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  1. Eric, I don’t mind competition at all. In fact, I’m not even number one on the registry any longer. My competitor passed me up two years ago. He and I have actually collaborated on a few purchases!
  2. I’ve had a bit of a setback with this thread. Photobucket finally kicked the bucket for me and now most of my previous scans are gone. Fear not, project Sugar and Spike continues. I may repost some of the earlier issues later on. Here is where I’m at right now. Just got back 3 graded books from CGC, that brings my registry set up to 70 (out of 98 issues). I have two more just sent in (6 and 7) That will get me to 72. I have two other raw issues I’m not likely to slab as they are on my *upgrade* list, so in all 74 out of 98. I have far exceeded what I had hoped to get, thinking maybe half the run in nice shape was do-able. Now I’m prepared to make this my life-long collecting goal, 😂 Here is the latest batch back from. CGC:
  3. Any EC sci fi, slabbed or raw, especially Gaines FC. Brave and the Bold 5, 12, 24, 25 and 28. Mid grade or higher Early Sugar and Spike in mid grade or better, high grade later numbers. Thanks!
  4. Here is another one on it’s way to me. Getting kind of addicted...
  5. My first issue of this series!
  6. Thats not universally true. There are some great books from DC in both silver and bronze eras.
  7. Someone say DC? Superboy Lois Lane Jimmy Olsen Superman Family Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Eighty Page Giant A couple issues away from Superman 100-300 Action 250-414 Need a couple more issues for Adventure Comics 247-380 Couple more for World’s Finest 87-225 three issues away from a complete Brave and the Bold 24 issues away from a complete Sugar and Spike Bronze Age, tons Swamp Thing Demon Kamandi Tarzan Korak, Son of Tarzan Warlord etc... 😉
  8. Another single digit addition, 74 out of 98 complete. The Project continues!
  9. Picked up another EC yesterday. I have the Russ Cochran reprints so I read this one right after I bought it 😊
  10. Been a little bit since I picked up an EC, but just bought this one. I have three of the issues in the run now.
  11. Any titles. Thanks! Danny