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  1. ...couldn't afford Rick's...but nonetheless...
  2. Here this week...probably going towards another soon enough....anyhow, for our viewing pleasure...
  3. I'd rather catch the saber toothed crotch crickets from a Thai mattress monkey...
  4. A few books left ... with price reductions...closing the thread tomorrow morning... Battle Action #10 (1953) $125.00 $100.00 Strange Adventures 150 (March 1963) $75.00 $50.00 Strange Tales 57 (April 1957) $250.00 $225.00 SOLD BY PM
  5. Strange Tales 57 (April 1957) Bill Everett cover This is a nice copy - lays flat with excellent cover color. IMO it’s a F/VF to VF- with OW pages because of the slight creasing/marks along the spine (see back cover), the slight bump at the bottom of the spine and the crease that can barely be seen along the bottom right front edge (it ever so barely breaks color and could possibly be pressed out). Regardless of the aforementioned, the book presents quite wonderfully. $250.00 SOLD
  6. That's all for now...may post more tomorrow...
  7. Up next.... Strange Adventures 150 (March 1963) with a really great Murphy Anderson greytone cover… IMO, a very nice presenting book in F/VF to maybe VF- condition $75.00 SOLD
  8. Next up.... Battlefront #22 from 1954 Another Atlas War book with a beautiful black cover IMO, this book is about F/VF with OW pages. From the scans there’s some obvious creasing that can be seen on the cover and it’s both bright and shiny. $150.00 SOLD