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  1. Not sure I’ve ever seen those!
  2. I dont think at any time since Albedo 2 came out that a Showcase 22 was worth as little as that 😆
  3. It was a silver age DC that was worth about $150.
  4. I feel like Richard just did a mic drop 😂
  5. Ed, what did you upgrade that Shock 6 to? And the CSS 22? Great books! Your collection is amazing!
  6. David, I think you accidentally didn't post the Vault of Horror 27, it’s in your list. And the recap above, but you never individually posted it.
  7. Hey guys, my brother David (Zoso99) is running a sales thread of EC crime and horror in the GA sales forum. He’s new to the boards, if anyone wants to purchase from him you can do so without worry, he’s a standup person. He just got back into collecting recently. I totally vouch for him. Danny
  8. David is my brother. I encouraged him to sell here. I’ve been a board member for 17 years and have (I hope) a good reputation here and with many major dealers. I totally vouch for him.
  9. Brave and the Bold 13. I plan to do a crossover grade on it so I can add it to my registry set. It’s a nice looking copy. I found this issue to be a littler tougher to locate but I cannot say if it is tougher to find than any other issue. I personally like the Silent Knight covers only slightly more than the Viking Prince ones, but only barely.