...full disclosure, I don’t sell and only occasionally buy back issues...just because a movie is introduced doesn’t change my buying habits...I understand if you are a dealer but don’t if you are just a collector...
  2. First told origins...first cover appearance...second appearance?...maybe...
  3. Good info... Without googling, wasn't Sub-Mariner around a few months prior to Marvel Comics #1?
  4. Was reading an article and learned that Ka-Zar has been around longer than Sub-Mariner or any other character in Marvel Comics...started buying comics in 1980 and never knew this.
  5. I would send it to Joey just for that bottom right edge...if it gets a bump great, if it doesn’t it will fix that ugly bend anyway.
  6. If you are talking about the BL corner, I think it could be a bindry chip...not sure though.
  7. I wouldn't...throw it in a mylar with a halfback and be done with.
  8. TOD 10 9.4 W $4000 sold...wow...and $30 shipping to boot. https://www.ebay.com/itm/tomb-of-dracula-10-cgc-9-4-White-Pages-HOT/202740953946?hash=item2f344d735a:g:mZkAAOSwvwhdN7Ar#vi__app-cvip-panel
  9. Thanks Bob...I think it was a stock photo...I wouldn’t desire a faded comic was just wondering how bad it would get hammered if structurally it was perfect.