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  1. Hi, I've recently become very interested in collecting published original art, along with more larger commissions. I did some searching, poorly perhaps, but was just looking for general tips, advice, things that could be a benefit to a newer collector(other than to not start!). Things to stay away from, what to look for, the condition of the OA and how that is handled? I've looked at covers to some more modern books, and not sure if there are any general thoughts on the OA for regular covers vs. variant covers? I've been looking mostly at covers, as I am drawn more to them, but is this a better investment over pages, or is it just based mostly on the content and artist? (While I love the art, at these prices, of course I look at longer term value). How does independent OA compare versus Marvel or DC work, or does that not matter as much? Basically, just wanted to learn from the experts a little, try to avoid any costly mistakes or learn the hard way on things. I've always loved the art, but not something I've ever collected and I've learned enough to know that I could always use a few tips. Thanks for any help, Frank