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  1. W or OW/W for Silver and Bronze...Copper and Modern I generally want W...as always there are exceptions to these standards...I would pay a small % premium for W all other things being equal.
  2. CGC made me realize I shouldn’t have manhandled my comics as a teen...as a 12 year old in 1980 through the end of the decade I paid almost no attention to condition as I would routinely roll the pages behind the book as I read them...so in short, I agree CGC has influenced me way more than movies...of course this is all probably age related.
  3. Besides The 1st 48 issues of TWD I haven’t read a comic in 25 years...so here it goes in no specific order...also have not read much DC so it will seem Marvel heavy. Superboy, Supergirl, Super Dog etc..meh, Not a huge Supes fan but I respect the originality and history. Moonknight...loved some of the early art and his look...Marvel knockoff of Batman IMO. Hercules, Thor and all of Asgard...just not original. Black Panther...never liked him as a kid, always compared him to Luke Cage rightfully or not...give me Power Man. Iron Man...never liked the idea that ALL his powers came from technology. good idea...could probably list 10 more.
  4. While we are at it...is there a way to keep the notifications bolded that haven’t been read?...it used to work this way, now when I click the first one they all become a normal font...
  5. Post this same question in the link below or post a pic...IMO it won't make an 8.5...1/2 inch tear is going to be hit pretty hard... https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/forum/27-comic-book-grading-and-restoration-issues/
  6. If you can see white in a NCBC it's not a NCBC... unless it's a white cover of course...you can clearly see the white and my eyes suck...
  7. Agree with this...I know I may be different, but if I wasn’t interested in a character when I was a kid, it does nothing for me now...full disclosure, I don’t sell and only occasionally buy back issues...just because a movie is introduced doesn’t change my buying habits...I understand if you are a dealer but don’t if you are just a collector...
  8. First told origins...first cover appearance...second appearance?...maybe...
  9. Good info... Without googling, wasn't Sub-Mariner around a few months prior to Marvel Comics #1?
  10. Was reading an article and learned that Ka-Zar has been around longer than Sub-Mariner or any other character in Marvel Comics...started buying comics in 1980 and never knew this.