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  1. Picked up another upgrade:
  2. Silver

    Brave and the Bold Collecting Thread

    Slow going on the pre hero B&Bs, but I’m past the halfway mark
  3. Silver

    Do you find some fantasy too fantastic?

    DC has some good books in the 60’s, the Legion was really good. Most series had some good stories, just not the consistency from issue to issue that Marvel had.
  4. Silver


    That Wonder Comics 15 is a cool book!
  5. Silver

    The DC 20 Cent Cover Thread

  6. I really like all three of those covers, the 21 is one of my favorite in the whole run.
  7. There are actually three black covers in the 20’s, I amazingly have all three:
  8. It’s funny, I said I wanted at least a 7.0 but I settled for this nice fine-. Like your originally stated, it’s a really tough book, I couldn’t pass up anymore chances at owning a nice copy.
  9. Now I wonder what awesome books I will have acquired in the next three to four years.
  10. Funny when you look back at these old threads. I now have Sugar and Spike 1,2 and a Superboy 1
  11. Some incredible books posted, here’s my meager offering
  12. Silver

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Thank you, here is the rest of the run (with apologies that these are not all GA, but the series started in the GA) I post the back covers because something unique to these books is that there were no ads and some of the back covers are pretty cool:
  13. Silver

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Every issue was number 1 since they didn't have numbers LOL