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  1. Hello All, Since there will be so many great dealers and high end books I am going to be bringing some of the smaller keys and Modern Homage books. Lots of J Scott Campbell and modern keys. I have also processed some new priced as marked and 50% off books . See you there
  2. Hey All, See you this weekend and here are a few books that I will be bringing. Also have a few modern keys and plenty of silver keys
  3. Mystery Tales #4 CGC 6.5 OW/W Pages Last 6.0 GPA $1075 and my price is $1000 shipped for a 6.5
  4. Hey All, One book to blow out and am sure it wont last long at this price and just for boardies. No Hosers or probation Paypal only and due within 24 hours USA only and shipping included Returns within a week Thanks
  5. Mystery Tales #24 F/VF Has a very light 4 inch crease lower right corner front cover $375
  6. Super Magician Volume 3 Number 3 DOUBLE COVER VG outer and inner cover $400
  7. Power Comics #4 VG Has water damage outer edge through book. Also has small chew bottom back cover $900
  8. Hey All, Couple new books in and offered here first. No Hosers or probabtion USA and Paypal only Shipping included Return within 7 days and 24 hours and will be moved
  9. $1500 final drop ends in the morning
  10. Mystery Tales #4 CGC 6.5 OW/W Pages $1800 NOW $1700 Shipped