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  1. Go look at the covers of the DC Tarzan run, they are awesome books, very under valued and under appreciated.
  2. Project: Sugar and Spike, final acquisition for 2019. Kinda a mini milestone of sorts. I now have issues 1-3 and I have 25 issues left to acquire. Still seems impossible though 😂
  3. I want to finish Brave and the Bold 1-200, need five more issues!
  4. Solid mid grades or better, ow pages it better. Slabbed or raw (except the 28, want a graded copy) Thanks!
  5. I Just started collecting EC’s in 2019, I think I got about eight of them. I really hope to get a lot more in 2020!
  6. Always wanted a copy of this book, tough one to get in decent shape.
  7. Here is my donation, a Superman 243 in NM/NM+, awesome Adams cover!
  8. Wow, I completely missed that one, too much Brave and the Bold buying lately!
  9. After seeing 332 get more than 1K twice now in 9.2, I do wonder what this 311 would go for in an auction...
  11. I actually understated the depth of my LSH collection. I have every silver age appearance (Adventure Comics + Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Superman, Worlds Finest, Action Comics, Superboy) AND the run in Action Comics that immediately proceeded their Adventure run, plus the entire run in Superboy, and then their own multiple series afterwards. It’s not the the hardest collecting feat there is, that’s for sure, although the 247 has gotten more expensive though. What makes it kind of fun and a challenge is all of the appearances through the silver age. As a side note, high grade Adventures with the Legion (300-380) have definitely been on the price rise, with some going for some staggering amounts.